Friday, December 30, 2011

Paulites Out of the Party

Most of us signed onto the party of Reagan. The notion that the genial welcoming conservative would allow his party to be polluted with toxic elements like the Ron Paul freak show is an assault on the good name of Republicans everywhere.

Paul is responsible for the racist, homophobic and anti semitic news letters written in his name. He plays the doddering fool bit to the max, claiming that support from racial arsonists, Nazis, Commies, Truthers and anti semites is accidental. A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Holocaust Deniers, Truthers, Racists and communists.

When you go to the soap nchallenged OWS events you do not see Newt or Santorum followers unless they are there chanting "Go Home Nerds or Get a Job." Funny, but the Paultards claim that they are the true conservatives while waxing oiff about labotimized Neocon/ Jewish conspiracies. Funny, but we do not see Mark Levin books at OWS events with Communists and Anarchist freaks by the score, we see the Paultards making common cause with Code Pinkos.

Unlike the dodering fool Paul Newt and the other candidates do not have followers that wax on about evil Abe Lincoln, US involvement in WW 2 against the Nazis, rationalize the joys of the confederacy, rationalize thug regimes in Iran and Gaza. Newt could articulate well informed responses and the others have no tollerance for freaks.

There are those who mistakenly think Paulites will pull votes from the GOP. Actually hard core Jew haters, Commies and mentally unballanced people are more likely to vote for Barry O.

Paultards out of the GOP.

Note Kelly Clarkson has spent much time explaining to her fans she does not support Pauls homophobia. Glenn Beck spent days explaining he never endorsed Ron Paul and this is not surprising given that an army of Soros freaks twist everything he says.

I will support anyone but Ron Paul. If he is on the ticket or administration in any way I will stay home and seriously consider voting for Obama on election day.


The Pagan Temple said...

Beak, stop worrying about Ron Paul. He might win the Iowa caucuses, maybe a primary or two, but in the long run, he is going to be a factor in only one regard, and that is in helping Romney secure the nomination quicker than he ordinarily would. And make no mistake about it, Romney is going to be the GOP nominee.

All the backroom deals have done been decided. Right down to who is going to be the Deputy Assistant Undersecretary of Commerce, all the way down to who is going to be the Assistant Ambassador to Albania. Ir's a done deal, my friend.

Anybody else getting the nomination, while not strictly impossible, is let's just say highly fucking unlikely at the very least. It would be messy and disruptive should the darling elites that run the stupid party have to recalibrate their expectations, even for a presumptive nominee that would ordinarily fit in with their expectations, such as a Santorum or Huntsman.

So, in the event there is not a major revolt among the rank-and-file, Mitt Will Be It, despite all the current hubbub and on-going assertions to the contrary. Sort of like a woman screaming no while she is in the middle of being raped. Only when Mitt gets us down and sticks his dick in, certain ones of us here, and they know who they are, will swear that they love it, while others of us will just learn to deal with the trauma.

Otherwise there's not a fucking thing we can do about it.

Always On Watch said...

Today I read something about Ron Paul voicing support of OWS.

I will absolutely not vote for Obama. But would I vote for Ron Paul? No.

If I have to sit out the 2012 election, I'm going to be one pissed off, scorched earth ranter.

Always On Watch said...

Honestly, though, I don't think that Ron Paul will get the GOP nomination. When news gets out that Klansman David Duke supports Ron Paul, the GOP will back down from ever letting Paul on the national ticket.

Alligator said...

Paul has the support David Duke, the various branches of the KKK, the American Nazi Party, Code Pink and now he endorses the anarchists and Marxists who make up OWS. He's fine with a nuclear armed Iran, after all, it's not the Shias or Sunnis in the Middle East who create problems, its the Israelis. He absolutely echos the sentiments of Leon Panetta and the rest of the 0 administration. He has stated that it was wrong to kill Al-Alwaki because he was an American citizen. Al-Alwaki left the USA, joined a terrorist organization in a foreign land and plotted and facilitated the murder of American citizens. What would Paul have don, send a team of FBI agents to Yemen with an arrest warrant? I'm sure that would work well, not to mention the circus of a civil trial if they even managed to get to him. Not to mention, 9/11 was inside job or the chickens coming home to roost, which sounds like Jeremiah Wright.

So in the face of all this incontrovertible and mounting daily evidence - the Paulbots constantly tell us he is a Constitutionalist, the only true conservative. Give me a break! True conservatism doesn't align with liberal Democrats and far left idealogy. It also doesn't tolerate racists and skinheads, yet I've never heard Paul publicly and emphatically denounce the Klukkers and Nazis and say "I don't want support form the likes of you!" No, I've only heard a tepid, "Those aren't necessarily my views."

Paul doesn't have a prayer. The only reason he is still in the game because the Democrat controlled media wants to gin up drama in Republican ranks. When it no longer suits their needs, they will expose every little questionable and nutty thing Paul has ever said and done.

beamish said...

Ron Paul is a left-wing Euro-socialist entitlement junkie