Friday, December 30, 2011

Paulites Out of the Party

Most of us signed onto the party of Reagan. The notion that the genial welcoming conservative would allow his party to be polluted with toxic elements like the Ron Paul freak show is an assault on the good name of Republicans everywhere.

Paul is responsible for the racist, homophobic and anti semitic news letters written in his name. He plays the doddering fool bit to the max, claiming that support from racial arsonists, Nazis, Commies, Truthers and anti semites is accidental. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Holocaust Deniers, Truthers, Racists and communists.

When you go to the soap nchallenged OWS events you do not see Newt or Santorum followers unless they are there chanting "Go Home Nerds or Get a Job." Funny, but the Paultards claim that they are the true conservatives while waxing oiff about labotimized Neocon/ Jewish conspiracies. Funny, but we do not see Mark Levin books at OWS events with Communists and Anarchist freaks by the score, we see the Paultards making common cause with Code Pinkos.

Unlike the dodering fool Paul Newt and the other candidates do not have followers that wax on about evil Abe Lincoln, US involvement in WW 2 against the Nazis, rationalize the joys of the confederacy, rationalize thug regimes in Iran and Gaza. Newt could articulate well informed responses and the others have no tollerance for freaks.

There are those who mistakenly think Paulites will pull votes from the GOP. Actually hard core Jew haters, Commies and mentally unballanced people are more likely to vote for Barry O.

Paultards out of the GOP.

Note Kelly Clarkson has spent much time explaining to her fans she does not support Pauls homophobia. Glenn Beck spent days explaining he never endorsed Ron Paul and this is not surprising given that an army of Soros freaks twist everything he says.

I will support anyone but Ron Paul. If he is on the ticket or administration in any way I will stay home and seriously consider voting for Obama on election day.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guyana round two

I am planning a return to the jungle in August. The new computer is very light. As I will be traveling deep into the jungle I will have to communicate by internet. I will blog from deep in the jungle this time. I am also going to possibly detour into Suriname.

This may sound funny but actually I am far safer in the jungle than in the family compound. I would sooner take my chances with a local crocadilian than a criminal. I will see if I can round up some fishing gear. It is not a popular sport in Guyana.

Death of a Party.

Many of us lived an illusion. We lived in an insular community where all the bad guys wore a D on their sleves and we could count on the folks with the R to be adults. This is no longer the case and I am considering dropping my party affiliation over the antics of Ron Paul.

My party used to stand for something. We could count on our party to respect our traditions and keep the loons in the other party. Ron Paul and his band of Truthers, Jew haters and racial power kooks are in our tent. I want no part of a party that tolerates anyone from Stormfront or Code Pink.

The racist Newsletters are an old story that is seeing newsprint now. The goofy comments about the Holocaust and idiot version of history is old news. Will the media now discuss the evil Abe Lincoln garbage, truthers in the midst of the Paulbots and Neoconfederacy fantasies of the Paul Crowd.

Ron Paul has done something I never thought possible. Paul makes Barak Obama seem like a better alternative.

Ron Paul and his freakshow followers need to leave the party. Let them run as a third party . I would rather lose with an honorable candidate like Newt or a functional one like Romney so long as we keep the freakshow followers out of the party.

Sorry Paulbots, but Mark Levin is 100% right about you side show rejects. A vote for Paul is an insult for our parties traditions and values.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Still trying to get my comments working at the Pagan Temple. The New computer is faster but leaves much to be desired. It is small enough for me to carry into the jungle for my next adventure into Guyana.

I plan on traveling down the Berbice River to some remote Indian settlements. I also plan on installing a NYC prewar flush toilet in the families home in Murphy Dam. I am looking for granite tiles for the bathroom. After I am done the bathroom might be worth more than the rest of the place.

Still with Newt

The question of if any of these GOP Candidates is electable remains to be seen. Other than Ron Paul they are all better than the mindless Obama.

Newt Gingrich has articulated a basic truth about Palestine. There is no such animal as a Palestinian. There are people who live there much like the residents of NJ with less history and less achievement. However, the notion that there is a NJ nationality is ludicrious given that the residents of NJ are not that different from adjacent areas. The residents of NJ are almost entirely unrelated to Deleware Indians. The residents of NJ are mostly peaceful and do not go around smacking planes into office buildings and blowing up pizzerias. You may get an arson or two for insurance from some criminal but that is it.

The Palestine obsession on the left is a polite way for folks like Ducky to say death to the Jews without a Nazi logo. No doubt there are honest people on the left like Jams who wants to see genuine peace in the Middle East. The way you tell the difference between the honest Jams and the obsessed Ducky is tone and frequency. You never ever hear disrespect for the Holocaust or Jew/Nazi comparisons from Jams. In fact you never hear anything resembling a racial or ethnic slur from Jams. You hear those regularly from Ducky who thinks it is okay to call Black politicians he does not like Aunt Jemimah.

Now some of you point out that many of those on the left who are the most rabid Pseudostinian
advocates have Jewish ancestry. Norman Finklestein leaves out that he was a Maoist and calls himself a Green. Noam Chomsky calls himself an anarchist who stews in a hatred of Capitalism
24/7 while wearing Pom Poms for Pol Pot. If you go down the list you will see anarchists, communists, Marxists and Greens. Their worldview makes any claim of Judaism secondary to overthrowing Capitalism.

Now there are some of you out there who point out the Paulites do not fit this description. Paulites do make common cause with Communists and Anarchists at Nuremberg style Peace Protests and the soap challenged Occupy Events.

In reality we may go down the drain like Goldwater with Newt. The media will be attacking 24/7
and covering up the Obama record. Newt or whomever else must ask has Obama done anything.
Do you feel America becoming an economic disaster? What has Obama actually done in four years?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Beakerkin Christmas

I have spent the last few days with my HIndu family in Queens. Oddly they celebrate Christmas, in a traditional way. I thought I had a dream of my daughter pestering me in my sleep that she wants an XBox 360. Apparently it was no dream, but I was so tired I thought it was. I got the item this morning.

I have spent the last few days giving my own special Christmas gifts to families in need. There were two families in my office crying about the best Christmas ever. Sometimes we need to do a little exta to kick it through the uprights. In one case I told the lawyer to write a brief, but the authority said no. I wrote my own brief to our experts and kicked a 53 yarder dead center with room to spare. It isn't much really, but seeing the family so happy made the three hours of work worth it.

I will be on line more often when I work the kinks out of my new computer.

On a normal Christmas I hear thank you officer for the best Christmas ever at least once a year.
I heard it four times this year. Either means I had a good year or delusions of grandeur. Those moments are everything to this officer.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mr B is correct

I should not be surprised at the foresight of Mr. B in jumping on the Newt Bandwagon. Newt's comments about a contrived people are a welcome bit of fresh air. The time has come to examine the serious damage to the planet created by the sons of Marx and contriving fake indigenous people while spitting on actual ones is not even at the top of their rap sheet.

The world needs a leader who will state the truth to the problems crreated by the left. Newt had the best description of the OWS morons paraphrased "bad ideas pushed by a bad educational system".

Mr B and Sonia were ahead off the curve on this one.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Free Speech and Occupy Madness

The pictures of a deranged retired Philadelphia police Captain in uniform being arrested in NYC at a Communist/ Anarchist hatefest were in all the local papers. The publicity whore loser is upset because he has been warned that he will forfiet his pension if he continues to disgrace his former employer by demonstrating in uniform.

This senseible ruling from Philadelphia reminds us that the deranged Captain is not prevented from protesting as a civilian. He is being warned about exploiting his position and giving a false appearance that his idiocy is endorsed by the Police Officers in Philly.

Bravo to Philly

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Posting will be sporadic while I deal with some employment issues. I am on a regular detail until the end of March that is about as popular as when the doctor takes out his white glove and says this will hurt you only for seconds. What is particularly irritating is that management says this program is very popular with the employees. It annoys us when we do it so badly people have retired to avoid it and it causes every person remaining to have increased work loads.

I can't say I am happy with the rise of Newt. This will be a disaster in November as the Bolshevik MSM will pull up old ethics charges and talk of the shut down. The fact that Marie Antionette Obama has fiddled while the economy burned and stoked class warfare with his proxies in the Occupy Movement will be lost in the coverage.

The Occupy Movement is gone. I did enjoy my chorus of Nerds Go Home and Parasite Trustfundistas of the world Unite you have nothing to lose but you Apple Products.