Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Shoaib Chodhury and the FAILURE of the Left

The Pro Arab left likes to trot out good Jewish leftists. This is why bigots on the left will trot out Norman Finkelstein, Kovel and Michael Lerner. They try to use their Jewishness to cover their bigotry and weak arguments. These people are the classic usefull idiots and in Lerners case he is a natural. Leftist are by nature seditious this has been proven in the Venonna Cables and elsewhere. Their first allegiance is to the "movement" facts and ethnicity are irrelevant. This is not an implication indicting liberals like Kafkaesq or the Chemist. I discussed the profound differences between liberals and radicals in other posts.

The left is silent about Arabs and Muslims who dissent from the hate . These people want to live in Peace and are less famous than the Jewish Leftists. There is the sad case of Shoaib Chodhury who is in jail as we speak . Norman Finklestein whines about
book sales and being fired from jobs. Chodhury sits in jail for expressing a desire for peace.

" Today I stand before you perhaps as a living contradiction: A Zionist, a defender of Israel , and a devout practicing Muslim living in a Muslim country .

Like you I believe in the justice of the Zionist dream. I also acknowledge the historic reality: that the world has endeavored to crush that dreamand ,yes, even destroy the viability of the Jewish people.

At the same time I live in an environment where people just as passionately in an opposing view see Israel as illegitimate and the Jewish people as evil incarnate. Winess the recent statement of the outgoing Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed that " Jews Rule the World ".

A true culture of peace is more than the cssation of hostilities. It includes justice and tolerance for all people. It allows each, while respecting person to have pride in one's own faith, while respecting the pride that courses through ones own veins of those that follow other paths to God.

Read the rest of this impressive speech from a man of peace at the site I listed.

When he returned home he was arrested on charges of espionage. Israel is not likely to be threatened from Bangledesh. Compare the Fate of Chodhurry with the ISN medlers.
Then tell us exactly what society is free.

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