Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Recidivist strikes again skirting bigotry

The man with the 167 IQ continues in his never ending daily rants targeted at one population group. This would be amusing if he did not think he was the paragon of morality. He is quick to condemn percieved biases against ethnicities when convenient, such as his claims of antimuslim , Arab & Palestinian content in this blog. Yet he recoils at the mere suggestion of anti- Jewish sentiments in his own blog. He reminds me of an old fashioned redneck on his porch talking about good black people ( his nieghbors) and thos evil negroes down the road. A redneck has no idea idea how absurd he or she looks. They ramble on every day often saying things like "I have a 167 IQ" to cover up their stupidity. In the case of the REcidivist this is impossible. He seems to revel in his stupidity aided by two sycophants Viper85 and Craig.


It is a variation of a complaint I have made before (and no doubt keep on making) , but I was browsing through my niece's Cambridge Family Encyclopedia last night and noticed was written up as an entirely Jewish event.

I am certainly not in Holocaust Denial and I have nothing but total disgust for the Nazi's treatment of Jews ( not just the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust) but it does piss me of enormously when I see a supposedly credible referece book, used by millions of children, totaly ignore better than 60% (twelve or so million) of the people who were systematically exterminated in the Holocaust.

Lest we forget in addition to the 6,000,000 Jews the other forgotten victims are.

6,000,000 Slavic Citizens
3,500,000 Non Jewish Polish Citizens
1,500,000 cinilian Political dissidents
800,000 Gypsies
300,000 People with disabilities
25,000 Gay men
2,000 Jehova's Witnesses

And this isn't counting the 4,000,000 Soviet POW who weren't so much exterminated as just left to die of cold and starvation

Had he taken a trip to the US Holocaust Museum he would have found a more balanced presentation. However being that he is lazy despite his "167 IQ " we will help him out on this blog. Http://

The reason for this mention is that Jews , Gypsies and some Slavs were targeted due to racial inferiority. The other groups were persecuted on political and behavioral
grounds. Many of these other victims died as a result of incarceration.

The ratio of Jews who perished was 2/3 of a large number. The 25,000 number is obviously alot lower ratio. There were most probably twice that number in Berlin alone. The Holocaust is unique do the almost industrial manner of death largely applied to Jews extermination camps. A person with an IQ of 167 should know these things.We think the Recidivist protests a bit to much.

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