Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mr B is correct

I should not be surprised at the foresight of Mr. B in jumping on the Newt Bandwagon. Newt's comments about a contrived people are a welcome bit of fresh air. The time has come to examine the serious damage to the planet created by the sons of Marx and contriving fake indigenous people while spitting on actual ones is not even at the top of their rap sheet.

The world needs a leader who will state the truth to the problems crreated by the left. Newt had the best description of the OWS morons paraphrased "bad ideas pushed by a bad educational system".

Mr B and Sonia were ahead off the curve on this one.


beamish said...


Z said...

It doesn't matter how right anybody was....there's no way Newt can win over enough Indies to win.
The media will annihilate ANYBODY the Republicans put up, but Newt's too easy.

Always On Watch said...

Newt does have his flaws (I'm not referring to his sexual foibles). But his recent statements about the Pseudostinians are a breath of the fresh air of truth.

beamish said...

Please, Z.

You don't have to be out-of-touch all the time.

Newt is SURGING among independents.

Beau's Mom said...

I just wish his name wasn't "Newt".

Always On Watch said...

Are you okay?

Z said...

beamish, I'm hardly out of touch, and you know it.
One poll...congratulations.

beamish said...


That's "one poll" from one of, if not "the" most historically accurate polling organization in American politics. And, actually, it's not "one poll" but an aggregation of polling over a month.

Everyone can find a poll that will say whatever they want it to say.

Rasmussen and Ipsos usually only come up with accurate pictures and forecasts with their polling.

Though his poll numbers are currently withering under relentless TV ads in Iowa as Bachmann, Paul, and Romney hammer home to the state that gave us Henry Wallace, Harold Hughes, and Tom Harkin that Gingrich is no where near left-wing enough for Iowa, nationally Gingrich currently retains his hold on actual conservatives and the majority of independents.

Big picture is, he'll probably place second or third in Iowa behind Romney, and the field will slim down considerably as the joke candidacies (Bachmann, Perry) drop out of the race.