Monday, April 25, 2005

Gays Reds ,Muslims and Hypocrisy

The left wing lunatics like to talk about human rights in Israel . They conveniently
fail to adress human rights in Communist countries. This is not an error by ommission but by deception.

We have heard the spin of the Brain dead Recidivist that Gay rights are there in the PA and the Muslim world. Any attempt to state the facts about the Muslim worlds harsh treatment of gays he terms racist. The fact that a Gay man would identify with a movement that pertsecutes gays at the government level is insane. This is proof that the left is a mindless cult with no intelligent thought.

Add Zimbabwe to the list of nations that persecutes gays. We have read fulminations about a bizzare redneck church and concerns US Fundamentalist Christians. The policy
of the US government is to persecute people who commit acts of violence regardless if they are gay or not.


"... Zimbabwe has declared that it will not tolerate homosexuality- and the countries tiny community of gays and lesbians say they are now the target of a state sanctioned hate campaign...
President Mugabee wasprovoked enough to make a speech describing homosexuals as
worse then pigs and dogs and a scourge planted by the white man on a pure continent"

These statements are far worse then anything the Pope has said. Yet the left lets it slide all in the name of the cause.

"Border Ghezi govenor of Mashonaland province says that gays and lesbians have "something wrong in their heads" and that homosexuality is alien to Zimbawean culture. " They have no right to practice it in our country and if they don't like it they can leave."

" However Bornwell Chakaodza,the editor of a government newspaper which is government owned stands by his coverage. He says the media should attack homosexuality to help protect Zimbabwean culture and family values.

This information is conveniently ignored by the left. In fact the entire issue of human rights in Zimbabwe is ignored . The left is more concerned with fake indigenous
people .

Moving along to another countries lefties pretend is fine Cuba. The brain dead Recidivist never mentions that Cuba historicaly put gays in mental hospitals and in prison. A mental hospital would be an appropriate place for the Recidivist as he has
multiple personality issues. One day he is the Low Loader and the next day he forgets and claims he is the Recidivist.

The situation has improved somewhat for gays in Cuba. They are still opressed in a Communist rathole but are not being targeted.


" Some gay people report that they were extorted for money durring sweeps in exchange for not being arrested and there was one report of transvestites being shaken down by police for sex".

It is important to note that while the situation has improved there are no openly gay bars. This forces gays to hold parties in private homes.

The silence on the left for the treatment of gays in Zimbabwe and Cuba is deafening.
This is more evidence that the motto of the left should be "damn the facts all for the illogic of the movement"


bum from jersey said...

I honestly do not know if the "left wing" has attacked Israel on its human rights policies but I have to agree with you to an extent. I agree that politicians, from both sides, attack the ways of other nations but are very selective on which nations to attack. Its usually whatever crisis is in vogue at the moment is the one they will cry bloody murder about. I agree no one has drawn attention to gays being persecuted in other nations but there are a lot of problems going around the world - which ones do we highlight and which ones do we not? In other words is this one of the issues that we should highlight? As an apathetic asshole, I don't think we should but my socially concious side commends you for bringing this relatively unknown issue to our attention.

beakerkin said...

Welcome to the Blog Bum from Jersey

If you read several posts lower I provide a list of all the countries with lower Freedom House ratings then Israel. They include India and Turkey and about 100 or so other nations.

Pointing at the worlds only Jewish
state which has an excellent record in Freedom House is wrong and bigoted.

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