Saturday, April 23, 2005

Spanking the Recidivist Part 2

The man with the 167 IQ has made another of his ridiculous claims. He feels Israel alone should be judges by Western Standards. He applies this standard to Israel alone and by mere coincedence it is the worlds only Jewish State. When presented with the facts from Freedom House he tries to change his argument he responds with more unsubstantiated claims of racism.

" Shame on you that you go to Freedom House and exclusively list countries that are
non Western,when I point out that Israel's racist singularity among Western Nations"
The Brain Dead Illucid ( He is now using this term that he claimed did not exist a few days ago) man who allegedly has an IQ of 167.

The Knowledge of geography is apparently not related to this 167 IQ. In the original
post Albania, Belarus,Bosnia,Russia,Serbia,Ukraine and Turkey are listed. Are all these countries on the moon ? The fact is Israel is freer than Turkey acording to Freedom House. The fact is these nations are all considered Western and Turkey is applying for EU membership.

The Israelis are not in Europe and they are in the Middle East. It has been in a state of perptual war with its surounding Arab States since its inception. The land was partitioned in 1917 and Jordan was created. The Jews were expelled from Jordan and are forbiden from being citizens. The Jews that had resided in Jordan predated
Islam and the subsequent Arab invasions. 70% of Jordans population describe themselves as Palestinian. This fact seems inconvenient for the brain impaired Recidivist who has a 167 IQ.

Israel does not have the luxury that the UK has. The UK is surrounded by water with no borders. The United States has borders with Canada and Mexico. Niether of those states is in any description hostile. Israel is surrounded by hostile states on all of its borders.Each of the surrounding states has Islam as its official religion. In the case of Egypt it actively discriminates against the Copts. The Recidivist laughs at the suffering of the Copts and his first mention of them was to disparage this blog. Christians, Jews, Hindus, Budhists,Baha'i , Zoroastrians are regularly mistreated in Islamic countries. A trip to Freedom House will provide plenty of materials. The Recidivist is silent about those abuses as he is also silent about abuses in Communist Countries.

This silence is not by accident but by design. The singling out of Israel the worlds only Jewish state for disproportionate and undue criticism is bigoted. This is coupled with articles claiming "Jews stole the Holocaust" and defending Antisemites
with word games and the daily use of word games.

How can I be a blog troll if I am not even on your blog ? You are allowed to post here inspite of the fact that I am dennied the same courtesy on your own. You even post as the Low Loader. The simple reason is ratings and victim status. Each time you highlight my blog you get victim status. This blog is great for your ratings but bring help. Your attacks are illucid and Comedic and there is more spanking to come.

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