Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Still with Newt

The question of if any of these GOP Candidates is electable remains to be seen. Other than Ron Paul they are all better than the mindless Obama.

Newt Gingrich has articulated a basic truth about Palestine. There is no such animal as a Palestinian. There are people who live there much like the residents of NJ with less history and less achievement. However, the notion that there is a NJ nationality is ludicrious given that the residents of NJ are not that different from adjacent areas. The residents of NJ are almost entirely unrelated to Deleware Indians. The residents of NJ are mostly peaceful and do not go around smacking planes into office buildings and blowing up pizzerias. You may get an arson or two for insurance from some criminal but that is it.

The Palestine obsession on the left is a polite way for folks like Ducky to say death to the Jews without a Nazi logo. No doubt there are honest people on the left like Jams who wants to see genuine peace in the Middle East. The way you tell the difference between the honest Jams and the obsessed Ducky is tone and frequency. You never ever hear disrespect for the Holocaust or Jew/Nazi comparisons from Jams. In fact you never hear anything resembling a racial or ethnic slur from Jams. You hear those regularly from Ducky who thinks it is okay to call Black politicians he does not like Aunt Jemimah.

Now some of you point out that many of those on the left who are the most rabid Pseudostinian
advocates have Jewish ancestry. Norman Finklestein leaves out that he was a Maoist and calls himself a Green. Noam Chomsky calls himself an anarchist who stews in a hatred of Capitalism
24/7 while wearing Pom Poms for Pol Pot. If you go down the list you will see anarchists, communists, Marxists and Greens. Their worldview makes any claim of Judaism secondary to overthrowing Capitalism.

Now there are some of you out there who point out the Paulites do not fit this description. Paulites do make common cause with Communists and Anarchists at Nuremberg style Peace Protests and the soap challenged Occupy Events.

In reality we may go down the drain like Goldwater with Newt. The media will be attacking 24/7
and covering up the Obama record. Newt or whomever else must ask has Obama done anything.
Do you feel America becoming an economic disaster? What has Obama actually done in four years?


The Pagan Temple said...

Let's wait and see what happens after Iowa. Most people there haven't made up their minds, and there's always a chance Santorum or Bachmann could outperform expectations. Whoever gets the GOP nomination, I'm voting for them, no matter how much I might dislike them, though I would really have to hold my nose to vote for Paul. I just don't think he could get the nomination. Somebody would do something to prevent that.

If Paul runs on the third party though, I disagree with those who say it would help Obama. He would probably pull more votes from Obama than the GOP. Paul's followers won't vote for anybody else but Paul, so if he doesn't get the nomination, they would be more likely to either vote Democrat out of spite, or Libertarian, or not at all.

So if he run third party of course they'd vote for him, but they would have never voted for another Republican to begin with. And if he did get the GOP nomination, there are more Republicans who would bolt the party than there are Paultards who would vote for it. One things for sure, no real Republican will vote for Ron Paul on a third party ticket even if the party nominates somebody a lot of Republicans don't really like, like Huntsman.

I just don't see him being a factor past the primaries, and then all he will accomplish is help the front runner, probably Mitt, sew up the nomination a lot faster, depending on how often he comes in second or third ahead of who the second or third place finisher might ordinarily be without him there.

beamish said...

Iowa is much ado about nothing, in a traditionally left-wingish state (Henry Wallace? Harold Hughes? Tom Harkin?)

The winner of most of Iowa's 28 GOP delegates (that's 28 out of the 1,144 needed to clinch the national party nomination, a fraction shy of 3% of the requirement, and that will be split between 3 to four candidates...) will have the inside track on getting a contributor's job at Fox News.

It really isn't that big of a deal who wins Iowa. All it will do is narrow the field and force the self-aware poseurs out.