Thursday, April 21, 2005

Warning Recidivist You are about to be Humiliated

I am offering you the chance to avoid a spanking on the oft cited Israeli ID card system. Do you want to continue this folk tale that the Israeli system is unique ?
I can post on a list of countries that do exactly the same thing as Israel. The fact that you point to Israel alone is proof of your bias.

I have proof that you posted as the Low Loader. This is not a major issue and I find it amusing . This shows how desperate you have become and how dishonest you are. There is no need for fake IDs . Come on down and post under your own name. A person with a 167 IQ should be more creative.

The post will be lengthy and well researched. If you wish to avoid ridicule I offer you the opportunity to withdraw that remark.FYI I have friends in Germany and Scottland and Native Americans who all came to the conclusion you are a bigot . None
of them are Jews and the Bad Eagle poster Amil who contacted you runs the Persian forum. Read his posts about Aryans in the Persian section.Like you he does not know what a race is.


Craigy B said...

You have been challenged to show us the proof, but you refuse to do so. There is only one conclusion we can come to if you don't show that proof.

You have been shown to tell all sorts of other malicious lies, if you wont show us the proof, then why should we believe you?


IP address, host and domain names that Recidivist posted to your blog from. If you don't post them, then we can fairly assume that you are a LIAR.

Today I have already shown you proof of three of your lies. You have chosen to ignore all that proof.

It is a very simple challenge: IP address, host and domain names that Recidivist posted to your blog from.

Recidivist said...


Do your best you bloated windbag.

You have made a libelous allegation - that may not be a big deal to you, but it is to me - now go ahead and provide the PROOF. Your word alone long since ceased to be of any validity.

If the deleted posts to which you refer are the two posts marked 7:37:22 PM on your blog, then I know for a fact that I can prove that you are a liar, because for the last 14 hours I have had neither the means nor the opportunity to get anywhere near an internet connection. But since you are the one making a fool of yourself here, then the onus is on YOU to provide the proof.

For the record, other than the fact that he has made a couple of comments on my blog, I don’t even know who the hell ‘Low Loader’ is. For all I know he could be you. It is actually very easy to post comments as another person here on Blogger, so for your sake I hope that you have some pretty devastating evidence.

You now claim I am Mark Jordan .. you once claimed that I was Mark Elf and were forced to retract. You then accused Mark Jordan of being Mark Elf and you were forced to retract. You now accuse me of being Mark Jordan ... well I am sure that Craig will be upset to know that his boyfriend has just changed race and aged 23 years.

Craig has challenged you to put up the evidence, or shut up. You refused him. I now challenge you to provide this devastating evidence .. and hope for you sake that you have something more devastating than my email address, because that is already available for all to see and use (or abuse). If you can’t produce the evidence requested, then you will show us how pathetic you are.

As for trying to threaten me with Warren: WAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. that is like threatening to tickle me with a wet sponge. After his mormon sources he lost what little credibility he had (which wasn’t much).

You have a Scottish friend? Should I care? I am just shocked that you actually have any friends.

Bad Eagle forum member you call Amil? No such person has contacted me, so I presume that he is another figment of your imagination, just like all these many Bad Eagle visitors are. As Craig has pointed out, my site tracking is open for all to see - and all can see that all these vistitors of yours are another of your blatant lies.

Race and ID cards .. go ahead and post all you like. I have some posts on the same issue that I prepared on the train, and they will show why your perception of race is not only hypocritical and racist, but at least 50 years out of date. Not only that, my posts will show that Israel is the most racist of all so-called western nations.

Warren said...

recidivist, I read your POS posting about race.

Although you rambled on for paragraph after paragraph, it had nil semantic content.

It could have been boiled down to; leftists reject the definition of race and redefine it to suit their political purposes.

As I have said before, you have a comprehension problem. There isn't any need to discus the, "Mormon sources", with you because either you didn't read it or once again you have proved your inability to understand what you read. You apparently believe that polemics trump fact.

There was "1" link 'about' the Mormon project and why it failed. The methods they were using were the same methods used in the report that you cited. There were also links to the Human Genome Project and to research periodicals, all of which destroyed the claims, actually lies, that you made. You apparently do not even know what a Y chromosome is.

I am secure in my "credibility". It doesn't depend on an audience of sycophants and dullards, as yours does.

Not only are you not the sharpest knife in the drawer, your blade appears to actually be a spoon! LMAO

Oh, BTW, how many times does your site tracking show I visited your shrine to idiocy? :-D

Quite frankly, I can visit your site leaving a bogus trace and unless a viewer tells you, you have no way of knowing who they are or where they really come from. I would bet your actual knowledge of Internet tech is as faulty and sparse as your knowledge of genetics.

beakerkin said...

The Whiny Craig B

You whine and cry but are in zero position to demand anything from me. The fact that you and your cohorts whine about the number of visits is that you are paranoid.
Come to my blog as often as you like.Comment away but be warned there are conservatives and you will be humiliated.

Take your pick who do you want to do the humiliation. I see your friend Viper has more sense then you do.

As for the post in question it is the one marked below the low loaders last remarks and it has your Email and Avatar. This is no big deal but be a man and comment
under your own name. I stand by my assertion that you and Mark Jordan MIGHT be the same person but I know for a Fact you are the low loader.

Humiliation is a bad thing but get used to it. There is more to come and by the way when did illucid show up in your vocabulary ?

Warren said...

I received the offending Email from Beak. I wasn't wanting to take the trouble and read the headers to find the originating source but the incessant lying and scheming by the recidivist, and his sniveling toad, have changed my mind.

The originating IP, (Received: from (unknown []), is indicative of a type 1, RFC 1918, (, connection. This fits with the recidivists use of a FTP connection to run his "journal" from a private network.

You will remember that the recidivist admitted to composing his Racism post on the train, then later said he was on a train under the channel at the time those messages were posted. This means that he most probably uses Email to post and possibly a wifi setup to compose from a laptop. I doubt that he was under the channel for very long and possibly the train has a wifi connection. It really doesn't matter because we have no idea where he really was at that time.

But he didn't think it through because the use of Email to post adds another header to the post notification showing the originating Email. In this case the additional header, added because it did not originate at blogspot, showed, "From: recidivist".

The message is:
"Sorry, the corrected ending on that is: Deal with it, because it is your problem and not anyone else's. If you can't deal with it, then go to see a shrink."

"Posted by recidivist to,, The Beak Speaks at 4/21/2005 01:00:07 AM."

So I guess that we are supposed to believed that the, "low loader", hijacked recidivists blogger account and gmail!

My conclusions:
Recidivist, posing as the, "low loader", posted a message. Then, with his knickers in a bunch, decided to add one more insult.

Unfortunately, for him, in his haste, he posted under the default option of "recidivist".

Realizing his mistake he deleted his posts and didn't consider the notification system.

Recidivst, you are a congenital liar!

I can imagine your pure panic when you realized what you had done then the momentary relief when you "thought", (I use the term loosely), that you had destroyed the evidence.

You have absolutely no creditability, but to someone like you, only the appearance of creditability matters, Unfortunately, for you, now you do not even have that.


I hesitate to tell you how I know because steps can be taken to change the notification headers at the point of origination. But I guess when some Nazi posts, its safe to assume it is you. LOL!

Now go crawl under a rock, where you belong.

Warren said...

Just in case recidivists attempts to delete his first post.

Low Loader said...

Talking slowly. Very funny. HA HA HA

You can repeat your claims about Israel all you like, but your lies dpo not change the fact that in Israel some people are less equal than others on the basis of the 'NATIONALITY' that is given on their identity card (Jew/Arab/Druze etc). That is racism and it always will be racism. The fact that you support that makes your A RACIST. You have also shown that you are a bigot, a liar, a misrpresenter, untrustworthy and a lot of other things. From what I have seen, Warren is probably the same.

Deal with it, because it is your problem and not anyone else's. If to see a shrink.

12:58:17 AM
Comment Deleted

This post has been removed by the author.

1:00:07 AM


Which begs the question;
Who is it that is, "a bigot, a liar, a misrpresenter, untrustworthy and a lot of other things"?

Recidivist, you are, in deed, a slimy disgusting POS.

Recidivist said...

Begs the question: Where the hell is the proof?

Oh, having boasted about there being proof, Beakerkin now makes some pathetic excuse as to why he can't show it to us.

Ypou are both cowards and liars ! said...

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