Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boycott Spain

It would appear the mindless judge in Spain has allowed a publicity seeking convicted terrorist to abuse his countries judicial system. This brazen political stunt warrants an immediate boycott of all Spanish goods and prohibitive tariffs on all Spanish exports.

Let those who lose their jobs line up outside the home of the Communist clown terrorist and ask for answers.

Spain has turned itself into a joke of a country. The Spanish people deserve better governance.

100 Days Idiocy

The media really is out of touch with reality as the first 100 days baloney is a media story. Obama has made some dubious claims about job creation. However, in fairness politicians of all stripes take credit for things they have not done.

Arlen Specter's defection may not be so bad long term and he is at the end of his career. He will find
that he is not at home in the party of Gomer Kerry, Charles Rangel and Bella Pelosi.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Book Closes

When one chapter of your life ends it is time to start a new one. All we can do in life is do our best and sometimes it isn't enough.

A door in my life has closed. Somewhere out there another awaits.

Communist Stupidity

The mindless commie clown would like to cite Detroit as an example of the failures of Capitalism. In Detroit one can buy a house with ease. One does not need to hunt for produce or fresh meat. People are not kidnapped with regularity and held for ransom. Jews do not emigrate from Detroit because they are being harassed.

The economy may be bad in Detroit and the city itself may be mismanaged. However, the authors
of North Korea and the Caracas crack den need to return to reality.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What a life

On Saturday I attended the funeral of an old friend. I sat with politicians, writers and her upscale friends. Part of me wanted to be sad that she died so young. Yet, I could never be sad remembering a person who brought such joy to my life. I consider myself so blessed to have met
her and called her my friend.

Our friendship wasn't logical. I was someone who loathed going out and was from a religious community. She was a bon vivant and had to be anywhere. When we first went out she literally grabbed me by the tie. I felt I didn't belong in her world and in truth my feelings were correct. I was an awkward teen who became very good looking over night. All of the sudden I was part of an elite crowd getting into everything, just I didn't want to be there.

She hated my first serious girlfriend. She called her stuff I can not repeat. When I had to end that relationship she refused to leave my side. "Depressed over what...." She took me here and there and set me up with several of her friends. She gave me the confidence that allows me to date successfully in college. She gave me the confidence that allowed me to be a successful manager and then officer.

I want to be sad that she is gone. Yet I consider myself blessed for having met her and spending time with her. She was special and a good person. Most people considered her shallow and superficial, but she had a heart of gold and was very wise. She also was full of energy and upbeat and my memories are all special.

I am sure going to miss her, but her memory makes me smile.

On Sunday I went with a Guyanese Hindu group to Atlantic City. I am very comfortable with that group and oddly Cubans, Koreans and a few others. When I am with them I sing their songs
and even dance a bit. These are things I would seldom do with my own community. I made a very nice donation and the locals laugh as I speak in their patios naturally.

Atlantic City is an interesting place. I do not gamble I lost all of 12 dollars. I preffer to shop, see a show and eat at some of the older tourist places. I was surprised at how many topless places there are on the back streets. I wouldn't go into those places as I was in mixed company and a man with a wife or a serious girlfriend needs to respect that relationship.

I also learned something about myself. When I am just a man named Beakerkin and not part of a large family or in my community I suffer zero social phobia. It is harder for me in my own community as a member of a locally prominent family. There is just so much pressure and I never cared for it.

Who knows what the future holds? I am enjoying the moment.

Friday, April 24, 2009

RIP to a Special Friend

I was saddened to learn of the passing of an old friend and coworker. She was a very special person who will always have a special place in my life. We met at a summer job 25 years ago. I was from a more insular community and preferred to work.

She had a zest for life and a force of personality one could not understand unless you knew her. She was beautiful and vibrant and I was quite the opposite. She took me to clubs and places that would never allow a person like me in. It was one of many times that I was to glimpse a world where I didn't belong. I was an oddity in her world and we both knew it.

She would always spot me no matter how I had changed over the years. I had assumed that she had forgotten me, but she never did. She always greeted me with a warm smile a joke and when she asked about your life she really did care. One time her sense of humor probably cost me a
girlfriend who did not understand her sense of humor. I would bump into her in the oddest places, but she would greet me with a beaming smile and call my name.

I was lucky to have had her as a friend. When I had my first serious relationship and I had to break it up she refused to let me sulk. She insisted on literally going everywhere with me and dragged me from place to place. There was no time to mourn that first lost love. We had dated briefly and there was zero possibility of a long term relationship. However, she dragged me everywhere and introduced me to many of her friends.

She was a memorable person who will always bring a smile to my face.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

NFL Draft Time

The annual NFL draft is coming up. Most of the players will be busts and there will be many who are drafted lower that outperform the early selections. I am hoping Detroit and Kansas City get their acts together.

The Detroit fans need a real QB who is up to the challenge and a defensive playmaker. The Chiefs need an LB or a WR with firepower.

Locally the Giants and Jets both need help at WR. I see a trade for Braylon Edwards on the horizon
and a draft of LB and offensive linemen. I hope the Giants get 6'6'' WR Ramses Barden in the late rounds. The Jets need to rebuild the entire offense save the line and get help on the DL.

There are some who wonder if we still consider Tiki Barber to be a low life fraud for his antics in NY. Tiki is the epitome of what is wrong with the NFL. He was a big mouthed lowlife who was given countless chances screwed up weekly and blamed others. He is a lousy commentator who should not be confused with Chris Collinsworth, Deirdorf, Strahan or Howie Long. Barber lacked class as a player and is a joke as a commentator. He is neither knowlegeable or likeable and has no class. If I want knowledge I turn to Colinsworth. If we want fun we turn to Bradshaw or Strahan. Most of the others offer a mix of knowledge and fun like Sims, Irv Cross or Tom Jackson. Tiki is not even up to the poor standards of performance of Deon Sanders.

First Time In Recorded History Anarchists Did Something Useful

An odd unverified rumor sweeping the web has anarchists stealing war criminal Leon Trotsky's ashes and baking them into cookies. While we do not approve of grave desecration Trotsky and his moronic apologists are unsympathetic victims.

Trotsky was a war criminal whose life of butchery has been made into a cartoon by his dim witted
power mad apologists. The ultimate goal of Trotskyites is to shift the focus of the evils created by Marx onto Stalin so they can enslave humanity with new packaging.

This story does have the appearance of a great spoof, but it is the funniest thing I have read in a while.

Creating Criminals

I want to point out that often being a law enforcement officer one has to enforce laws that are unfair and make no sense. Regular readers know I am not a fan of gay marriage, but I favor Civil Unions, so as to avoid government tampering with religious terms.

There is something wrong with a system that treats people like second class citizens. It is heart breaking to watch people who appear to be gay masquerade as heterosexuals to remain with their real lovers. In general these are well adjusted employed people who are being almost coerced into criminal behavior due to the way the laws are written.

It is true that there are other ways to emigrate legally. However, family unification is currently a major component of immigration law denied to a certain segment based upon a proclivity.

There are those that say it will make it more difficult for examiners to verify marriages. This is false and a well trained officer free of prejudice should be able to check for validity of gay civil unions in the same manner as heterosexual couples.

My sole objection to gay marriage is that the term marriage does have a religious component. I want government and far left legal goons far away from religion. However, it is also wrong to disenfranchise an entire segment of the population based upon their proclivities.

The system we have needlessly pushes some otherwise law abiding citizens into fake marriages.
A system with such an inherent inequality does not serve the public.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Water Boarding of The Duck

Among the juicy tidbits revealed by our crack interrogation methods

1) The Duck secretly likes Grape Nuts
2) Gweneth Paltrow is a more talented actress than Nicole kidman
3) Spike Lee and Oliver Stone are over rated
4) Dunkin Donuts Coffee is better than Starbucks
5) He enjoyed Shirley Temple movies in his youth
6) Watched the Sound of Music while drunk
7) Reads used books and newspapers

Our expert team is now planning on white collar criminals next.
Will we find out that members of the AIG Board buy their underwear
at Walmart.

Tune in next time as the Beak water boards.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Complicated Topic

On the site of the Salonista Beatroot, the subject of non contagious medical care for immigrants came up. The truth is that some of the medical care procedures are very expensive. The cost of orthopedic surgery and cancer care is expensive.

While I would not want to turn away children who need orthopedic surgery, the reality is that we have limited resources. The USA can not afford to bear the cost of every illness on the planet. There are some procedures that are unquestionably better off here.

The problem with Salonistas is that they think resources are unlimited and the other side is racist.
I concede that we should not exclude immigrants with non contagious medical diseases. However, on a practical level resources are limited and we can not treat the planet.

This is what being a grounded moderate is about.

We now take you to a new segment Water boarding commies for fun. The following confession
was taken from the Duck

" Nicole Kidman can't act...... I once ate cheese wiz.......The English Patient was too long and I have a bottle of Log Cabin Syrup in my fridge".

Monday, April 20, 2009

Unlawful Combatants

Members of Al Queda are not accorded protection under the Geneva convention. They are not members of an army with uniforms. Nor can they even in the loosest definition be compared to partisans. They are criminals who target civilians and are entitled to zero protection under the law.

As they routinely go around beheading people it is impossible to have any sympathy. Waterboarding is mild compared to what they deserve. They deserve the death penalty.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Call PETA and the folks at NOW

It seems that the morons in the NY Times deem the appearance of cock fighting, bars and prostitution in Baghdad to be a good thing. Maybe the folks at PETA could stage an invasion to prevent poultry abuse.

I am not opposed to cock fighting so long as the loser is barbecued, fried and served with appropriate seasoning. Actually it isn't my taste in entertainment, but it is a local tradition. I would prefer to have commie baiting instead of bear baiting. A bear is a noble creature, unlike commies who are worthless.

The folks in the Bolshevik Times seem to report Prostitution like it is a positive development. Perhaps, the folks should explain to us why they ignore reports of its increase in workers paradise states like Cuba. Of course the usual suspects will swear that Prostitution is a Capitalist vice. Then again the Dunce er duck still talks about prostitution under Batista 50 years after he is gone. Hey Comwads Cuba is your mess go deal with your legacy of excuses.

The NYT has become a joke.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Affairs of the Heart

All of us have things close to our heart. I do not begrudge anyone for their search for love and spirituality as long as you respect others. The key is your search for love and God must not conflict with my rights and public safety.

There are some Kahanist fools who are bent out of shape when the subject of Messianic Jews is discussed. In a free society we must respect everyone's right to see God in their own way lest we become as cartoonish as the Taliban. Oddly, these same types loathe Messianic Jews who support Israel and are friends to Communist Antisemites who rationalize terror and obsess 24/7 about the destruction of Israel. Never look for rationality behind lunatics of any stripe.

I do not begrudge anyone who seeks love. Everyone has certain requirements and some like Sunbeam require someone of the same faith. I took a great deal of heat at work from many who criticized me because Sunbeam was of my own ethnicity. A group of females from another race saw a bias. They really did not understand that this was someone I always wanted to be with and who I have known for well over thirty years.

Love is something we can not add, nor is it a science. I see PHD women fall in love with men who read comic books. I see men fall for junkies. I also see childhood sweethearts, coworkers and every unlikely story.

Love is what it is and true love is rare.

That being said I admire people like Junglemom, TMW and many others whose expressions of faith are from the heart. A normal religious experience is inclusive and does not seek to send those who do not believe into the next world.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sanity in Spain

It appears that the political stunt of convicted Communist terrorist Gonzalo Boye is DOA. The lawsuit was a politically motivated stunt. Furthermore, the United States has an independent judiciary and a free press if such events necessitated a trial.

Spain is already suffering from disastrous relations with the USA largely due to the socialist regime
currently in power. No doubt the left will claim it is all Bush's fault, but Zapetero is at fault.

Much of US relations with Europe are a consequence of over the top rhetoric from populist idiots of the far left. It is easier to blame the USA and have a mindless obsession with Israel and Arabs claiming a contrived ethnicity than to talk about safety nets, creating jobs and criminality.

National Day of Silence

This is one of the rare times I agree with some on the left. Hatred of gays in some corners is reflexive and socially acceptable. The problem is more severe than I had thought.

One of the sad parts about my experiences is casual attitude towards some at anti gay rhetoric. I was shocked to hear this rhetoric among African Americans and Vermonters who were by no means on the right. A surprising amount of these comments came from females who think they have "gaydar".

A perplexed human resources person wondered why I did not get upset when a stupid person in Vermont directed anti gay comments at me. I do not consider being mistaken for gay to be an insult. Now if someone wanted to insult me being called a Red Sox or Dallas Cowboy fan would raise my ire more. I worked in the fashion industry and lived in NYC and orientation is no big deal in a city where one can find people dressed like vampires, pirates and retro punk rockers.

We should treat anti gay bigotry as seriously as other forms of hatred. I was shocked to hear Blacks who would crucify you for using the N word bandy gay slurs casually.

That being said there are three main issues that one can have with the gay community and disagreement does not infer bigotry.

1 Gay marriage. I still favor civil unions as "marriage" is a religious term. Poultry points out that
one does get a license at a civil authority. However, this is more a matter of registration ala dog licenses.
2 At what age should the subject of homosexuality be brought up in the classroom. Personally, I think sixth grade is practical and the message should be tolerance.
3 Some gay parades and protests get carried away and are in bad taste. Protesting in Churches is disrespectful and harms their cause. Anyone who thinks all gays have good taste in clothing should see some of the outfits at a gay pride event. The person down the hall was perturbed when I jokingly called the NYC gay pride event the World Series of bad taste. Later on he agreed much of the antics and attire was over the top.

I do not begrudge people for matters of the heart that have zero to do with me. However, some gays need to show more respect for Christians who interpret scripture differently.

We will be a better country when such events like this are not needed.

Poor reading comprehension

If the politicos want to see posts think Jooooos run the government and media than they should start looking left. Then again the idiocy, raw paranoia and lemming like material of Liberal White Boy, MILF from Lebanon and Larry Gamboner often does mimic the material at Stormfront.

The political classes have a deep contempt for those who serve in the military.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Decent Idea

In general I am not a fan of web censorship. I do not flag blogs that are offensive. What triggers a warning is arbitrary. For example Sonia's blog has a warning for nudity. The blog of rabid anti semite Liberal White Boy has one primarily for its Jooo hatred.

I want to point out we do not nor have ever condoned hatred of people due to race, religion or most normal political points of view. One could respect a decent laborite like Jams and tell the difference between a laborite and an apologist for communism.

Now Commies are fast to point to my probably originating the term Pseudostinian. The term was coined as this ethnicity is no more real than a New Jersey ethnicity. If the situation is correctly viewed as Arab vs Israelis the whole point is absurd. Arabs calling anyone colonial is absurd given their own history. The Palestinian myth was concocted by Commies as Judenfrei real estate had obvious odious history. Thus a fake ethnicity with no history was created by the Soviets out of thin air. If the situation were reduced to Israel dealing with Jordan and Gaza being returned to Egypt the peace would have happened long ago.

Commies do not want peace as they need Psuedostinians as victims for their grand alliance. The grand alliance is Commies, Jihadis, Nazis and a few Anarchists in a common front United by Jew hatred.

Commies swear that they do not condone even the most base forms of anti Semitism. However,
a look at Ren's blog shows a link to a blogger frequently cited by Stormfront. One can find the same link on other Commie sites.

Of course if a blog were to feature the similar content about blacks or gays here Commies would be screaming that this is a hate site.Sorry, but exposing the lies and deception of a pathology that has killed 100,000,000 does not qualify.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Joke is on Spain

The sad part about the debacle in Spain over its idiotic attempts to try US government officials is this lawsuit was brought by a convicted Communist terrorist. Gonzalo Boye is a foreign national who served jail time for his role in a kidnapping of a businessman. Perhaps Spain will admit Bin Laden to their bar next.

The United States should place restrictive tariffs on all Spanish products and the ambassador should be expelled. Let the unemployed workers seek redress at the law offices of Boye.

The Spanish people deserve better governance.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boycott Spain and Citgo

Recently, I wrote a post about boycotting Spain that upset some leftards. Leftards think that their infantile rhetoric comes without any price. The days of idiotic mindless far left idiocy being tolerated need to end. A bunch of Spanish imbeciles have decided to try members of the Bush regime for war crimes. This court has no jurisdiction on Americans and these charges are 100% politically motivated.

All Americans should boycott Spanish products. The ambassador from Spain should be recalled and 300% tarrifs on all Spanish products should be imposed immediately. Let the political infants explain to unemployed workers why their infantile need for attention has cost them their jobs and turned Spain into a laughing stock. Adding to the idiocy of this is the involvement of a convicted communist terrorist in bringing a case against American politicians.

Since the election of Sarkozy, I have ended my boycott of French products and actually went out of my way to purchase some very over rated food products. For the record I still prefer Italian and Califonian wine. Italian food products are superior to those produced in France, but all of us should reward good behavior.

Americans need to also stop buying their gas from Citgo. I proudly bypass Citgo stations even when their price is lowest. Every time you fill your tank at Citgo, you are paying for a meglomanical drug addicted Communist criminal's paranoid idiocy. I stopped buying my gas there long ago.

Sure going to miss her

Sunbeam is going to her parents with her daughter to Baltimore with her daughters for the remainder of the Jewish holidays. I will not get to speak with her for a few days and will miss her.
Her company and her love are blessings to me. Yet, her time with her children and parent s are valuable and they deserve happiness. Sadly in situations like hers everyone loses in a divorce as time is always split and conflict is inevitable.

Sunbeam is the joy of my life and I treasure every moment with her. It breaks my heart that simple gestures of love like tossing a blanket over her as she sleeps are alien to her. No person is more deserving of a deep love than she. It breaks my heart because I ever told her of my love earlier because I wasn't religious enough. All I can offer is honest love, devotion and respect. Even when I disagree with her it is always with respect.

In general I am a libertarian on social matters, other than drug use and pedophilia. I also walk in the wider world and am just not theologically inclined. I do go to services with her as part of the bonding process as it is the way she bonds. For me this is not a chore. It merely represents an opportunity to share an experience with a person I love. Some of us battle with identity issues and I preferred to think of my identity as the man up the block.

As an adult I think of life and my role quite differently. I define myself by my relationships and the best title a man can have is beloved husband. I value our shared experiences and even the mundane stuff like studying her grad courses with her is a joy as it is a bonding experience.
Fortunately, I have been able to help out in limited ways like reading an article or chapter and discussing it with her. I will be glad that her classes will end for the summer so we can have more date time.

Note to the Duck

Do not assume gays and lesbians are anti American. In your satiric comment about Boston Arts you list gays and lesbians among the groups. Actually Commies have dreadful records on homosexuality and are just never held to any rational standards.

In general the "Arts" community is a cartoon to begin with. The need to make "gay" art as opposed
to exhibiting the works on their individual merits is par for the norm for a generally stupid crew.
Political art is typically inferior work produced by and for morons. Exhibits like those mentioned are examples of why funding for the arts needs to be eliminated. I personally do not donate to Arts
with the exception of the Met in NYC for this reason.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I spent the weekend with Sunbeam. I love her more than ever and her parents are great. She was somewhat perturbed by my personal libertarianism. I do not tell others how to live but keep commies away from my wallet and vegetarians need to keep it private. I do not tell another how to live or love and I expect the same.

I saw a happy family with nothing and a talented beauty who was lost. Life is full of contrasts, all things in moderation.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Word to Newsweek

The message about the decline of Christianity is off the mark. Congregations that pollute themselves with Marx are in decline. The Anglican Church mismanaged under Rowan Williams is an example. Christians are having more kids than secular types.


The Muslim/ Communist alliance will fracture once Israel is destroyed. When Israel does fall it will
be at the hands of its own. refusal to deal with its internal far left.

Jihadis use commies as useful idiots and then kill them when expedient, see Iran

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Going Away

I will be spending some time with Sunbeam's family in Baltimore. I am very lucky that they are such wonderful people and seem to appreciate my dedication and deep love for their daughter. Sunbeam is brilliant and very beautiful, but her best quality is her nurturing nature.

She also knows me well enough to see through a white lie. I told her I was not accepted into Grad School. She immediately knew it was because I never applied and called it my dumb blond joke.

New Non scandal Obama Fried Chicken

Two resturants in NYC catering to a largely Black clientele have created a firestorm by naming themselves Obama fried chicken. There seems to be no malicious intent and perhaps questionable judgment. Now it would be more appropriate to name something with pork in it after politicians who waste our money. I do not imagine Robert KKK Byrd Pork and Beans would go over too well.

An Odd Surge of Visitors

There seems to be a large number of people who have come to this site for the Boycott Spain post.
I am for making leftists accountable for their actions. Let those in Spain who wish to try US officials over GITMO know that they have zero jurisdiction over US citizens. Furthermore, this naked publicity stunt should be rewarded with tariffs on everything coming out of Spain.

I do not hate Spain or the Spanish people. They need to reign in some unsavory demented far left types whose agenda has given their country a bad name.

Beakerkin Follies

There are times that Beakerin abuses Commies with comedy. Commies are dour death cultists and are worthy of satire, deportation and incarceration. There was some group of agitators protestingoutside my office. The man said he was from International yada yada yada. I responded he was a corporate whore pitching pancakes and sausage. The perplexed commie was angered and screamed at the top of his lungs he is not from IHOP. "You Trotskyite clowns are very tricky subverting a pancake establishment to foll the masses". After five minutes of exasperation the commie traitor deduced we were mocking him.

I was not in the news cycle on Friday. Sunbeam told me that there was yet another shooting in Binghamton. I asked her if it was another English major gone haywire. She explained it was at an immigration center. I responded it must be open season on officers even though we do not have an office there. Sunbeam explained it was at a community center.

In these tough times it is more important than ever to maintain a sense of humor. For the record the killer at VT was in fact an English major. This was despite all the predictions that the Killer was an Engineering student who could not relate to humans and would benefit from more Chomsky, Marx and Menchu. Well if the media is going to make up insane theories based on its own agenda then my theory is no less inane. My theory is the killer was driven mad by studying the 17 rules of commas.

Of course the killer turned out to be an imigrant so the hate crime element just doesn't work. If this were under Bush the media would be playing up hopelessness of laid off workers. However,
under Obama the adgenda is to blame guns for the actions of the mentally ill.

Sunbeam is amazing. Some of us live their dreams, but she is better than any of my dreams.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting the Story Wrong

The story of the shooting in Upstate NY is once again being blamed on guns and American culture.This would be amusing except that the perpetrator was born in a Communist pest hole.
These types of crimes have occurred in Europe as well. There is an irritating tendency by those in Europe and in our traitorous left to view any event in America with hyper scrutiny while ignoring abhorrent behavior in sacred groups like Venezuela or Pseudostine.

An Asian immigrant from a Communist pest hole lost his job and massacred random people in an immigration center. We note the economic factor as in many of these tragedies such as the California IT pro that killed his entire family. It may be correct to note the bad economic times have pushed many people over the edge emotionally. Oddly, this is very likely the community resource that would have helped the killer.

This is an isolated tragedy that really says more about the state of our economy and people without hope.

The media ignores the crime waves caused by Hugo's crackhouse Communism. It conveniently ignores the cause of the lawlessness and the ineffectiveness of the social policies created by a meglomaniacal lunatic. The media similarly ignores the Pseuostinian Authority's in ability to create a viable economy. The lawlessness is blamed on everyone except the Pseudostinian's unwillingness to govern responsibly and create a working economy with law and order despite cash payments from all over the planet.

Friday, April 03, 2009

In the tank

There is considerable question if the MSM will do its job and report the news when it does not suit the Obama script. The ratings for FOX news have surged and some of that is that it is the only outlet that doesn't follow the hail Obama script.

People also forget GW Bush inherited a bad economy and up until around the last year things were
pretty good.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Workplace Violence

The recent spate of abducting CEO's in France is exactly the wrong tactic. The financial situation has driven some to desperate measures, but when the recession does lift where will the new investment go. France is already a lousy place to invest and suffered from slow growth even before the global recession.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Joy of Beakerkin

Sunbeam is ever a marvel and understands all the wonders of being a woman. Each time we spend together is better than the last. I feel like I am in my twenties and am amazed by the intense feelings she inspires. I thought such feelings were products of youthful naivete. However she can read me without me saying a word. I hold her and look into her eyes and we have conversations without a word being said. My eyes are bluish green and they change colors according to my mood.

At work it is always a mix of agony an ecstasy. Some of the children are real good kids. Yet every now and then one sees the dregs of humanity. It is no crime to be poor and this is not about class.There is more dignity in a family with three kids struggling to get by sometimes than with a rich spoiled family. The shared struggle and children being involved with supporting the family and going to Church together is a wonder. Criminality, always eats away at the joy as do fake marriages.

Love and family are special things and I understand not everyone is like Sunbeam and myself. Yet, there are times when one shakes your head at the folly of love. One sees opposites, childhood sweethearts, family friends a surprising amount of coworkers and even internet love sagas. Sometimes one has no idea what has clicked, but it has. Sometimes one sees couples that obviously won't make it, but there is almost a Don Quiote factor in love with a lost cause.

For me it is very simple, I want to spend the rest of my life making Sunbeam happy. I love her with all my heart and she is truly my soul mate. I can not buy her the mansion or the month of world travel. Yet I also know the things she treasures are the subtle things like the way I hold her, placing a blanket over her when she falls asleep studying, a heartfelt love poem, a walk in the rain and passion from the depths of my soul.

Sunbeam is who I always wanted to be with even from the earliest days. She has a very loving intense quality that comes from her soul. She was always very beautiful and has only grown more so with age. Yet mere beauty would never captivate my heart and inspire me so. Even the most beautiful with no connection would eventually bore me. I was always frightened that I was not religious enough, how her family would view me as a suitor as opposed to friend and that I would never earn enough to make her happy. I was wrong about all of those fears. All she ever wanted was an honest heartfelt love with a person who would treat her decently. I can't ever get those baubles, but like me she treasures that from the heart and soul.

I am blessed.