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More Tolerance by the man with the 167 IQ

In his never ending attempt to spread his brand of tolerance the Recidivist has laced into Pope and Israel for the thousandth time. The Recidivist divides the world
into good jooooooooos and eeeeeeeevil zionists. Good jooooooos know their place and agree with his left wing myopia. Evil jooooooooos are racist because zionism by his definition is racist. The fact that Jews are from every race known to man makes this
moronic.He also claims there is no such thing as Jewish ethnicity. People with a 167
IQ can't be bothered with things the rest of us call facts.

1 A person who has "contempt for all organized religion " now wants to lecture Catholics on who should be a Saint. This is a matter that should be decided by Catholics themselves. However the man with the gufaw 167 IQ feels he should lecture
the Church , on what basis is he now a theologian.

His critique is

1 Says that abortion is "legal extermination comperable to the Holocaust"
I do not agree with the Pope as I am pro Abortion. However I do know the traditions and techings of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has always affirmed life from its earliest days.A person with a 167 IQ should know basic history.
2 Condems all forms of Contraception
I do not agree with the Church on this one. However I also know the historic position
of the Church. The Catholic Church has been fairly consistent in this policy
3 Says that Education , Chastity and Sexual Fidelity are the only responsible methods to combat Aids.
The Church teachings on Sex outside of wedlock are well established. This is not reflective of my views but it is Catholic policy.
4 Turns a blind eye to the repeated child sex abuse scandals to hit the Church around the world.
The problem was inexcusable but is being dealt with. There problem were local matters that were mishandled . The issue is being corrected and the Church has acknowledged and dealt with the problem. Laying this issue squarely on the Pope is not correct but he would have accepted that.
5 Actively protects abusers from the law and fights lawsuits from victims.
Every Union or association does the same exact thing when members are accused of misconduct. Does the Recidivist expect the Church to give away the store ? Recovered
memory is a topic that several Psychologists have claimed is rife with unreliable
testimony. There were some false claims in addition to the legitamate ones. The bottom line is that schools were closed and draining resources from a social services provider hurts far more people.The church provides a variety of social services and helps far more people than it hurt.
6 Tells me that being Gay is a lifestyle Choice
This is not my position but science on the subject leans the other way. If a biological basis were isolated people might start testing and aborting gay fetuses.
Others might try to cure the condition via drugs. In many ways lifestyle choice makes homosexuality more acceptable to the masses. The concept is we are regular people with a different preferance . Both arguments have implications both both positive and negative implications.
For the record aborting fetuses on the basis of Gender and potential orientation are repugnant.
7 Tells me that gay relationships are insidious and calculated attemps to pit human rights and the family and against man. that they destroy societies fundamental fabric and cause a profound injury to society and provoke often irreparable damage"
These are not positions I agree but I do not interpret scriptures. The Old Testament
are quite clear on this subject. If one wants a religious experience there are other
denominations with other interpretations .The intolerance is that of the Recidivist and other critics. They are not Catholics or theologans but presume to lecture the Church.

..." is certainly not worthy of my admiration and in my veiw personally responsible for the misery and suffering of deaths millions of people around the world"

Note to the man with the 167 IQ that is a sentence fragment. We do not start sentences with because or is in English.

The above is a bigoted statement and the Pope is in no way responsible for deaths. In fact he is responsible for improving millions of lives. Had I made a similar statement about Islam they would hang it from the rafters. Bigoted and facts free commentary are the standard at his "gufaw" enlightened blog.

"If that is what a saint is about,then I am glad that even as a child I had the wisdom to turn my back on the twisted morals of organized religions"

History is not the forte of the man with the 167 IQ. The French Revolution, Communism
and Nazism are the results when a society tosses away religion. Yet we hear zero commentary about the plight of Cuban gays who are jailed .We hear nothing about human
rights violations in China . We hear nothing about persecution of gays in the muslim
world. Yet the man with the 167 IQ will lecture the USA about gay marriage .Twisted
morals is a subject he is an expert on.

In short he wants to deny the Pope Sainthood for practicing Catholic theology. This is arrogant for any outsider in any religion to comment on internal matters. The subject of Saints should be decided by Catholics and they are capable of handing matters internaly. The man with the 167 IQ feels he knows whats better for Catholics
than Catholics themselves.

The man with a 167 IQ continues his flight of fancy this time his target is Catepilar. He misreports that Corrie was deliberately run over by an Israeli Bulldozer. The incedent was investigated an it was ruled an accident. The ISM is not
a neutral observer and is affiliated with radical left winge fringe groups. Two Brits affiliated with ISM commited a suicide bombing . The film was tampered with as
Http:// There were 2 different
bulldozers note the smaller opening in the one that hit her. She also was attempting
to protect an arms smugling tunnel. I have said this before but civilians who intervene in a civil war bring this upon themselves. Peru would have been justified in giving Lori Berenson the death penalty. If anything her parents should sue Evergreen College for mixing her up with the ISN in the first place. ISN members have been involved in arms smugling. The fact that Israel allows these agitators in in the first place is a testament to their freedom. Can I go and protect the Bha'i or Christians in Iran ?

The critique of the man with the 167 IQ is house demolition is collective punishment.
Suicide bombing is collective punishment as the bomber select the victims. Bulldozing a perpetrators home is targeted and effective . The families get compensation for this crime and are not innocent parties.

Yet the man with a 167 IQ wants to blame the Israelis but says zero about the reasons the houses are being demolished. He also has said zero about nihlistic terror
of the Arabs that percipitated the attacks. Targeting civilians is a war crime perpetrated by the Arabs. Is the fake Rachel Corrie story yet another example of his hypocrisy. What makes he life more valuable than the civilians slaughtered in any suicide bombing ? Yet another example of his applying one standard on the worlds only Jewish state and none on Arabs. Placing unique standards on Israel is bigotry.

He has been on record claiming the Jews stole the Holocaust. The 6,000,000 victims
would beg to differ with that assesment. Unfortunately , they aren't here to defend themselves . They were incinerated and slaughtered baced upon their ethnicity. This same ethnicity that the man with the 167 IQ says doesn't exist. Apparently, the Nazis
weren't as convinced as the man with the 167 IQ. When one knows everything facts do not exist.

"Several Jewish historians ( no doubt all good leftist radicals. The man with the 167
IQ good joooooooos vs the eeeeeeeeevil zionists. )

This is based on Norman Finlestein's work The Holocaust industry. Not content with trying to justify his bigotry with Kovel. " Anti Communism is racist ,antisemitic and a mental illness. Jews are hypersensitive to antizionism that is not bigoted.
Now the recidivist pulls out a Chomsky diciple even though he has nothing to do with Chomsky. He seems to quote left wing socialsist quite often. Both Finklestein and Kovel are admited Socialist and probaly closer to Communist.

I will leave the first three charges alone.

" That very many American " Profesional " Jews are not practicing Judaism but are practicing Zionism and victim culture and have replaced faith with a dogma of fund raising for Zionist causes."

(The term professional Jews is a clear example of bigotry. Had a conservative said a similar statement about a black activist he would be screaming. Yet hypocrisy and anti Joooooo presentation is the norm at the Facts free blog. The mere sugestion that a people who lost 6,000,000 stole the tragedy is also bigoted.

"It all sounds very explosive - but while the Zionist establishment predictably have laid into Finkelstein , there are equaly as many if ( if not more) in the Jewish community who have accused him of being too moderate in his charges"

Holocaust Denier David Irving has praises Finkelstein. Finkelstein has praised Irvings research "there were no gas chambers at Aushwitz".He is featured on every Neo
Nazi website along with Chomsky.He accused Jewish organizations of " conducting themselves like caricatures from Der stumer". He has called Elie Wiesel the "resident clown of the Holocaust Circus".

Speaking of victimology is something Finkelstein does well when talking about himself. He complains " the New York Times gave a more hostile review of his book
than Mein Kamf... I'm in exile in Chicago because I have been thrown out of every school in NY. I am not happy to be in Chicago . I want to come home. That is why I keep an appartment there. I am praying for a miracle. I've had a hard time."

The New York Times not a pro Israel organ compared his book to The Protocols of the
Elders of Zion.The Britsh Gaurdian also called Finkelstein a "Holocaust Denier". Washington Post " Anti Semite with Ties to Nazis". Elie Wiesel, Alan Dershowitz, Dennis Prager have all denounced Finkelstein as an Antisemite. Finkelstein has called for the destruction of the State of Israel and endorsed Arab terror against Israel.

Omar Bartov a real Professor savages Finkelstein's books in a NY Times book review
Http:// He portrays Finkelstein as having a crazy thesis and be indiferent to facts. " Like any conspiracy theory it contains several grains of truth; and like any such theory it is irrational and insidious. Finkelstein can now be said to have founded an industry
of his own"

Dershowitz http;//

Finklestein's accused Wiesel of lying about reading a book in Yiddish " Critique of Pure Reason in Yiddish. " Finkelstein claimed the book was never translated to Yiddish . Finkelstein has a history of unproven alegations against highly respected scholars Stuart Eizenstadt,Burt Nuebourne,Gerald Feldman, Sir Martin Gilbert, Richard Overy , Abba Eban , Yehuda Bauer , Daniel Goldhagen. Finkelstein accused Dershowitz of ghost writting the Case for Israel but backed away when Dershowitz offered to show the hand written notes.

Financial Times 8-23-03 John Authors " Finklestein appears to suffer from a lack of self control. His readers might find him harder to take seriously if they had watched himscraming questions as a heckler at the back of the audience." Finklestein
" I can't imagine why Israel's apologists would be offended by a comparison with the Gestapo "Gabriel Scoenfieldin an article labeled Finklestein's views as "crackpot ideas,some of them mirrored almost verbatim the propoganda put out by neo- Nazis around the world" " Jan 2001 His accademic colleauges and students do not take him seriously, since by his own admission was thrown out of every University in NYC and is in exile in Chicago. ....Well maybe that is because he has leveled so many false charges against so many people he has no credibility"


Daniel Goldhagen " Finkelstein a well know antizionist agitator, whose wild claims on Holocaust Studies- which derive directly from his explicitly anti-zionist agenda- on their own disqulify him as a reputable commentator about Scholarship on the Holocaust."

" Finklestein's work is from beging to end, a tedious series of inventions. I doccumented that the examples from his article that are deemed the the strongest are
thoroughly misleading without merrit.... Now he suddenly turnsto Holocaust studies , which he discovers is a zionist conspiracy, the purpose of which is to celebrate the Jewish state as a bastion of Wester Civ doing battle on the front lineswith,and shashing Arab hordes" ( New left review July/August 1997) In addition to his doccumented inventions about my book , it is worth noting that he has never written anything on the Holocaust or German History and can not read German about which he boasts-- which means that he can not read the many of the sources which he is passing his expert opinion on . But he does state his general view of Holocaust Studies which include:
" The only relationship Holocaust studies bears toserious iquiry is inverse"
" Holocaust studies is a propaganda enterprise and so Holocaust studies is in effect the Zionist account of the Nazi Holocaust" New Left Review pg 83, 84

Thus the Recidivist has once again shown us his true colors. He knows what Jews think
about Israel and Zionism . This despite every poll ever taken on the subject showing
exactly the opposite of his conclusions. His good Jooos always turn out to be Socialist or Communists. This proves my earlier assertion that Left wing radicals are seditious by nature. The opinions of these left wing radicals in no way is reflective of that of Jews in Israel where they are trounced in election. Nor is it reflective of Jews in the United States.

His preoccupation with Israel is a clear example of bigotry. He devotes inordinate
space to a critique of the worlds only Jewish state. His use of the term professional Jew is clearly bigoted . His accusation that Jews stole an event that 6,000,000 of them perished in including my Kin is pathologicaly bigoted. His claim that there is no Jewish ethnicity is not factual and also bigoted. Unlike the Recidivist we doccument our assertions.

His comments about the Pope were disgraceful. I would like to know where the millions that died because of the Pope are. I can point to hospitals run by the Church that save lives. I can also point to Social service programs run by the Catholic church that saves lives. If he is pointing to the Aids epidemic the Catholic Church bears zero responsibility for the tragedy.

When one has a 167 IQ one has no need to defend his post. No doubt his Beavis and Butthead flunkies will cry Hypocrite, Racist, Hater , Liar. The sole exception to the above is Hawke who is a gentleman and has a good sense of humor. It would be nice if they could deal with the posts. They have yet to find a single fact or quote that they can twist.

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Warren said...

I do not believe that you can expect any debate on these points from the recidivist. All of his positions seem to be based on opinion and not even well formed opinion.

A few examples:
He blames the Pope for the Churches stand on abortion.

The Churches stand on abortion has always been the same.

"For us, murder is once for all forbidden.... It makes no difference
whether one take away the life once born, or destroy it as it comes to
birth. He is a man, who is to be a man; the fruit is always present
in the seed." --Tertullian (c. 160-230)

The gay lifestyle thing.

"Identical" twin studies, (monozygotic twins, where the twins are products of the same zygote and thus are identical on a genetic level), have shown that only between 11% and 52%, (depending on which study you look at), share a concordance of sexual preference with a homosexual twin. Almost all, (if not all), of these twin pairs were raised in identical environments.

That provides much weight to the view it is a life style choice.

Add to that, we are human, and that which separates us from animals is free will, and the argument seems decidedly against the 'no choice' option.

The contraception argument was redefined.

The Church stand is against, "artificial" means of contraception.

The philosophical argument is; it represents an attempt to remove Gods will in the matter.

And on, and on...

In truth, he seems to have opinions about matters he knows next to nothing about, unless you consider leftist rhetoric valid criticism. Then certain dim bulb types pick it up because it validates their own prejudices