Sunday, April 17, 2005

Cowardly Recidivist Is Now Brain Dead

The Recidivist in his never ending quest to spread ignorance has done it again. Unlike his blog my blog contains sources that allow for checking. His blog posts no sources only opinion and is facts free.Unlike his blog all are free to post here and we back every word that we post.In fact he has outposted me on this blog and makes accusations but does not allow me the common courtesy of an explanation. Courage was
never his strong point.

There are no Palestinian people and the PLO charter itself admits they are Arabs. The Palestinians date from 1964 in Cairo Egypt. The Palestinians speak Arabic, worship Sunni version of Islam and call themselves Arabs. Only the person with the 167 ( gufaw ) IQ claims they are not Arabs. The Palestinians call themselves Arabs but they must not posses a 167 IQ.


The Recidivist does not bother to read sources as he has a (gufaw) 167 IQ . The Coptic people predate Christianity and are the indigenous people of Egypt.

The moron known as the Recidivist wrote " The Coptic Christians are Christians for goodness sake , how can they possibly been Christians for 8000 years ".

First of all I never wrote that the religion is 8000 years old. The Coptic People are the indigenous people. The 8,000 year number came from author Stephen Schwartz.
However, the site I listed puts their origin at 3050 BC. Well over 5,000 years but Egyptologist have a range of date


The word Copt is an English word taken from the Arabic word Gibit or Gypt. The Arabs
after the conquest of Egypt in 641 A.D. called the indigenous population of Egypt as Gypt from the Greek word of Egyptos. The Greek word Egyptos came from the ancient Egyptian words Har- Ptah or house of the temple of the Spirit of the God Ptah one of the major Egyptian gods. The word Copt or Coptic simply means Egyptian,however the Muslim population call themselves Arabs.

The man with the 167 IQ "Duh Egyptian are not Arabs....". Only if they are Copts are Egyptians non Arab. Common knowledge of Egypt is not the forte of the man with the 167 IQ.

First of all I have several friends in the nearby Coptic Community of Jersey City. The Recidivist reveals his stupidity when he says " even Copts do not refer to themselves as Copts". My friends Sammy and Magdi will tell you they are Copts in about 30 second. In the same thirty seconds they will remind you they are not Arab.Most Assyrians and some Maronites also readily point out they are not Arab. However, the Recidivist does not waste time with politically incorrect indigenous people. He also does not bother to read the sources we provide the reader.

The Source Continues
"The Copts are the the descendants of the ancient Egyptians. The known history of the Coptsor Egypt starts with King Mina.......3050 BC." This would place them well
over 5000 years and Some Egyptologist go back further. Copts will readily tell you that they were taunted as " Pharonic" by their Muslim neighbors.

The man with the 167 ( gufaw) IQ "in actual fact the people from whom the Coptic Christians are descended have been in Egypt for thousands of years less than the Palestinian people have been in Palestine". By his own admission the Copts predate
Arabs who invaded in 641. Thus they have even in his own incorrect definition have been there before the Arab invasion. Copts are indigenous Arabs are not. Palestinians
date back to 1964 where the PLO was founded in Egypt. The moron known as the Recidivist claims that Palestinians are not Arab. They merely speak Arabic, worship the same religion as Arabs elsewhere and call themselves Arabs all over their charter. He claims it is a linguistic reference. Read the Charter for yourself and see if "Arab Unity" is a linguistic reference.

He has also not read the history of Jews, Christians,Zoroastrians. Had he read a book he would know the indigenous people were forced to live under conditions worse
than Jim Crow. I posted my sources on this blog under do not be a Dhimmi. I will add
one more http;// The authours of this site are all former Muslims
and are not sympathetic to Zionism.

The Brain impaired Recidivist writes" So they have a 2000 year old religion and they have an 1800 year old language that has been dead for 800 years" . That would make
the Coptic language 1800 years older than a nonexistent Palestinian Language.

There is a process known as ethnocide and this was practiced by Arabs and Muslims throughout their empire. " The assault on culture that was initiated by the destruction of the Alexandria Library continued uner the Umayads who decreed the use of Arabic language instead of Coptic in the governance of Egypt. It took Centuries for Arabic to replace Coptic as the Spoken language of the land. The Coptic Language continued in general use until the 13 th century.

Unlike Greek or Roman rulers who maintained and rebuilt some of the ancient Egyptian
temples and Churches,several Islamic rulers destroyed and pillaged the ancient temples and Churches. The marble and porphyry pillars obtained by the destruction of temples and Churcheswere used to build palaces, mosques and at times just left a trail of destruction. Sultan Aziz attempted to destroy the pyramids of Egypt in 1193
He gathered a large labor force that attempted to destroy the pyramids for eight months. At the end of which they succeeded in only destroying the casing of a pyramid and made a small breach in one side. Fotunately the great effort needed convinced El Aziz to abandon the destruction of the pyramids "

Forcing people to live under Jim Crow Dimmi Laws, Burning Books and destroying Churches and Historical sites. Looks and sounds like Ethnocide to me.

The worst part is that he did not adress or look at the concerns of the Copts. In fact this is the first time he has mentioned them at all . He has not mentioned any other people aspiring for state hood other than the bogus Palestinians. There are plenty of Arab states all ready. Arabs are not indigenous to Israel, Egypt, Parts of Iraq and Lebanon. Jews are the indigenous people and this is backed by archeology as well.

The Recidivist claims I have a" rabid hatred for Arabs, Palestinians and Islam". He has never provided quotes. Palestinians do not exsist as an ethnicity. He has never
provided quotes on the other two. What makes the " Palestinia " case valid and the Copts case" banal." . Copts are indigenous and have suffered 1300 years of Arab occupation and harassment . They have their own language and religion. The Palestinians have no language, religion and historicaly date from 1964 and are invaders . The obvious truth is the Copts have the superior claim as they have a distinct culture. There are plenty of other Arab states available.

As far as bigotry lets post some classic Anti Jewish lines from the pathologicaly bigoted Recidivist.

"Theft of the Holocaust" He acuses Jews of stealing an event where 6,000,000 Jews died.
" There is no Jewish Ethnicity" Jews just happen to be 4000 years old , have their own language and a distinct religion.

He uses the term "professional Jew" in Battle for the Holocaust. This is a bigoted term and he would be screaming if we made a reference here. 4-09-05

" All aboard this is the 9:11 to Shraiah law " 3-30-2005 This is anti American and anti Muslim.

In a post defendind Red Ken Livingstone
" Compared a Jewish reporter to a concentration camp gaurd " Which is ever so
antisemitic... not" It is anti Semitic to the world with brains, thus the Recidivist may be innocent as he is clearly brain impaired.

Livingstone invited a muslim extreemist but the Recidivist only talks about the Jewish reaction .

Melanie Phillips " Livingstone's warm public endorsement of Qardawi managed to unite an extraordinary coalition of those who felt threatened by the Islamacist views.The coalition included Jews,gays,Hindus,bi and transexuals , Sikhs, women's rights organizations , progressive minded Muslims, and students who produced a thick dossier
charting Quaradawi's terryfying attitudes

It would be nice if he would reconsider the Egyptian governments mistreatment of Christians. However he did not look at the reasonable demands. Reading about real oppressed people takes time so it is better to just write ad nausem

If you wish to see a brain impaired anti Semite, anti Catholic, Anti American blog
go to http;// Remember it is always facts free , folklore and bigotry over there. Do not make elaborabe comments as he deletes them.
Free speech for me and none for thee this is the Leftist way.


Jason_Pappas said...

It looks like the hatred of the Copts by Muslims follows them from Egypt to America: (copy of the above link)

Low Loader said...

Aren't you just a bit short on facts and sources? Your only sources are biased propaganda.

All of your claims are simply your deductions, which you haven't even supported.

I don't wish to offend, but you are clearly not very balanced and are rather too desperate to dig yourself out of a hole of your own making.

You have made an ass of yourself with your Coptic claims, as you have with several other claims, so rather than face that and admit to your errors you try to move the discussion on to something new.

beakerkin said...

Jason I read the article and have been to Jersey City.The situation
there was always tense.

Low Loader

This is the problem I have with the Left. If I have made errors point them out and lets start from there. The Coptic situation is ignored by the left . The sources I used are from the Coptic Community itself.

If you think my site is biased look at the facts free folklore the Recidivist puts out. I provide
sources for you to check. The Recidivist doesn't.

We have no need to censor anyone here. The Recidivist has been here
more than I have been on his blog.
There is more to come as I am getting around to Assyrians, Maronites and Kurds.

low loader said...

The problem is that your blog is full of crap.

I have looked at Recidivist's site and your charges are unsubstantiated and in some cases obviously untrue.

He provides sources, your don't.

He justifies, you don't.

You cite biased sources. You cite propganda. You cite what you would like to be true.

If I see a racist pig I will call it. You are a racist pig.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

"Racist pig!"

I think that means he disagrees with you, Beak. I'll have to consult my Leftist-to-Rationality translator though.

beakerkin said...

Let us see Low Loader

1 Rascist Pig
1 Full of Crap
1 Biased Sources

So far not a single fact out of order. The original complaint was a deliberate misreading . Anyone familiar with Coptic people knows
they predate the Church by the same name.

My question to you is why are you indifferent to their plight. They have been occupied for 1300 years.
They have faced ethnocide and sometimes local killings for a generation. The fact that you will
not even consider their case is bias.

Speaking of bigotry the man with 167 IQ is now defending another bigot from the left.

" I am sick and tired of hearing how many Jews got gassed" John

I wonder how you or the other nimrods would react to a conservative politician who made a similar remark about slavery. In fact Trent Lott was booted for far less than what this leftist said.
This does not represent my thinking on Slavery but is another
illistration of the hypocrisy of the left.

Remember nobody was censored here
why does the cowardly Recidividt hide behind totalitarian censorship.

Warren said...

low loader said:
"He justifies, you don't."

"I don't wish to offend, but"[...]

No, he rationalizes and obfuscates. It works pretty well on people that are blinded by ideology but not with intelligent people.

It is obvious that he, (and other Leftist ideologues), are willing to reject, out of hand, anything that doesn't agree with their 'group think'.

We look at recidivists board and see the usual hodge-podge of Leftist feel good causes, Anti-religion, anti-semitism, anti-war, and on, and on. With a shallowness so profound, it leaves a cloying stench in the nostrils.

You guys think you are individuals, yet you act like herd animals without volition. You eat the same foods, drink the same drinks, dance the same steps and most of all you seem to share the same pitiful mind.

You each come here and make the same charges then fail to substantiate them. What in particular is Beakerkin wrong about?

You say Beakerkin cites biased sources. Do you think recidivists sources are untainted by bias? Dream on Walter Mitty.

You say recidivist justifies his claims. What in the hell is that supposed to mean? Justice is to justify as rational is to rationalize, in the way you are using it. Every criminal justifies his crime.

Recidivist makes claims that aren't even supported by his own sources.

He claims an IQ higher than is believable for someone with such low comprehension levels and you seem to share the same malady. Is it so hard to understand that the Copts pre-date Christianity?

Beakerkin has torn recidivists posts apart in the same fashion they were delivered and you lot come here, and squeal, like little pigs, in protest.

The nicest thing I can say is, you lot sure are a bunch of cheeky bastards!

You trot out the same old tired Nazi antisemitism, wrap it in red with a green cover, and then have the nerve to call us racists.

The so-called Palestinians, are not a race. They are Arabs! They have enough sense to realize it, even if you do not.

Grow up!


kajando said...

you are onto a good story here. it is a sad truth that there is so much suffering and oppression in the world. The UN is of little consequence in helping mankind, allowing the attrocities in Rwanda, and now Sudan; while busy covering its tracks in sex scandals and the oil for food scam. America is castigated in the press whether she acts to help others or stands as a silent witness to other's suffering.
Jimi Hendrix said it best:
Only when the power of love overcomes the love of power will the world know peace. That may be a little hippie-ish, but it's true.
good luck in your cause of bringing the suffering of the Copts to the surface.
OT beak, here is a good link regarding the US Senate races in 2006. I just found it this evening;

my predictions come during trances in which I channel the lizard rulers who have enslaved mankind.

Warren said...

Kajando said:
"my predictions come during trances in which I channel the lizard rulers who have enslaved mankind."

You too?


beakerkin said...


Kajando has a wonerful blog and he is often hilarious and always insightful. John Papas also has a superior blog. All the blogs including your own are great . Nora has a good one as well .

The sole exception is the gentleman with the 167 IQ who uses no sources.