Saturday, April 30, 2005

More Crank Dot Net material from the Recidivist

Simon Jones is another left wing moron who posts cyberturds in the blogosphere and fancies himself an intellectual. His pile of bigoted blathering can be found on the
blog of the brain impaired Recidivist, who has a 167 IQ. Obviously reading comprehension is not his strong point as he complimented a blatantly Antisemitic post.Searching through the blogoshere desperately looking for someone to agree with his bigoted point of view. He is trying to rationalize his bigotry but continues to
come up with nothing but Marxist fact his constant pattern of exclusively bashing the United States and Israel is in line with current Communist patterns. He will not
comment about abuses in Communist countries but he finds plenty to go into Jooos, Israel,USA and Pope.

" But a deeper consideration of the matter will lead us to the realization that it is not only the Wolfowitzes and the Bushes,the Jewish and the nonJewish Zionists alike,who are the problem,but our own inculcated Judaic Culture."
All of you non Joooooooos are defacto cultural Jooooooooos.

"Modern Civilization itself rose from Judaism........The restless cultural and social alienation at the root of our philosophy of progress and behind the logic of Capitalism. For the essence of Judaism is alienation. Alienation from one's homeland and in tandem with this - from oneself and nature".
The dolt leaves out that Marx himself could be best described as a alienated Joooo.

" The wandering,usurious Jew is perhaps the most compelling and unsettling archetype
ingrained in the human psyche. (Only if one is predisposed to bigoted images)Who is
immune from the sinister image of Shylock, with his pointed beard, crafty shifting
eyes,bent on revenge against a world that is in essence his enemy ? Christianity and Islam fobid the charging of interest,except in the case of you enemy(Duet 23:19: from him exact usury whom it would not be a crime to kill.)Hence the despised Jew became a money lender by default."
No Joooos were kept outside the fuedal system by design and prohbited from apprenticing in the guild due to bigotry. This is another case of being verbose and
saying not much in a paragraph.

"But by the same token , Dueteronomy allows the Jews to exact usury from the Gentile (his enemy). This encapsulates the Jewish mentality: a racially identified belief (unlike Christianity or Islam) identififying the world as its - chosen people- enemy.
Cast out of Israel, fated to wander in exile, comforted only by the word, the Jew was
forced to fashion his mentality in the ruthless forge of hatred and despair. Nature itself became the other ,to be conquered and exploited. All non Jews became the enemy, to be both feared and exploited."
A quick look at Jews show them to be of every race. Jews were generaly worried about survival and wanted to be left in peace but Pogroms, Jihad and Crusades are inconveniences. The part about nature and exploitation is crank dot net territory. It figures the Recidivist would be dumb enough to say great article.

"As globalization took hold in the world in the 15th century on, with the emphasis of rationalism,technology,trade and conquest,the attitude towards usury,and consequentialy , Jews began to change.Instead of being despised,they became more and more the model for Western Civilization. The nations most open to the Jews- Holland and England - were the first to establish banking, establish central banks and expand into commercial empire. As Jews integrated into society,their character traits,forged over a long and difficult history ,took hold - patience steadfast devotion to learning and work, and more subtly ,acceptance and even love of usury,accumulation of capital (not flagrant displays of wealth, as the feudal rich indulged in),and the co-requisite treatment of the outside world (both people and nature) as the enemy to be exploited. The Western world became Jewish as Marx put it, and adopted the Jewish idea of sucsess "

More illucid Marxist (another Jooooooo) inspired BS. Jews were more numerous in Poland and Russia, oops theory out the window. Usury is a jooooooooish phenomena. No it is the cornerstone of the economy eco 1001. I think other people were ambitious other then joooos. Jones idea is that all these fuedal lords competed because the followed the jooooooooos example. Jones is an example of a salon antisemite. He says
alot of meaningless words that add up to Jews had a head start on banking.Most bigots are full of hot air. The Recidivist is full of shit. I want him to seriously explain that he is not an anti semite. Kafkaesque couldn't buy this load of crap.

"America, as the tabula rasa, became the new homeland of the Jews,who emigrated there in large numbers.As the genocide of the Native Americans proceeded apace (the first great genocide of modern history) and the world slave trade expanded (the second great genocide) ,the Jews prospered,despite the residual discrimination they experienced. Ironically those gentiles in control,were effectively Jews in their lifestyle and thinking. As America grew and prospered , in the embrace of the Judaic formula for sucsess ,the greatestof the new businessand cultural establishments- New York and later Hollywood- attracted an astonishingly high percentage of Jews. Like it or not , Jewish figures prospered in what can only be described as a Jewish cultural milieu. Why is this suprising ? After all we are all Jews now."

Jones is verbose pompous and wrong. He leaves out the genocide that occured in the Islamic Conquests. One can find links to the Yezidi account, Vohuman has the Zoroastrian account. Trifkofic covers India and the numbers are huge. I am reading the Budhist accounts on line. The Christian accounts are familiar. He ommits the eastern slave trade that killed more then the Atlantic trade. Jews played a minimal role in both situations. Muslims had a pronounced role in the slave trade. Whites were also enslaved in the Islamic world.The protestant hard work ethic may come as a surprise to Jones. His fulminations about Hollywood shows he needs to read Sowell on ethnic clustering in industries as a natural function. Jones you can't be a Joooooo
you are too stooooopid. You barely make the cut as a human, only because animals are not verbose.

"It took the third great genocide ( this time against the Jews themselves) to put the Jewish questyion squarely on the worlds agenda.The sypathy gave us the zionists (a 19th century movement which arose in response to the ascendency of the Jewish idea at the center of world civilization)their opportunity to incarceratetheir sacred goal of re-establishing a state of Israel. The Torah indeed talks of the promised land for the chosen people, a future reconciliation, an overcoming of their age old alienation,here on earth.But David Abrahams argues in The Spell of the Sensous that this promise is not a physical establishment of a homeland for the Jews but a spiritual reconciliation of manking."

Only Antisemites ever use the term Joooooish question. Jews are the indigenous people backed by archeology and every reputable history. What does anyone care what wacked out theory some leftist crank has. Try quoting Michael Lerner next since you are into clowns. Jones must have been vacinated with a phonograph needle.

"We must overcome our fundamental alienation from nature and a world of emnity and exploitation, a process which the Jews themselves began , and which we emrbraced it (knowingly or unknowingly ) ,has led to our social and environmental crisis.Thus it is not a question of Zionism per se being evil,but of the misplaced concreteness of present day Zionism -identifying the promised land with a physical (vs spiritual)
location,just as the chosen people are mistakenly identified racialy as Jews (vs the entire human race.) There is only one promised land ( our planet earth) and only one race human kind."

Crank Dot Net should look at this paragraph. Jooooos blamed for polution and a social crisis. Only Nazis identify Jooooos in racial terms. I guess infidel , heathen and barbarian were terms of endearment. To Jones only Joooooos are ethnocentric. The whole earth is the promised land well you and your crank dot net comrades can leave this tiny parcell to the Joooooos. You can have the rest of the planet.

"Consider the present crisis in America and the rise of Anti-Americanism worldwile.The Us has become a Jewish state in more ways than one. It has the same security checks,the same poverty for many and riches for a few as Israel. This similarity is felt by friend and foe alike. David Quinn wrote in the Sunday Times, that the feel of the Irish intellectuals rejection of American policies is so strong so palapable ,so irrational(sic)that it reminded me of nothing so much as Antisemitism. American are like the Jews in having become the scapegoat of choice for half the planet.The Jews were acused of controling the worlds finances,so is the United States. The Jews were accused of promoting decadence through their control of culture and art,so is the United States. The Jews were accused of putting their power to a range of nefarious uses , so is the United States. Given America's power and wealth, and the strength of its Jewish lobby,in the Middle east it has been simplicity itself to mixanti-American with age old Anti- semitism to produce a noxious brew"

This statement is proof that Jones is decidedly Anti American and Anti Semitic. The Recidivist by approving this post has proven my assesment of him as an Anti American,Anti Semitic cartoon charachter. His curious lack of statements on Communism give me the suspicion that his true sentiments are red.

" So what is the way out of civilization's dead end ?"

Simon Jone's suicide and the Recidivist taking anti psychotic drugs would be a good start.

" First, if the 1500 years of human history where the Jew was both despised and the money lender of last resort is proof of anything,it is that there seems to be a role for chresmatstics ( charging interest) ,then considered a dangerous and sinful practice in human civilization, only it must be strictly circumscribed. Rational management of economic resources requires rational tools. But they are the tools in the hands of humans, not magic wands which,like the sorcer's apprentice found out, can take on a will of their own and create havoc. They must be based upon spirituality,small scale communal values, and incorporate human activity within the context of the larger natural world ( vs the reverse today)."

More Crank Dot Net ecconomics and Michael Lerner feel good religion tosed together to make zero sense.Sweeping generalities no specifics and all hackneyed cliches.

" Secondly,and similarly ,there are no evil people, Allempires become malignant when unchecked.The American spirit of eutrepeneurship,self reliance, and local self government is indeed worthy of emulation.Likewise, if harnessed, the incredible cultural and scientific richness of Israeli society could transform the Middle East in a benign way. But every empire if left unchecked becomes malignant, and we must devote our energies to reining in the Judeo-American empire before it destroys all of us. The Soviet empire killed and exiled millions in the drive to demolish the old order,producing uniformity and environmental decay just as deadly as its American antagonists. Unchecked , the Nazis unleashed the most horrible war on the world and killed millions of Slavs and Jews"Now the Judeo-American forces have been unhinged by the completeness of their victories in 1945 and in 1991.They understand it as a license to drive the world into perdition."

The term Judeo-American empire is bigoted and a reflection of the bigotry of both Jones and the brain impaired Recidivist.America remotely compared to Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union is a pipe dream and illucid, typical bigotry .

" Finally, the tragic mistake of creating Israel as a racially -based country must be confronted.The best solution would be to refound a Palestinian State where Jews and Native Arabs live in equality,in harmony with nature and without racial discrimination,not so much a homeland for the Jews,but a recognition of the spiritual reconciliation of all of humankind,and a transcendence of the false category of race and the equally false separateness of humankind and nature ."

The fact that the state was divided and a Judenrien state of Jordan is omitted. The fact that Arabs and Muslim governments as judged by Freedom House is lost on Jones.
It is up to the Jooooooooos to solve the worlds problems to serve as his green Christ.Sorry, nature boy there is plenty of real eastate in Canada and Siberia for you to experiment with Utopia. Why don't you start tip toeing through the tulips and call us in a few thousand years.

"However, this is an imperfect world. What is essential is that Israel return (kicking and screaminng by a post Bush President if necessary) to the peace process -
no tricks and mirrors, Once the perverse mentality of modern day zionism is rejected
and Israel takes even one step towards sanity,normality and fairness,I am convinced a tidal wave of relief will sweep across the Middle East, bringing in its wake the beginings of true democracy.But social justice is the cornerstone of this process".

A nation that is being attacked by suicide bombers and terrorist daily has every right to defend itself. What is more perverse then terrorism and the keystone cops game the PA plays with the terrorist. The pressure should not be on Israel it should be on the Palestinians to stop the terrorism. Jones is living in a fantasy world if he thinks that solving the Palestinian matter will issue in an era of freedom. Social Justce is a frequent Communist code word for government plunder.


Warren said...

Beak, that Shylock comment only reminds me of the anti-Semitism of 167 and his posse.

I actually believe this is how this bunch view JOOOs.

Any day now, he will post the blood libel as fact!

beakerkin said...

Hey Warren Speaking of Joooooos
we better watch that for that nephew. He owns 10 shares of this blog and ten shares of yours. Smart

Warren said...

What happens if he gets majority ownership?

Do we get fired?


Anonymous said...

If you opened a club would you call it a Jooos Bar?

beakerkin said...

Warren you own 1000 shares and your price is up.

I guess maybe he will excersize editorial control.


That was good . Unlike other blogs we like a good joke.

Anonymous said...

I went undercover at FPM and I think I got kicked off again! I try to post and the infernal machine says it can't find my info. Did you see Roberta's post where she said now that she has everything warm and fuzzy on FPM an occasional mindless twit will be OK. Indeed! Big Bubba is the only one to use that phrase and she gave him the boot. Do I have to tell you that Big Bubba thinks Roberta is a mindless twit? You have to wonder about someone who doesn't understand, or is afraid of, the word feckless. I didn't do anything! I am toying with the idea of developing my own web site.

I have seen the subject of diversity kicked around today. I have my own diversity project, my betting syndicate - a Cuban Jewish doctor, a Mulberry Street wiseguy and me the WASP prick. Is that diversity or what? We got severely beat on a tip out of Florida today. Blame the Jewish guy?

beakerkin said...

You should get your own blog . It is alot of fun. FPM is a pain and once you get the readership it is a breeze.

Warren said...

BTW, nice look.



beakerkin said...

Warren as soon as my nephew comes over I have to bogroll about seven blogs. Yours, Jasons , Beamish,Citzcom , Sophistipundit.

I am all thumbs with technology.

Russet Shadows said...

Wow. The Recidivist is too smart by half, as the Brits say. :) He knows only enough about the subject at hand to appear intelligent (and I suppose this wins him big points from the Leftist side of the blogosphere, as they love to play fast and loose with the truth). For instance: the bit about Christianity forbidding interest. Really? And the essence of Judiasm is alienation from one's homeland? Hmm. He's missing a lot of the Jewish experience that revolves around being *in* one's homeland. And capitalism arises from alienation? Really? The term "mental masturbation" comes to mind.

beakerkin said...


Welcome to the blog the Recidivist swears he has no poblems with Joooooos. I swear I wanted to use the phrase keyboard masturbation
but refrained from doing so.

The Recidivist claims he is not Anti American but was defending Jane Fonda , Tokyo Rose and Lord Haw Haw. He becomes for free speech except for Zionists who he defines as worse then Nazis and Communists. The man is illucid but the problem is he never does research. Therefore mistakes like the body count at Deir Yassin which he incorrectly sites at 249 and the current number even in Arab sources is 100.

No doubt his supporters do not like being used for batting practice. Now they use an annonymous curse word and run.You should mention you have a blog on FPM.

BigBubba said...

I have a blog now. Big Bubba's Big Blog & Mindless Twit Magnet.

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