Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Perspective on Christmas

A Jewish man lives in a house with Hindu family and we celebrate Christmas. There are some that claim to speak for me
That think I have hatred in my heart towards Jesus. This is illogical as the fruits of the civilization we enjoy stem
From the teaching and values of Jesus.

Christ is the fulfillment of Judaic prophesies. Accepting Jesus is the mechanism that allows Gentiles to be part of that tradition. When and where one runs into those that hate Jews one is dealing with a toxic cult that infects religion even as it mocks it. This disease is by no means limited to Churches as political Marxist stooges mock faith they know nothing about.

Barry O is not the savior. He is an inept media and university elite foisted on America with great effort to conceal his flaws. He is a poor leader and part of the Cultural elite that castigated Christ. He reserves his animus for Christ by waffling PC Islam propaganda points.

True Christians are the backbones of their communities. They exude a grace that make those around them better people.
You serve Christ by building communities and extending a hand up to those in need.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Is Beckham gay

The NFL opened the door to some odd criticisms when it banned a certain stupid N word. That word has no place in a decent conversation. However, I am opposed to it being singled out among all slurs as solely above all other slurs. My point is that the NFL either had to ban all slurs or leave it alone.

I don't care if Odell is gay. We go through this every time an athlete has a stupid hairdo. Mike Piazza dies his hair
Blonde and the gay talk starts. Odell isn't doing himself any favors with the hairstyles that look worse than Dennis Rodmans.

Speculation about who is gay is not confined to bad hairstyles. There was a time when Troy Aikman was rumored to be gay. From his malaprop one can likely speculate on the number of concussions and it is a high number.

Beckham has been targeted for over the top abuse and he finally snapped. The league should look at all the games and
See a consistent pattern ignored by the NFL. Given the variety of cheap shots it is a miracle this didn't happen sooner.

The Panthers are a low class bunch and Beckham should have company sitting on the bench.

PS The idiot former owner of the Clippers dropped his lawsuit against the idiot Stiviano. Sorry but there is a word about a woman who exchanges sex for high priced gifts. Sorry but even in that line of work there is a code of honor.
I don't like Magic Johnson ever since he got a coach fired. I never bought the convenient smiles or the publicity notes.

On a holiday note, the economy is bad and sometimes there are food issues. I bought five cucumbers for the rabbit and the daughter claimed them. I bought chicken livers and eggs for Mr Maltese and the Mrs said no. Sometimes I use the same color bags as the leftovers for fresh meat so I can cook it later. The Mrs figured that trick out long ago. It is odd that there is plenty of food but not everyone eats everything. Somewhere the daughter figured out Turkey meatballs sauce and shredded mozzerella work. In fact Mr Maltese figured that one as well.

I tried unfamiliar produce but that doesn't work either. The Honeydew was gone before I sat down. Apparently Wax beans wasn't to difficult either. There are still items I am guaranteed to get because nobody else touches it. Only I eat Kielbasa. The Cheekie Kid likes a slice and oddly garlic mashed potatoes.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Frustration with Obama crating Trump bump

I am not a fan of Trump. He is all bluster and arrogance. He reminds me of Obama with an IQ or at least Obama if he put down the bong.

Obama is the worst President ever. He was media anointed and protected because he fit a dream. Elect a Black President and the nations sins will be expunged. The truth is Obama has more in common with the media elite than the
Guys down the block. Obama was raised by s Marxist White family educated at elite schools while using a racial narrative to self promote.

There is no evidence of any wedding or relationship of Barak Obama Sr. And hippie loser Dunham. There are no photos of such a wedding. There are no witnesses to the event in question. The only proof of such a relationship is the divorce certificate. To this date no record of such a union or witnesses or photos have ever been uncovered.

There were hysterical attempts by Obama to link himself to the Civil Rights era. Sorry but what was likely a one night stand gone awry has no connection to Selma. There is no evidence other than some anecdotes in an immigration file of any relationship between Dunham and Obama Sr. There are no photos of the couple or proof they lived together.

Rather than the spirit of Selma it was likely the aroma of Pot and beat literature that had more to do with the accident called Barak Obama II. This might seem harsh but the Obama facts have never come to the public while allegedly false stories of young Romney gay bashing were everywhere.

Obama has attempted to fuse the story of his fathers scholarship with JFK programs. Obama Sr arrived in the Eisenhower era and the scholarship may or may not be connected to Stalinist clown Paul Robeson. No credible story has ever gone into the financing of Obamas education. In fact he has made a mockery of programs designed for poor families not a pot head reject from Saved by the Bell. In truth the original fashionista was supposed to be Jewish. She was replaced by a black female fashionista. The programs were intended to help poor inner city and rural black youths get a hand up. Instead we get a Preppie from Honolulu who thought class was something to do between bong hits.

Trump is the anti Obama. He understands how to get things done. He is likely to be as imperial as Obama but not incompetent. The Obama legacy can be undone quickly with adult leadership. Let's start talking about Obama and his failed policies. Even the French are calling us weak.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

The joke is on us

Obama is about to pass into history and much of the media spin is about to come off. Expect personal biographical stuff that will raise your hair. The extent of the relationship with Ayers will be far closer than presumed .The antisemitic material will surpass Nixon.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015


The idea advocated by Trump while logical is neither practical nor legal. It isn't legal to exclude a whole religion from entering the USA. However, there needs to be a change in tone where Muslims understand that they are not victims.The United States owes nothing to Muslims. It owes no double talk about a Jim Crow culture that is religious
Totalitarianism and gender apartheid.

We need to be less concerned about stepping on toes. Freedom of Speech including the right is part of our birthright.
If you can't or don't want to hear Islam criticized you may emigrate.

I am with Cruz. Tear up Obama Care and the Iran Treaty.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Let's Blame The Victim

Once again lefties have found a way to tie talk radio into a shooting. A victim was a messianic Jew who listened to Shaun Hannity.,You will never see Israel.The killer was not complaining about Limbaugh when he massacred his coworkers. Of course the victim deserved to get shot for not accepting Obama as the savior.

I have come to believe Messianic Jews are more Jewish in style and substance than the other cult Jews for Obama or the corrupt mendicant Satmar.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Into Every Life

The Beavis and Butthead managers of the office are departing. The brains of the duo is leaving for the private sector. It will take her employer about a month to realize she is incompetent. She has the Machiaveli bit down pat but as she ages it will be harder to disarm her critics with beauty.

Her witless toady is off on a detail for years and I wouldn't expect her back ever. Her support system will not be with her. She was faced with entering a hornets nest of her adversaries and jumped. I pointed out that her power was on the wane. I was to be traded and engineered an escape which the crony endorsed. Who needs a relentless foe in their midst. My boss killed the move and had another team member sent out. He made his case and defeated the crony on her turf.

I want to point out that unlike her I went into the lions den and survived. The problem was as a skilled survivor every two bit punk wants a name. The very top bosses know I am inclined to walk away quietly. Much of my day is spent
On the front lines and teaching.

The top bosses and lower bosses are fans. The local attorneys also went to bat for me as well. The problem was I don't tolerate incompetence and cronyism. I also stand by fallen peers. The crony thought she could take me out but I out witted her multiple times. In the end when she was walking into the vipers den our interests coincided. I do not need her scalp on my wall. I would rather someone else. Do the job. My supervisor outsmarted both of us and I tip my hat. He reminds me every day why I chose to hang my hat on his team. Besides where else can I get away with singing Jeremiah was a Bullfrog and Angel is the Centerfold. Harmless musical memories between interviews.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Death Spirals

This post is not an attack on Obama policies. The greatest flaw of Obama is his inability to plan and develop effective programs. Obama care is about to enter a phase where remind go through the roof and insurers leave the market. The reality is the quality is worse and choices are reduced for most Americans.

On immigration I support some of the principles of the Obama initiatives. Going after hardcore criminals first makes sense. My issues is not understanding the impact of his policies on staffing has lead to sweatshop conditions for workers and an improperly served public.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

A bombing campaign will never defeat ISIS

Obama is a stupid pothead whose ignorance at times is monumental. Unfortunately the best he can do is wait for a grown adult or even a more manly Hillary to come up with a real policy. Sending the brain impaired Gomer Kerry accomplishes nothing.

ISIS apparently raises funds Lois Lerner style. They tax and raise fees and function like a more competent version of the IRS. This is because ISIS unlike most terrorist groups and the Obama administration has a sound business plan. They do not provide Obama phones or Obama care for the locals. Perhaps Gomer Kerry in between his endless reminders he served in Vietnam before knifing his fellow vets in the back could assist ISIS in building day care centers.

Unfortunately, the complex finances means nothing short of an invasion is going to diminish ISIS. It has little structures that can be bombed and taking up real estate is the only option to defeat it. It is a far greater danger to Assad and the Alawites who face genocide and the Iranian proxies Hezbollah than anyone else.

Obama won't protect the Kurds or even deal with the double game being played by his Turkish madman friend. In reality
he would have gained leverage has he allowed Putin to spank Turkey. Turkey has been an unreliable ally and should be tossed out of NATO. NATO really has no reason to exist and the US should only defend worthy allies like Poland, the U.K. and Italy. There is irony in the left having a poster child President that is more feckless than France when they need us. Hollande should address his countries past cliche anti Americanism.

No progress can be made while a pothead pretender plays Bill and Ted in the White House.