Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I now proclaim the Recidivist " Brain Dead "

The man with the 167 IQ sunk to an all time new low in hypocrisy. He has bashed the new Pope as evil within hours of the Pope being dead. The views of someone who "has a problem with organized religion " should not be taken seriously. His blog should be read as a comedic excersize. He takes offense at some groups stands on homosexuality but he ignores and embraces movements that persecute homosexuals.If this sound illogical and absurd, welcome to the mad world of the Recidivist. In his mad world facts and consistency are mere diversion.

The title of his latest bigoted post is Benedict the Evil. This is not the fist time he has bashed Catholics for following Church teaching on Homosexuality. He feels he is entitled to lecture the church on its teachings. The previous Pope was not fit for Sainthood in his opinion and was " personaly responsible for the misery and deaths of millions of people around the world ". He did not bother to explain that bigoted Anti Catholic post. Who are those people and where are his numbers from. He throws out a liberal cliche and we are suposed to believe its Gospel.

"As the Church in Rome takes a dramatic turn to the fundamentalist right, multiculturalism now joins abortion , contraception and Gays on the list of true evils so do your worst Popey Boy 16, I have a strong hunch that you are going to do more than anyone else to ensure that Europe ups the pace on its relentless drive towards secularism.
( For someone who claims I am illiterate ,you just commited about the worst example of a run on sentece I have seen. However, the laws of grammar are inconveniences to
the man with the ( Chuckle 167 IQ)

" Also on the bright side, at least there will soon be alot more empty Churches on the market for redevelopment...they make great night clubs and brothels and temple to all manner of fabulous " sin " and iniquity.

May the Devil's speed ( or Crystal Meth) be with you.

Kiss my A00*"

His attack on the Late Pope and the New Pope qualify as Bigotry. Calling the leader of a major religious group" Popey Boy 16 " alone is bigoted. Yet this is the same goofball that proclaims my blog hateful, racist and bigoted. That post alone qualifies him as a hypocrite.

He sponds post after post pushing the cause of a fictional ethnicity that among other things persecutes and often lynches homosexuals. This is in spite of the fact the Arab gays flee to Israel for their safety. He does not mention that in much of the Arab world Homosexuals are jailed and killed ,and that Israel is more liberal in that area than 90% of the world.He has yet to mention Cuba a nation that places homosexuals in mental hospitals.

When called on his hypocrisy of advocating for a state that lynches gays this was his response.
" As for the rest of your post , just because I happen to be gay - and therefore a minority that is opressed in many parts of the world( including I hasten to add the US) does not mean I see myself as gay above all other things.. I am no supporter of the bile sickness that is minority single issue politics ".

It certainly looks like his entire post contradicted that quote. He just had an entire post dedicated to Catholic bashing largely on the basis of the Church policy towards Gays. The Church does not lynch Homosexuals but the PA he champions does, classic hypocisy.The Catholic Church is politicaly correct to bash but if one points out that gays are killed in the Islamic world and in the PA one is Racist and bigoted.

He later tries to justify this foolishness

" Just because a statute says something is illegal, doesn't always mean it is actively enforced > It isn't enforced in most of those countries you list.

Homosexuality is by default still technically illegal in the UK ..however no prosecutions are made...........

Not only did I return alive from the PA twice, I was never imprisoned..Just as I wasn't in Pakistan,Turkey, Saudi,Oman,UAE, Iran ,Iraq, Abu Dhabi,Lebanon Syria ,Egypt
Lybia or Tunisia Indonesia , Malaysia or Bangladesh.......

You also miss the point that it isn't the PA that persecutes Gays ..it is individual people who persecute gays. If I were to follow your logic , I should hate All Americans then , because more Americans are murdered for their sexuality there than in any other country in the world. What is more the US allows the sick freaks who undertake that persecuti to public glory in their deeds"

That last paragraph is the most illucid one I have ever seen. Gays are not lynched by angry mobs in US streets. They are not killed for their sexuality or imprisoned for it. These are the policies of the PA and much of the Muslim world. Where are these people murdered for their sexuality ? Do you have a source or this is another cliche.

In his zeal to defend Ken Livingtone from antisemitism charges he made Zero mention
of the teachings of Qaradawi. W-w--w-well Livingstone did not endorse his views that also ofended Hindus and Gays with an IQ.Qardawi has advocated killing Gays in his book Lawful and Probibited in Islam. The amount of words stated by the Recidivist on Qardawi's advocation of killing gays 0.

I now pronounce the man with the 167 IQ brain dead. The US kills more gays than any other country , except for countries that readily apply the death penalty for Gays the PAa and Iran come to mind. A Pope that calls homosexulaity a sin is an evil man but an Imam that preaches killing gays gets no comment. Calling a Jew a concentration camp gaurd and saying I am sick and tired of hearing of hearing how many Jews got gassd is not antisemitic. He has passed from the category of illucid bigoted crank to brain dead.


Recidivist said...

This is hysterical.

Misrepresentation after misrepresentation.

Misquote after misquote.

Invented facts. Myths. Lies.

Fuck knows what you are on, but it must be good shit.

beakerkin said...

You were quoted correctly and represented fairly. At least I provide sources.

Anonymous said...

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