Monday, April 25, 2005

Spanking the Recidivist Part 5

The man with the 167 IQ is crying again as usual. He claims in his perpetual victim mode that Queers vs Terror and gender aparthied blog is "Islamophobic". What does he base this observation on ?

The truth is that anyone who discusses Islamic history or society today is called an Islamophobe. The fact is the Recidivist can not justify his illogical stance towards countries that mistreat Homosexuals. The fact that these are almost entirely Muslim nations and Communist Cuba is no accident. He can not deny the facts about persecution of gays in the PA that he champions. He tries to hide behind Islamophobia
to cover for lapses in logic and fact.

In fact his supporters have gotten tired of being humiliated here. Usually , they cry and whine but offer nothing more then a mispelled word.The fact that there are major gaffes is not lost on the brain dead one. In fact I get plenty of coverage in
his blog. How does this occur if he doesn't read my blog. Read my blog as often as you like just post under your own name.

" Even if gay rights are suffering , then they are very clearly aren't suffering anywhere near as badly under Islamic fundamentalist influence as gay human rights are sufering under the influence of Christian fundamentalism in the United States "

This quote qualifies as illucid and worthy of Crank Dot Net status. Does the US government kill or imprison Gays ? No this is done in Islamic countries and Cuba. I have to look into the possibility it may also be done in India. He wants people to be outraged about an obscure redneck church that hates homosexuals . However he says zero about countries that imprison and excecute homosexuals. This illogic would be comedic if he weren't serious.

Gays in the USA are not persecuted by the government. His comments about Fundamentalists Christians is amusing because he defended Ken Livingstone for meeting
with an Islamic Scholar who advocated killing gays. In fact there were many in the Gay, Hindu and Islamic community itself who were opposed to this meeting but he only reported the Joooooish oposition.

Fear not the brain dead one announced he will be taking a break from posting. Maybe he has to meet with some more of his left wing bigoted buddies. He has become an utter laughing stock. He is in a catch 22 because he needs my attacks to boost his readership and cry victim. However, he has been revealed to be a blathering, illogical , cowardly , ignorant and bigoted fool with an illucid fact free and sourceless blog.

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