Sunday, April 03, 2005

Cowardly Recidivist Proves Horowitz is right.Thanks

The left likes to talk about free speech and tollerance. My reference is to the totalitarian variety typified by the Recidivist. This is distinct from a mainstream
liberal as we both celebrate free speech. If you have an opinion have the courage to back it up. This is what is the basic core of a democracy rests on,

I find it odd that the Recidivist rails against Horowitz and the accademic bill of rights. His behavior clearly demonstrates why such a reform is needed. Speech codes and censorship are used by the left on colleges. Faculty much like the Recidivist want to present their versions unchallenged. This is not education but indoctrination
and an abuse of power. As far as the Cowardly Recidivist he owns his blog as I own this one. Yet I do not hide and welcome challenges to my points. There is zero need for censorship here as we can back our statements with fact. I do not need to frame an argument with no Palestinian propoganda. I have the historical facts and can back them up.

The problem is that the left can not make its case at times and is not used to a challenge. The Recidivist framed a disingenuous debate on the subject of a Palestinian ethnicity. He allows no Zionist Propoganda, No discussion of Islamic history or any other nationalities in a debate. He is not interested in facts or history because they are meaningless in his world. I think the PLO charter contains
numerous references to Palestinian Arabs and Arab unity clarify this issue . The Palestinians call themselves Arabs but the Recidivist knows more than the PLO charter.

An honest discussion of this issue requires looking at Islamic history, sociology and
Sykes Picot. It is entirely relevant that the Arabs invaded and opressed a range of indigenous people. It is relevant that these indigenous minorities have their own language,religion and thousand year identity. The Arabs (Palestinians) lack all three and date back to 1964 in Egypt. If the Palestinians are generic Arabs then they have been used not by Israel but by their Arab bretheren as hockey pucks.

I was not surprised when the cowardly Recidivist banned me from his fact free site.
He likes opinions so long as they agree with his own "This is what happens when you have a semi-illiterate President who comes under the influence of religious fundamentaist fruitcakes ...All aboard, this is the 9-11 to Sharia Law".When challenged on the biases of the statement ...."You may not like that, but I will continue to excersize my freedom of speech against the poisonous little inbred." He cites his own Freedom of speech but denies it to others.

This is the final exchange where I get banned


Viper : A joke reference to Sharia is inexcusable whilst it is also inexcusable to censor your nasty brand of racism ?

Dude , you are too F-ked up . You are no gentleman . You are an insincere liar.

You are rife with hatred of Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians. You may be a domestic moderate , but you are an international extreemist racist.

You say that you don't want to silence , but that is a lie. You want to silence anyone who does not agree with your racist agenda,
(3 Racist claims, 1 hatred claim and two liar claims . Viper, Craig , Mark Jordan and the Recidivist make these claims with no quotes, factual errors, or backing. Disappointingly , Viper misses the word Hypocrite that he likes bandy most of the time. I had a hard time restraining the laughter when he complains about Warren snipping. He has been doing that for weeks in the comment section. The next point he raises will be his first.)

My Resonse Viper
I do not wish to silence anyone as any blog is a celebration of the First Amendment. The Sharia quip was stupid and silly.

Your charges of racism have zero basis as Arabs, Muslims nor "Palestinians" constitute a race.

The use of Islamic and Arab history is relevant in any discussion about Palestine. The person trying to censor is you. Framing a discussion sans Zionist propaganda is a disingenous front. The PLO charter contains numerous references to Palestinian Arabs and Arab Unity.

Labeling facts as propoganda is subjective at best. Rather than play that game serious intellectuals do not play that game. They discuss facts and history but the radicals have a disdain for facts.

Recidivist said

Beakerkin, that unfortunately is just your point of view.

The view of this blog owner is that you are a rancid racist hypocrite and that everything you say is unnecessary and silly. So much so that you are now officially
banned from this blog as being a hateful distraction who is a waste of time and space...or more precisely you are banned because I say you are and there is bugger all that you can do about it.

I want to point out he has never found a single quote that is anti muslim. Nor have any of his friends or followers. They have combed this site looking but I talk about history, sociology and facts. Rather than adress the facts the left hides behind labels. They call you a liar and a hypocrite and never demonstrate it. You are called a racist and bigot with no quotes.

This is exactly what occurs in universities across America. The self righteous left does not allow any real discussion of the Palestine issue. In Academia the intollerant professors act the same way the Recidivist did except they attempt to use
facts. They do not like their work scrutinized but they readily do it to others. They
readily attempt to question the motives of the critics .

The leftist critics in accademia hold Western Civ, America and Israel to impossibly high standards. Yet they say zero about the evils of Islamic Civ that are exactly the same as Western Civ. They are silent about abuses in muslim, communist and third world countries. They practice real hypocrisy each and every day. The Recidivist did take a trip to Freedom House and did not Israel has a better record than most nations. His response was dismissive you don't here me excusing it. He also has not
said one word about human rights abuses in Muslim countries. However his anti Zionist
diatribes are daily features. I am not a bigot but I devote disproportionate space to Israel and Jews who disagree with me. The vast majority of Jews support Israel in every poll.

The arrogance of the Recidivist matches what we see in accademia ..."or more precisely because I say you are and there is bugger all that you can do about it "
I want to thank the Recidivist once again for illustrating David Horowitz is right. The extreeme left is decidely self righteous , hypocritical, bigoted and intollerant.
The motto on the extreeme left should be free speech for me and none for thee.

An Addition to the whinning Recidivist

Breakdown 5 cries of racism 1 whimper hypocitical 2 illiterate.3 cries of censorship.

Speaking of illiteracy there are typos mispellings in the Recidivists own blog. However he has a distinct reading comprehension problem.I have never called to censor
his blog or anyone elses. If I disagree I point out where . Some may not be up to scruitiny but we are here. We have had plenty of critical visits and not one factual error found in my posts.My posts list their sources and I list the pages. Not one fact has been refuted in about 60 posts from him and his accolytes.If fact they have been demolished here.

He cries racism but Warren readily exposed his blatant anti Jewish and Israel musings. Warren was also not allowed to comment as the Recidivist turned off the comments. He runs a fact free blog and the Muslims might be interested in his views
on organized religion.

His latest cry is that I am trying to discredit the left and Muslims. His own fact free blog does more to achieve that end than an army of Beakerkin. My blog has been
linked by Richard Poe editor of Moonbat Central. Donal has verified the email from
Horowitz requesting a post. David Yeagley mentions it on his blog. Stephen Schwartz
sent in a correction on a post and I made it.

A blogger Amicus Currae told the Recidivist if my comments were full of racism he should show it.By removing it it gives the appearance of hiding. The truth were his arguments were destroyed twice . Once by me and the other time by Warren. If real racism was there he would leave and point to it. The fact is he has no quotes and deletes the posts that make him look absurd.

How does his claim of a Palestinian ethnicity stand up to scrutiny if the PLO charter is loaded with the terms Palestinian Arabs and Arab unity ? This makes his claim that the Palestinians are distinct from Arabs laughable.

Horowitz proven right once again.Thanks Recidivist


Warren said...

I'll bet I'm banned also!

My heart is broken, I shall cry rivers, I shall enshrine my link to his blog making daily supplications and chanting, "OHWA'TA AZ'HE IZ (respectful interval here) HEE HAW HEE HAW", (ancient Tsalagi supplication to Onan) .

Oh!!! Never mind... I never bookmarked his blog. Wonder if I'll ever click on his name link to see?

beakerkin said...

Unfortunately, he proves Horowitz is right. He screams bigotry over the use of Islamic history. He also
seemed angry that the PLO charter
has nemerous refererences to Arab unity and Palestinian Arabs. The Palestinians call themselves Arabs
but I am bigoted for using the PLO
charter. Huh????????

What does he think is appropriate for debate on the subject Comic books. You can debate the subject but no "zionist propoganda". Use of Islamic history means you are bigoted against Arabs, Muslims.

I found the sniping charge by Viper comical. We have about 10 posts from Craig and Viper. Zombie
and Hawke were gentleman and reasonable. Viper has yet to adress
a single point.