Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Brain Dead Recidivist should visit Crank Dot Net

The term illucid is a Crank Dot Net description for absurdity. Cranks such as yourself are graded from Crank to Illucid. Your blog cleary falls in to the illucid
teritory.You should go there to get some original material about your favorite people
the Joooooooooos. In your defense you are almost as bigoted on Catholics, American and a range of other people.

However being that you need a lesson in English lets start with the word racist. You
and your crew of toadies have used this lame routine dozens of times without a quote.
Muslims come in every racial category thus if one hated Muslims he can not be racist
unless the race in question is the human race. Arabs are not a race they are a Semitic people and thus hatred of them is not racist. Palestinians are an imaginary term placed on Arabs and even in his definition do not constitute a race. Since Israel is a Jewish state and Jews come from every race it is not a racist state by definition. I could go into a range of other terms and run on sentences but it is not
nice to pick on the brain impaired.

The Recidivist confuses bigoted and racist hundreds of times and calls other people
imbeciles. How do nonreaders get this material anyway ? He claims he doesn't read this blog but I appear there so often I should get a a featured credit. In fact every time I appear there it boosts his traffic. Remember every comedy act needs a straight ( no pun intended) man. I get to play Abbot to the Recidivists Costello every few days. The difference was that Costello was loved by the masses I doubt that
average people would find his whiny act lovable. In fact bigoted ,arrogant and concieted are more accurate.

You should put a link on your site for your readers . Put it under a humor category if you like. This would save your crew of Beavis and Butthead clones Viper, Craig,Mark and Low Loader some time. I do want to point out Hawke and Zombie are always articulate gentleman. In fact Hawke is often intelligent and witty in his critique , qualities you lack.

Let me guess you are going to use racist 8 times , Pathetic 5 times and imbecile about three times.


Low Loader said...

He doesn’t confuse bigotry and racism. He makes it perfectly clear that he is using the British legal definition of racism. He even gives that definition and by that definition both you and Israel are racist.

His definition of racism is also the definition used by the United Nations and by almost every single western nation.

We can all see that you don't like that, but your dislike does not change facts

Low Loader said...

I almost forgot to mention the bigotry.

There is no bigotry about Catholics. There is no bigotry about Americans. He does criticize the Pope and he does criticize the President. The Pope isn’t the Catholic Church (not is the Roman Catholic Church the entire Catholic Church) and the President isn’t America.

Criticism isn’t bigotry. If you say that it is, then you are surely only validating his claims about your bigotry.

There was also a point about your previous post; the bit about the “run on sentence”. That would actually have been valid had you cut and pasted the supposed quote as it was written; but you have actually changed it, so it isn’t even what he posted. That, with all due respect, is shameful and very telling of your nature.

beakerkin said...


I will talk slowly as you are obviously slow of mind. The state of Israel has every single type of race as its citizen. The truth is he can not back up an argument and is a spineless coward. Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians in no definition constitute a race.

What you have actualy now done is demonstrate your hypocrisy and own
bigotry. Where is the home for the Copts and Assyrians ? I can rattle off about thirty groups with superior claims to the Arabs. By singling out Israel the worlds only Jewish state for unique criticism you have engaged in bigotry.

What facts are those ? None of you
critics has posted a fact. I have shreded your hero quite well.

As far as bigotry are you insane ?
He accused the leader of the Church
of causing misery and death of millions . He called the Pope evil
and unlike the Recidivist I provide quotes to back my assertions.He has yet to back his assertions with any quotes.

His run on sentences are there for anyone to observe. He also started 15 sentences in a row with because.
The truth is he gets demolished here every time he starts up.

He plays little word games and his bigotry is self evident. In fact if the laws of the UK were enforced
his blog would be shut down allready.

He is now becoming Paranoid as he claims I have been posting under
other names. What names are those
and would he care to place money on it ?

beakerkin said...
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beakerkin said...
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Warren said...

One of the things I hate about the looney Left is their unceasing attempts to co-opt the language.

They actually believe that they can change the meaning of words by legislation. They truly believe in their shriveled dark little souls that because they label something with an epithet, it actually becomes that thing.

I'm sorry low loader, no matter how you try to legislate a pig into a silk purse, it shall always remain a pig.

It is stupid and irrational, much like you looney lefties.

Alice laughed. 'There's no use trying,' she said 'one can't believe impossible things.'
'I daresay you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. 'When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why,
sometimes I've believed as many
as six impossible things before breakfast...'

--Lewis Carroll, "Through the
Looking Glass"

Low Loader said...

Talking slowly. Very funny. HA HA HA

You can repeat your claims about Israel all you like, but your lies dpo not change the fact that in Israel some people are less equal than others on the basis of the 'NATIONALITY' that is given on their identity card (Jew/Arab/Druze etc). That is racism and it always will be racism. The fact that you support that makes your A RACIST. You have also shown that you are a bigot, a liar, a misrpresenter, untrustworthy and a lot of other things. From what I have seen, Warren is probably the same.

Deal with it, because it is your problem and not anyone else's. If to see a shrink.

Recidivist said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
beakerkin said...

For those of you that are unaware Low loader is the Recidivist. He cowardly posts under that name and pretends this is a new poster. Lets see this means you have outposted me about three to one.

The nationality on a card is not unique to Israel. n fact had you read the post on Copts it is done to them in Egypt. The fact that you deliberately ignore it is due to your bigotry.

Israeli Arabs and Druze have more rights in Israel than any Arab country. They vote , have free speech and the protections of an independent judiciary. This is not my opinion it is fact.

The extra visitors that you have been seeing on your site are friends from Bad Eagle. These include Native Americans and Scottsman and they share my view that you are a uber bigot.

Where are the millions of deaths you charged the previous Pope with ? Your posts on the Pope are decidedly bigoted as well.The fact that you need to censor dissent proves you have no clue.

If and when the laws are applied your site will be one of the first to have the plug pulled.What race are Muslims,Arabs or "Palestinians" ? Why did you ignore the fact that the Copts are treated exactly the same way with the ID cards in Egypt ?

Jason_Pappas said...

A few points. (1) Odd that some people are so ignorant about Islam that they think it is a race. (2) Some good comments by Warren about Leftist distortion of our language. (3) “low life” has no interest in honestly facing the facts.

Fact: Israel is 20% Arab and the Arabs living in Israel have more rights and live better than any Arab country (sans the oil windfall).

Fact: Jews were ethnically cleansed from all Arab lands. Cities like Baghdad were more than 1/4 Jewish 100 years ago. Large Jewish communities existed from Morocco to Iran. Egypt had important Jewish communities since the time of Alexander’s Empire – 1000 years before Islam existed! Medina was an agricultural town founded by Jews but ethnically cleansed by Mohammad. Today there are only a handful of elderly Jews in Arab controlled lands.

The facts show a vast difference between the pluralistic culture of Israel and the intolerant Arab and Muslim lands.

But “low life” has no interest in seeing matters in proportion. However, just in case others are reading these posts, I’d thought it would be worth reviewing the facts.

Craigy B said...

Beakerkin. On numerous occasions you have been shown to be a pathological liar and this entire blog is also testament to the fact that you are vindictive and malicious, so I am going to stick my neck out and suggest that you made all of that up.

Here is a simple challenge: You made the allegation, so the onus is on you to prove the allegations. PUT UP THE PROOF, OR SHUT UP. Post here for all to see the IP address, host and domain names that Recidivist posted to your blog from

I happen to know that Recidivist left for Paris and Brussels at six o’clock this morning and that he wont be back until this evening. The suggestion that he would visit you blog whilst ignoring all the blogs he makes regular contributions to is pretty implausible.

People whose blogs he visits regularly will recognise his IP and host and will easily be able to verify them. If you can’t provide those details, then we can confirm if you are telling the truth. If you make any excuse not to post those details, then we can reasonably assume that you are just a malicious liar who will say anything in order to save his own face.

You made the allegation, the burden of proof is on your shoulders.

Fail to give us those deatils, then it is you who lies and is the coward.

Craigy B said...

It is pretty obvious that you are only making that allegation because I provided the proof yesterday that you were doing exactly what you now accuse Recidivist of.

You accuse to divert attention from what you yourself are guilty of. That is true cowardice.

beakerkin said...


This is funny as you will see a post marked Deleted by author.

I saw it and deleted if from my trashbin. 4/21/05 1:00:07AM

" Sorry the corrected ending on that is: Deal with it,because it is your problem and not anyone else's. If you can't deal with it go to a shrink."

The Recidivist lied and got caught.
I think Mark Jordan might also be one of his names as well.

Craigy B said...

Here is another lie of Mr Beakerkin's. Anyone and everyone can see the nature of this lie for themsleves.

Recidivist has Extreme Tacking enabled on his blog and anyone can access the recorded details. It isn't even posssible to edit the details either.

The log shows quite clearly that only two people have visited Recidivist's blog from Bad Eagle and that only one of them even looked at the post that Beakerkin directed them to. So there is yet another reason for us all to believe that Beakerkin is full of malicious lies.

The very same log shows that Recidivist hasn't even been online today and that Beakerkin last looked at Recidivist's blog at 4:38PM today (UK time) from IP Address 24.164.129.*** at Road Runner / Time Warner.

The log also shows that all his extra visitors are visiting his Pope profile, not the page that you tell them to visit.

Beakerkin is such an inept liar.

beakerkin said...

Craig It is humiliation time. Why don't you let the brain impaired one defend himself. Warren also has a copy as well.The Recidivist is a liar and he was caught. I never deny visiting his site it is like looking at a car crash.

I have no problem with it because I am too busy laughing at him. If you can contact him I advise you to
warn him about a fresh humiliation
on the way.

Craigy B said...

So you refuse to accept the challenge to provide the proof?
I think that makes you a liar and a coward.

Recidivist said...

I am going to love seeing this proof.

Not only does Low Loader post at 2AM which is a whole hour after I went to bed last night, but he also posts when I am somewhere under the English Chaennel on a Eurostar train doing 200mph on the way to Paris.

Funny thing about all these many visits from Bad Eagle is that all but two of them were from Beakerkin himself ... that was before he switched to acessing my blog through blogshares. One of those visitors never even got past the first page, so wouldn't even have been able to comment on anything suppposedly racist. The other one looked at tha post Beakerkin had highligted and then left without comment.

So come on Beakerkin, you seem to spend your entire life spouting your crap - let us see this 'proof' of yours so that it can be ripped to shreds like everything else that you and your bozo buddy Warren say .... if it is even worth the effort of destroying, which I doubt.

SL&V said...

This really is getting absurd now.
Utilising your blog as direct attack on another's blog is totally reprehensible (unless it's satirical, which unfortunately with all the politics and religion, this isn't).

The whole thing is starting to sound like a web forum with no moderators.
So lets moderate ourselves.

For all those who feel offended by Beak I suggest this:
Stop coming to his site.
Stop commenting on his writings.
Stop validating this witch hunt against Recidivist by participating (even if it is to defend Recidivist).

By ignoring this blog you take away it's power.
I think I saw that on Nightmare on Elm Street once... it worked then...

Hawke, signing off and blocking this website for good.

beakerkin said...

Hawke sorry you feel this way perhaps you should see the Recidivists attacks on this blog.
Unlike his broad statements and charges I back mine with fact . Has he ever posted a quote that backs his assertions.

I have broken down his posts one by one with such classic gaffes
"Egyptians are not Arabs". If you look at the record this latest round was started by his attack on my post about Copts.

I always regarded you as a gentleman. Your critique was often witty and reasoned and you maintain
a great blog but it is not my taste. Good luck to you and all the best.

beakerkin said...

The cowardly Recidivist and the toady Craig. First of all I said Mark Jordan might be the Recidivist. Then again one who posts such meaningless blather
is probably not able to decipher
the meaning of might.

The Recidivist posted as the Low Loader and the remark was saved because I automticaly deleted it
to the trash file in my email. The identity of the poster was the Recidivist. Nice try there but you got caught . It is not a big deal but oh so funny.

Do you know what run on sentences are ? Your blog is loaded with them
and sentences that begin with transititionals, such as because.

Courage is not your strong suit and
you have sunk to an all time new low. The only bigot I see here is you. You are bigoted against Joooooos, Catholics, Americans, Republicans and no doubt others.
You play word games but your bias shows.

I have seen your posts and am enjoying a hearty laugh. If the UK
evey gets around to enforcing bigotry laws your blog would be close in around 30 seconds.

Prepare for humiliation you were warned.

Recidivist said...

So you are a coward and reuse to post the proof when requested.

Thought as much. Yuo are an insignificant arsewipe whose gob is bigger than his brain.

Recidivist said...

Still no proof?

I guess that just shows that you are full of bullshit.

You can return to ignored obscurity again now.


beakerkin said...

Here is the basic problem that in order to present my evidence I would have to post my private email
account . It is not worth the headaches that you and your band of
of bigots and toadies will cause. Hawke you are excluded because you
have always been articulate.

You are a coward and a phony but being you claim I visited your site under other names what are they ?

I am still waiting for these millions of deaths you laid at the feet of the Pope. Where are these
people ?

The problem is there is so much absurd information I do not know where to start. What are these sources you talk about ? I post mine and they are researched. A web site God Hates Fags is one source. That is the equivalent of posting your illucid ( crank dot net) bloviations as credible. Post the numbers to back your assertions
if you can.

You do regularly dissmiss claims of antisemitic crimes in Europe. The problem is that with small numbers ones and two's become relevant. Thus is do not ponder numbers and statistics on small numbers being relevant. A person
with an IQ of 167 should know basic statistics.

Obviously you do not know statistics if you think 25,000 homosexuals is 2/3 of Europe's gays
as that number was likely exceeded in Berlin alone. Trying to add a miniscule number to the Holocaust is a theft of your own. You may twist that figure all you like but it is not 2/3 anywhere near that number or the number of Gypsies that was higher.

Recidivist said...


More feeble excuses? You are so exposed as a LIAR when your bluff is called.

beakerkin said...

Really calling someone a liar or Hypocrite . I have the Email and Warren has seen it as well.

The person who regularly lies is you. What are those other names I visit your site under. I told my friends not to bother posting as you delette material and then cry victim. Were you or anyone else Censored here in spite of your blatant anti Jewsish,American, Catholic,Republican prejudices.

If you aren't a fan of Chomsky why is his site linked to yours. Why don't you call for help ? Do you like victim status. Where is the Viper ? I could use another nitwit
for target practice.

Recidivist said...

You claim to have the email, but you refuse to show the proof. You are a liar.