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Angry Liberals, Fox News and Tinfoil Hats

I am always amused at the Left complaining about talk radio or Fox News. These same people look perplexed when the right point out similar biases at the NYT or CBS. My take is simpler if you don't like something change the channel. Any media outlet has bias and that is the nature of the profession. " They should change their motto from
fair and Balanced ". They should do that after another network changes its motto from "news you can trust".

The anger at Fox News is typified by a blogger I respect the Chemist. Other than some( ahem) language issues he runs a superior blog and has a first rate mind. His blog
is contains sentiments similar to what I encountered in NYC at the RNC. The title of the Post says it all F-king Fox News. The post is about the substition of the word
Homicide Bomber from the original Suicide Bomber. This is a minor point and the News media uses language like this all the time. The term is more accurate in my opinion and in that of another poster Amicus Curaie. The Chemist see the substitution as an attempt to manipulate emotions.

The essential part is the emotional nature of the anger at FOX NEWS. The Chemist is a great guy but hardly unique. He is in fact better than most except for an odd remark about Van Sustren in a Swimsuit. She has a home spun interesting look that is
a refreshing change . In fairness there has been similar rage on the right at the media. However now that we have digital cable an the internet one has plenty of options for information. The blogosphere is a vital took at checking big Media arrogance. The CBS memogate fiasco was a blog driven story about Journalistic malfeasance. Blogs like this one and the Chemist are part of the new media.In many ways we are more Democratic as we are challenged by opposition. We have to defend our posts unless one is the person with a 167 IQ.

The Chemist and I see a different viewer of News. He sees a guilable misinformed vulerable consumer. I see a consumer than makes a choice every time that they select
a media outlet.The consumer is well aware of FOX slant and quite a few choose it for that reason. Conservatives should have their news outlets and Fox caters to that market. In fact I am surpised there aren't more conservative stations given that popularity breeds immitation.

Fox News presents the news in a fair manner in my opinion. I have zero idea of what
political leanings Laurie Dhue, Neil Cavuto , Rebecca Gomez or Heather Nauert are.
Brit Hume seems to lean right and is professional. Their panels are fairly balanced
and it employs a first class analysts such as Kondrake, Clift , Ginnzburg, Napalitano,Juan Williams, Barnes and Feraro. I wish that they still had my favorite Monica Crowley but she works on MSNBC.

Bill O'Rielly is more a populist with a swelled head than a true conservative. I stopped watching because the self promotion became excessive. He certainly leans right but is closer to the center than Mathews . Mathews is ruder and more abusive to guests the O Reilly but Zell Miller put him in his place. Ambushing Michelle Malkin was much easier as she does not have a temper. Had Mathews read the book in question he would not have asked Malkin the series of stupid questions. He has lowered the vollume since election day.

Hannity and Colmes makes an attempt a balance and always presents the other side. The Chemist is not a fan of Colmes who isn't a Liberal or isn't good at his job. Colmes is a classy articulate man who is not as combative as Hannity. Hannity is always well prepared and in control. This is in contast to Mathews who does not even read the book in question. The left doesn't care for Hannity who is seen as a bully.
He has a charming personality and if they think he is tough they should listen to the man behind Hannity on the radio. Levin takes no prisoners and is far tougher than Hannity.

Greta Van Sustren has a legal type show and has a first rate mind. She worked at CNN so I doubt she became a conservative overnight . Her show is more about the law and I have zero idea what her views are.

E.D. Hill worked at ABC and her skills on the morning show are better than Couric. She has a good sense of humor and can interview with the best. Rita Crosby is the most under rated talent in media. Her interviewing skills are the best on the Channel. When charged with runnig a forum she is better then anyone in the business.
Unfortunately, she gets the crime beat but durring the war she was in top form. Laurie Dhue is the most unfairly critiqued person on Fox but it is based on lookism.
She has run panels deftly and above average in interviewing skills. Rick Leventhal is a great correspondent and seems to be everywhere on the planet.

The anger on the left is based on a string of losses. However, it is easy to blame talk radio , News Corp or Fox News rather than look in the mirror. The left has to offer a vision and screaming voices push people away.The sad part is that the left does not even recognize a moderate. When I hear the dunces from the UK crying fascist
it makes me laugh. They have zero clue what real Americans think and congregate with other like minded folk. After the election I asked dozens of NYC leftists how many
Bush voters they knew other than myself. Nobody could name more than to and most had
a hard time naming one. The reason is obvious most Conservatives or moderates would do not want to deal with over the top anger.

When America sees the left it sees a spoiled self righteous child. Michael Moore, Answer , Code Pink, Chomsky and Lerner are despised by average Americans. A wise Liberal Kafkaesq pointed out Falwell and Robertson. However if you were to ask average Americans who would you rather have lunch with Moore or Robertson most would
choose Roberston. I would rather sit as a Jew in a Church than at a Peace protest. I
have been in Churches and never heard a negative or angry word. When I go to a peace
protest I hear nothing but anger and an eye opening amount of Jew hatred.

The last charge is not made lightly but accurate. Even friends who voted for Kerry and were not Jewish were shocked. The tin foil hat brigade is quite vocal at the protests. Conspiracy no 1 Neocons, Likud, Mossad and the military industrial complex blew up the wtc. As an eyewitness to 9-11 and a WTC 93 survivor this is exceedingly
offensive to me. Conspiracy no 2 . The recent election was stolen and the Zionist media covered it up. Conspiracy 3 The Zionist media contols all the news and manipulated us into war. I also heard two Holocaust Deniers but most of the leftists
walked away from that. The leftists were unconfortable with the evil Talmud speaker but he continued. Mayor Bloomberg was denounced as the evil "Jew" mayor .I asked a leftist what would be done if I made a similar statement about Dinkins. The radical
said " You are right but I would never admit it".

I like when the Chemist talks about paranoid Conservatives. The sad part is that he fails to see the anger in his excellent blog. F-king Fox News, The President is a Pussy and calling Republicans the Party of God are examples of this anger. He posses
a first rate mind but fails to note that regular people do not listen to angry people.The people had a choice of blame America first and positive patriotism and chose the latter. Conspiracy Cranks, Anger and blame America first is not the way to win minds or elections.

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