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More Forgotten People in the Middle East part 3

The most misunderstood people on the planet are the Yezidi of Northern Iraq and Southern Turkey. The story of the Yezidi persecuted historicaly by Muslims is one of the lesser known episodes in the Islamic expansions. This topic is never adressed in our PC educational system. In fact I am finding even well educated people have not heard of these forgotten people.Part of the problem is with our media that focuses undue attention on fake indigenous people " Palestinians " and ignores real indigenous people like Assyrians.

Everything about the Yezidi is confusing and preparing this post was quite difficult.
I have read they are offshoots of Zoroastrians, Islam , Mithraism, Christianity and entirely unique.There are only 200,000 of these people left which is roughly equal
to the amount of confused scholars. Most Yezidis are Kurds but there are different pre Arab invasion nationalities as well.


" They speak a Northern Dialect of Kurdish (Kurmanji).Except for some Arabic poems , their oral prayers,hyms (quel),sacred songs and whatever they recite are in Kurmanji.
All scriptures and texts that they have are also in Kurdish".Thier traditions are largely oral traditions handed down from one generation to the next.They have no theological schools and have a mere two books and a few odd texts.

The Yezidis have a small religion that is opposed by the other three Abrahamic faiths. Although I tend to doubt Jews persecuted them being small and dispersed themselves.The Yezidi tend to live in High Mountain Villages. They celebrate some of their neighbors religious festivals .They have close bonds with the Muslim Kurds
and invite them to place the male child on their lap durring the circumsion ritual.
This bond ( Kirivanti) is extreemly important in Kurdish culture.

Yezidis have survived by strict marriage prohibitions. They are forbiden from entering the hose of worship of another faith. They do not use eating utensils belonging to outsiders but can purify these Items with water taken from a nearby holy spring.

The origins of Yezidism are unkown and the word itself is said to be Sumerian. One of the reasons it has survived is due to its ability to survive hidden. This aspect is similar to the concept of Marranoism in Judaism. People pretended to be of another faith while practicing Judaism in person.

" The Yezidis are spoken of as devil worsipers. The chief of Heftan,Meleke Tawus is regarded as Satan in other communities.Yezidis have raised a way of reaction to
this regard;"terms that mean devil, words that sound like these , terms refering to concepts remotely concerned with Satan ,such as cursing or stoning and words sounding more or less like those are forbidden.There is a theory that the names of
familiar deamon were other local peoples gods. This would seem to back this theory.

The Yezidi have a high respect for Nature and the four elements that play key roles in their lives.Earth ,Wind, Wind and Fire all have ceremonies,yet much akin to Zoroastrianism fire plays a key role.Many of their taboos relate to polution and the environment.

They have a variety of food prohibitions like Judaism and Islam. Howver, most of these come from local languages of words that sound like Satan or evil customs.
Lettuce, Cabage and pumpkin are prohibited. They do not eat fish to honor the prophet Jonah.Gazelle is not eaten as it was once the herd of a phrophet.The male chicken is not eaten as it resembles their god Melke Taurus.

Certain animals have special meanings to the Yezidi. Like Mithraism the Bull is Sacred as is the Snake. Yezidis sacrafice Bulls in autumns as it is supposed to represent brotherhood and life without wars.The black snake is considered sacred but is a sign of evil in the Abrahamic faith. Like in Mirthaism the scorpion has a positive symbol it represents thoe cure for scorpion bites.They celebrate both Mithran and Somezoroastrian ceremomies.



Anonymous said...

Interesting! I have never heard of them either since the PC press wants us to believe the only "indiginous" people to this part of the world are the arabic muslim invaders. A perfect example is Uptown Steve...he once said Iranians were arabs and not Persian...

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beakerkin said...

Hispano the Yezidi are the most complisated people I have ever encountered. I read six aricles and there are facts all over the map. Often the number of articles I research is two .

Do not feel bad I spoke to a professor of Middle Eastern studies who has never heard of these people. More curious I can not find a reference to them in the Babaloniyan Talmud. The writers certainly encountered the Yezidis but made no mention.

I gujess they may be the most enigmatic people of the middle east. They are revered in Armenia as they helped save the lives of Armenians durring the genocide. Sometimes a good deed is rewarded.

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I am troubled that you got banned
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Anonymous said...

Now to the subject at hand. I have spent the better part of the morning examining the Yezidi question. Very interesting.

The "little known people" who have recently attracted Big Bubba's attention are the Lemba of Africa. The Lemba claim to be descendents of one of the lost tribes of Israel. They practice many Jewish religious rites. Most interesting of all, however, is the DNA study done on the Lemba. Can you say "cohanim." Go to,

for more on this very interesting story.

Anonymous said...

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beakerkin said...

Big Bubba

The Lemba clan is also called called theBubba Clan . They have genetic links to Jews and are said to have built Zimbabwe. This fact upset Uptown Steve that his great example of African civilization may a Jewish helping hand or two. This is his problem as I never denigrate Africa.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, beakerkin, Lemba is the name of the people as a whole. The Lemba have clans one of which is the Buba clan. It is the Buba clan with the cohanim chromasome markers. Of course I immediately thought of the ubiquitous Yiddish bubie, however, there is no connection between Buba and bubie.

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Roberta email adress is

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beakerkin said...

Big Bubba

I know the part of the Bubba group being the Cohanim. I have done some research into the ten lost tribes area. There are theories that rage from interesting to absurd. The case for the Pashstuns and Kashmiris looks interesting. The case of the Japnese and ties with Shinoism are loose but poosible.

There were also traders who got stranded. There are many possibilities and explanations.
If you ever get the chance Crypto Jews in the Southwest is an amazing topic.

Anonymous said...

Crypto Jews - more commonly known as converso(s). I did a post about the conversos within the past week on FPM. I quickly scanned (I have to go grocery shopping now) this paper with some interesting info about conversos in the New Mexico area,

There are similarities in the Rio Grande Valley area and adjacent northern Mexico.

Big Bubba

bum from jersey said...

i don't think they are the most misunderstood people on the face of this earth based on the fact most people have no idea who they are.

Jason_Pappas said...

Yezidi! There's a wikipedia entry:

Yet another group oppressed by centuries of Islamic rule. Thanks for the info.

beakerkin said...

Bum from Jersey

Scholars have a tough time figuring out who the Yezidi are. I have six papers and opinions are all over the map.I have never seen such scholarly confusion. Nobody Know who founded this religion.

Yet even NYU professors do not understand these people. Often they think that a religion that prohibits eating lettuce is a joke.
I have had to take one or two to a library. These people should not be persecuted for their beliefs.
Some of the Yezidi recued Armenians from genocide.

The factis by reading this post you are more informed then 90 % of America.

VOR said...

Thank You!!! Now I have something to do a lunch tommorow... Unless it's nice outside... Then I'm gonna go check out the geese that are nesting in the park by my work...

beakerkin said...

Jason :

Normaly to prepare a post I look at
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