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Don't be a Dhimmi

Lost in the discussion over Israel/Palsetine is the story of 1300 years of Jim Crow. This Jim Crow culture was loosened and tightened over time. There is the assumption
that Muslims have been where they are currently. Authors Fred P Isaac and Alvin Schmidtt describe the conquest and subjugation of ethnicities.

Therefore when a person makes a claim that the "Palestinians deserve a state he is litteraly endorsing 1300 years of colonialism against an indigenous population . The
blatant hypocrisy is that real indigenous people are being deprived of nation status.
Assyrians and Egyptian Coptics like Jews have their own language, religion and historical identity dating back 4000 years. The Kurds have their own language and historical identity dating back 3000 years.

The short version that the Palestinians are generic Arabs are based on 4 points. 1
Palestinians speak Arabic the same as Arabs elsewhere. 2 Palestinian largely worship
Sunni Islam the same as Saudis,most of Syria, Jordan and the Sunni triangle. 3 Cultural Identity 1964 founded in Egypt by Nasser with a Marxist Charter. There is zero connection between biblical Phillistines and Palestinians. Palestine was a region on a map and a variety of armies swept through there.4 The PLO Charter defines
the Palestinians as Arabs in numerous sections. I will cite only one section Article 13 Arab Unity and the liberation of Palestine are complimentary objectives; each leads to the achievement of the other. Arab unity will lead to the liberation of
Palestine and the liberation of Palestine will lead to Arab unity....To work for one
is to work for both. Article 15 Refers the Zionist occupation of the greater Arab homeland. Amazingly, after reading the PLO charter some still talk of a Palestinian
ethnicity . The Palestinians do not even call themselves in their own charter.

One can view the full report at
The enumeration of the himmi laws are from The Great Divide Alvin Schmidtt Page 59-60.

The Dhimmi laws were commonly believed to apply only to Jews and Christians but were
extended to Zoroastrians. No doubt a well informed reader might point out other people as well. If Jim Crow was evil than Dhimmi laws were more evil as they lasted
many times longer. One can go to Freedom House and look at the treatment of religious
minorities in Islamic lands. Yet we hear zero about genuine abuse of real indigenous
people and those who just want to be left alone.

The 20 Dhimmi laws

1 Dhimmis may not have Muslims as servants.
2 Build or repair a place of worship.
3 Dress like Muslims
4 Give their children Muslim names
5 Wear signet rings on their fingers
6 Ride on horses with saddles. ( Those on the left are more concerned with animal welfare than with minorities under Islam )
7 Deter someone from becoming a Muslim
8 Possess firearms ( this makes for easier beatings and extortion)
9 Mourn their dead publicly
10 Prevent Muslim travelers from staying in their home.
( A similar concept was a minor cause of the American Revolution)
11 Defend themselves when attacked by a Muslim . The penalty for this is amputation
of hand or hands or death.( This makes extortion easy )
12 Give evidence in a court of law. ( How convenient for extortion)
13 Marry Muslim women. Though Muslim men may marry Dhimmi women.
14 Drink or sell liquor openly
15 Build houses in Muslim neighborhoods.
(The left likes to talk of aparthied and is silent on this)
16 Bury their dead near Muslim cemetaries
17 Have their cemetaries look like Muslim Ceremonies
18 Display or wear a Christian crosss
19 Read or pray aloud in Churches or their own homes.
20 Adress a muslim unless adressed first.
21 Convert a Muslim to another faith .
The penalty for number 21 is death.

I find this amazing when a leftist flipantly compares Shariah with Christian conservatives. This comparision bears no relationship to reality. A simple look at the agenda of the religious right makes a comparison absurd. However there is more
to follow.

Islam inflicted a series of discriminitory taxes on Dhimmis

Kharaj was a real estate tax applied to Dhimmis. They were no longer the owners of their property but tenants. This was used to coerce conversions and harass people into leaving.

Jizya was a poll tax that was applied to Dhimmis. It had to be paid in a humiliating manner at a public ceremony.

The other taxes such as travel tax were higher on Dhimmis. In times of hardship Muslim leaders raised the taxes and jailed and tortured church leaders until a ransom was paid. In 832 the Copts of Egypt revolted against this system of taxation.
The revolt was brutaly surpressed and there were massacres , deportations and large scale property destruction. The Egyptian Copts are still suffering today. Where is there homeland ? The deafening silence on the left is noteworthy. The Copts have been occupied for 1200 years.

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