Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Recidivist Actually Used A Source Hooray

Not content to be source free the Recidivist uses the musings of a far left " EcoSocialist " . He had a perfect record of being fact and source free. Well he is still fact free so send out the marching band.

He make an odd attempt to justify a series of bigoted comments on my blog . His contention was that American Joooooos are paranoid not like the European Jooooooos
who know their place. Warren documented the whole thing much better than I .

So he produces a good joooooooo. A far left extreemist who is the "Alger Hiss chair"
at Bard college. Coulter points out in 1993 he wrote a book that claimed anti communism was a mental disorder. Yet the next year the Venno cables made that claim moot.He claimed anti communism in america was a form of anti semitism. He also dedicated his book to Alger Hiss Communist Spy.

Red Hunting in the Promised Land"the communist became..the archaic blood villain of
Western Civilization-the Jew who killed Christ,the black Hamatic son of Noah,the howling savage beyond the gates reminding 100% of Americans of the terrors of the dark". I guess "100,000,000" dead according to the Black book of Communism is not enough to be upset over.

Lets add this one up according to Kovell . Anti Communism is a mental illness. Anti Communism is a form of antisemitism. Jews who feel Anti Zionism is Aanti semitic are paranoid. Kovel is illucid and is second rate comedic material. The fact that the Recidivist picks a laughing stock to cover bigoted statements is hilarious.

Who will he quote next "Lynne Stewart, Groucho Marx , Karl Marx or Mickey Mouse ?


Recidivist said...

Except he never wrote a book claiming that anti-Communism was a mental disorder. Maybe you should rely on credible trolling material.

Nor did he vlaim that Anti Communism is a form of 'antisemitism'.

Jews who automatically feel that any form of Anti Zionism is Anti semitic ARE paranoid. YOU are the living proof of that ... but then you are a laughing stock.

beakerkin said...

People who solely obsess about is
are antisemitic. Your comments and
facts free blog prove my point.

Kovel's comments were widely reported try reading Commentary
magazine. However it is interesting that you would pick a
Communist appologist as your source. It proves my point about
totalitarian leftists being seditious.

FYI Do you notice you are allowed to post here ? Do you think there is some hypocrisy in your policy.
I won't change my policy but your
"useless toady" is so fond of using
that word.

beakerkin said...

People who exclusively focus on Israel are anti-semitic. Your behavior speaks for itself and the definition applies.You are a bigot
and you do a poor job of concealing
your problem.