Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Recidivist IQ of of 167 ,but divided by what ?

The comedian known as the Recidivist proclaims he has an IQ of 167. The pity is that if this were true he has never used that potential. Intelligent people have no need to proclaim their achievements and also know how to open a history book. The facts free, folklore and source free blog are evidence to the contrary.His failure to allow
dissent of any form is due to a profound lack of intellect. Why should I craft a tailored response when he will cry racism throw a hissy fit and delete the comments. If the remarks were racist he would post the comments. However, like the rest of the
crew they make charges do not document them or provide sources. Yet they come here and demand documentation and call me a hypocrite. I do comply with the requests as it is fairly easy and Warren has done an excellent job as well.

Let us observe just some classics of this superior intellect.

1 He has called me racist and claims that I have a problem with Palestinians Arabs and Muslims. None of those categories are racial and someone with an IQ of 167 should know that. Muslims come in every racial category and can be found across the globe.
Arabs are not a race in any definition and are Semites who are white. Palestinians are Arabs as illustrated ad nausem and this is not a racial point but factual.

2 The use of the term Arab in the PLO charter refers to a linguistic affiliation. Obviously, his high IQ is unrelated to reading comprehension. His chest beating and arrogance are mere camouflage for profound stupidity.

Article 5 The Palestinians are those Arab nationals who, until 1947 normally resided in Palestine regardless of if they were evicted or stayed there. Anyone born after that date of a Palestinian father whether inside Palestine or outside it are Palestinians.

Article 1 Palestine is the homeland of the Arab Palestinian people , it is an indivisible part of the Arab homeland. Palestinians people are part of the Arab nation.

Our stand up comedian known as the Recidivist claims Palestinians are not Arabs. The PLO charter must be one of my zionist sources. Arabs arived in the seventh century well after the Jews had been there a mere 2600 years later. The question about who is indigenous is laughable.

In fact his claim about indigenous people is further debunked by Derhowitz case for
Israel Page 86. " The UN recognizing that many of the refugees had not lived for long in the villages they left, made a remarkable decision to change the definition of refugee - only for the purpose of definingwho is an Arab refugee from Israel- to
include people who lived in Israel 2 years before leaving. Moreover an Arab was counted as a refugee if he moved from one part of Palestine to another-even if he returned to the village where he had previously lived and in which his family still
still lived,from a village he moved only two years earlier.

3 Druze are not Arab.
There is an article by Moustafa F Moukarim on the net Druze Arab Ascendancy. It will
make the matter clear they are Arabs. If he knew the first thing about Druze this is
obvious.They practice a secretive religion not considered Islamic and proudly serve in the Israeli military. They have also been historicaly persecuted by Islamic rulers. They have a better claim for nationhood than the "Palestinians".

Obviously , Druze history is not part of his 167 IQ.

4 Egyptians are not Arabs. If they are Coptic an opressed minority the Recidivist is right. Unfortunately, these indigenous people are opressed by the Arab majority . These people are one of many the Recidivist ignores. Real indigenous people get ignored and fake one become cause celebre. Welcome to the fantasy world of the Recidivist where all Jooooos who disagree with him are Eeeeeeviiillllll racists and dem good jooooooooos agree with me.

Several close friends are Coptic Christians and they point out they readily point out
they are not Arab. In fact they are 6000 years old and have their own language, it is used in prayer. They face oppression in their native land but the Recidivist has said zero. In fact the next word on the subject will be his first.

A person with an IQ of 167 should know the basics of Coptic history.

5 Iraqis are not Arabs.
Only if they are Assyrian , Kurds or Turkomen.

The Assyrians are another minority that has been persecuted by Islam. They are not Arabs and several of my friends readily point this out. They suffered genocide at the hands of the Turks and Kurds in WW1. 750,000 died and one can learn more at AINA.
The Recidivist has said zero words about these indigenous people who have been opressed by Turks and Arabs . They have their own languge , religion and 4000 plus year historical identity.

Kurds are also not Arab and readily point this out. They have their own language and history of at a couple of thousand years. The Recidivist expresses surprise that in some studies Jews are more closely related to Anatolians and Kurds. The reason is obvious to anyone familiar with history. They were indigenous long before the Arab invasions. Jews have lived in large numbers amongst the Kurds.

Turkomen are Anatolian and also more related to Jews than Arabs. They were in the region long before the Arab invasion.

A person with a 167 IQ would know that almost everyone else is an Arab. Obviously his learning in this area is substandard. He has devoted zero space to real indigenous people with far greater cases for nationhood. Yet he devotes lenghty passages to support imaginary indigenous people in the worlds only Jewish state. With
the Recidivist it always boils down to joooooooooos. Those nasty jooooooos who disagree with me are eeeeeeeeeeevil.

Iranians are not Arab. He must assume that I confuse Arab with Islamic. No 51% are Persians 24% Azerbajani 8% Gilaki and Mazandari 7% Kurd 3% Arab 2% Lur 2% Baloch
2% Turkmen other 1%
Unlike the Recidivist I am well aware of who lives in Iran. One can read more at
One can read about the genocide inflicted on the Zoroastrians at Vohuman. This is the Education institute for Zoroastrians.

In the fantasy world of the 167 IQ Recidivist everyone sang campfire songs in Iran durring the Arab invasions. Unfortunately, they imposed a brutal Jim Crow Dhimmi sytems that the Mongols dismantled .That is correct if you were a Jew, Zoroastrian, Christian or other minority one was treated better under the Mongols. Http://

A person with an IQ of 167 should be familiar with Persian history. Yet another area
that the Recidivist ignores. In fact if you make a refference to it he calls you a
racist. The rest of us living in reality know there is no Muslim race and have a grasp of history. The mentaly challenged Recidivist hides behind labels, but he has a 167 IQ.

6 "There isn't such a thing as a single Arab people"
This must come as news to actual residents of the Middle East. Most of the states were created by an Anglo French treaty. If he has any clue about the Arab conquests
he would understand the reason for genetic variation. If a culture practices ethnocide on indigenous people this would increase the variation of genes. If sexual slavery is practiced that tends to change the gene pool as well. As for males there was a widely practiced Janisary system . Conquered people were required to part with their children who were raised as Islamic wariors.

Obviously the Recidivist with an IQ of 167 merely forgets these details.

7 " The concept of a state whose simple purpose is to promote a specific ethnicity is by its very definition racist"

Israel is home to black African Falsha's, White Ashkenazi, Darker White Sephardim,
Daker still Mizrahim, Jews from India Bene Israel are darker still, there are Peruvian Indian converts and Asian Shinlung. The entire human race is represnted in Israel.This makes the Recidivists claim comedic unless it is againsts space aliens.

Poland , Lithuania and Germany are some of the other nations with right of return laws.

The Recidivist has an IQ of 167 but does not know the difference between race and ethnicity . He uses the terms incorrectly but that is a minor detail to an uber genius. ( Real intelligent people like Dr Yeagley never state the obvious )

8 " Because it fails to admit the reality that the minority indigenous Jewish community in Palestine for the last 2000 years was undistinguishable from its Christian and Muslim Palestinian bretheren "

A person with an IQ of 167 should know that no sentence ever begin with because. He does this well over ten times. Yet the laws of grammar do not apply to the all knowing and wise Recidivist.

The Jews and Christians were readily distinguishable from the Muslims. They were the ones who were forced to live under the Jim Crow laws. Read Do not be a Dhimmi for more information. Aparthied practiced by Muslims is okay to the all wise Recidivist.

The people who wrote this material say things I would not touch. They are all former
muslims and abhor zionism as well.I do not go near the religion as I am not a theologian . I guess those people must also be racist as well.

9 "There is no such thing as the sinlgle Jewish ethnic identity"

This must come as a shock to a people that have their own language , 4000 plus year clear historical identity and a distinct religion. I guess the all knowing 167 IQ
Recidivist is unaware of those insignificant details. Obviously he has another definition of the term ethnicity than the rest of us mortals. He would have been better served by saying less. Yet humility is not the trait associated with the man
with the 167 IQ.


"Genitic studies of Jewsthat most non European Jews have no connection at all with
the historical holy lands"
" Most Euopean Jews are not descended from the Israelites at all . They are descended from converts in now what is Turkey"
"Palestinian People(who are genetically the same as those Jews who have ties to the

He is all over the place but this may be due to a 167 IQ . The Palestinians are the same as Jews. European Jews have no conection to Israel. Non Europen jews have no conection to Israel. This is comedic fodder at best except for it is inconsistent with itself.

"the main ethnic elemnt of Askenazim ,Sephardim,mizrakhim, juhurim, Italquim and most other Jewish populations is Israelite"

However if he knew anything about Jewish culture this topic would be moot. Converts have always had equal status to born Jews. People who leave the culture have no rights within the culture. A Jew is more than product of genes and we have them in abundance. A Jew is a person who chooses to Join our Religion and be a part of our culture. We have no missionary tradition and unlike Islam no history of coerced conversions. Those people who choose to join are our equals.

Yet a person with an IQ of I67 should know the basics of Jewish tradition. The person should be able to put coherent thoughts together. Obviously, this Super genius lives in another dimension of logic.

Thank you Recidivist for sharing your (gufaw ) wisdom with us. What will you do for an encore ? Any other comedic gems you want to impart. Maybe you can get Viper85 and
Craig and do a venriloquist act. The question of who plays the dummy is moot because all three are amply qualified.

The Recivist may answer everyones question as to how a person with an IQ of 167 could
say so many ignorant things.
...." In case you are not aware IQ isn't a static thing"......
In the case of the Recidivist we want to know if it is now 167/3 or greater.
A wiser man would have said less.

Being that I get so much space in your blog I would like a headline. The Recidivist Journal featuring Beakerkin would be nice. For someone who does not read my blog I seem to get alot of coverage. People with a 167 IQ must be able to obtain information
without reading. You also seem to spend alot of time responding to this blog as well. I am honest enough to admit I read your facts free, folklore, bigoted blog as it is the equivalent of a cyber car crash.

My blog is linked in other forums and I assure you that you and your followers are laughing stocks. A person with an IQ of 167 should be able to detect laughter. People
are not laughing with you they are laughing at you.


Anonymous said...

From Hispano:
What a great article Beaker. I don't know who this Recidivist is, but he sounds a lot like upclown steve. You are absolutely correct about Arabs being a Semite race from the "caucausian" variety and that Arabs are not a "race"....very well written and clearly stated. And yes people who have to identify and trumpet their IQ obviously feel the need to make themselves up as having superior intellect. This guy is a bird brain.

beakerkin said...

The other thing is he is humorless,
intolerant and decidedly bigoted.
He cries victim and has no clue how absurd he looks.