Wednesday, April 27, 2005

ID Cards and more lunacy from the left

Our favorite Joooo and American hating braindead earthworm like to spin folk tales. There is a better term for his stories but given his proclivities I prefer to self censor the obvious pun. He regularly points to Israel's ID card as unfair and unique
to Israel. We have seen him tell a few whoppers so lets place this one up to the reality test.

Israels ID Includes the three primary categories Jew,Druze, Arab and 100 other categories such as non Jew , Circaisian and Bedouin.

Afghanistan lists religion and ethic group
Bhutan lists ethnic groups
Brunei lists religion
Burundi lists ethnicity.
Cambodia lists ethnicity
China lists ethnicity
Congo lists tribe
Dominican Republic lists skin color and race
Egypt Lists rekigion
France Roma required to cary special ID card with fingerprints.
Georgia lists ethicity
Idonesia Lists religion and ethicity
Iraq Lists Religion and Ethnicity
Iran Requires Christians to carry special ID and Churches notify the government
Before accepting new members. People going into Church must show ID cards
Japan Foriegn nationals must carry special Id cards . Citizenship is based on
ethnicity rather then place of birth. Sounds like a right of return to me.
Jordan Religion is listed but Bha'i and Druze may leave the line blank
Kenya Tribe is listed ethnic Somalis must carry special ID
Laos Religion is on the card
Macedonia Puts the ethnicity on the card.
Malaysia Race and Religion. Plus criminals , dissidents are given color coded cards.
Myamar Ethnic Groups and Religion are on the card
Rwanda Ethnicity appears
Saudi Arabia Only Muslims can be citizens. Foriengners must cary an ID stating if
they are Muslim. This Aparthied doesn't bother the Recidivist.
Serbia Ethnicity is listed
Singapore Race/ethnicity is listed
Spain North Africans of Spanish enclaves (mostly Muslim) have to carry special ID
Sri Lanka Religion and Ethnicity on the card
Syria Jews and Kurds have special ID cards
Thailand Special ID cards are given to some ethnic groups
Vietnam Places ethnicity on its cards

The hysterical Leftist point to the Israeli ID system as unique. The above list is a survey and there are other countries that have much more restrictive practices. These
practices are also done by every state bordering Israel. Yet the Recidivist lies and claims the Israeli situation is unique. He cries and calls presentations like this
racist and propoganda. Facts and history are not propoganda and the left should learn to deal with them.

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