Thursday, December 29, 2011

Guyana round two

I am planning a return to the jungle in August. The new computer is very light. As I will be traveling deep into the jungle I will have to communicate by internet. I will blog from deep in the jungle this time. I am also going to possibly detour into Suriname.

This may sound funny but actually I am far safer in the jungle than in the family compound. I would sooner take my chances with a local crocadilian than a criminal. I will see if I can round up some fishing gear. It is not a popular sport in Guyana.


Alligator said...

Beak, have the locals find you some black caiman to photograph. Try fishing for piranha or pacu with light gear, but use a wire leader. Wrap them in leaves and bake in the fire, then just peel off the skin and pick the meat off the bones.

As far as getting in the water, be careful. Caiman and piranha are not as big a threat as the anacondas or electric eels. Candiru catfish are nasty, vile little parasitic buggers in the Amazon. I don't know if they range into Guyana and Suriname though.

beakerkin said...

I will be traveling mostly on the Berbice with some stops on the Mahica, Canjee and Cotoyenne. The later is in Suriname and costs an extra $100.

If the locals can find it they cook it. The exception is the Canjee Pheasant that smells and tastes too bad to eat.

Always On Watch said...

This may sound funny but actually I am far safer in the jungle than in the family compound.

What to say to THAT?

Alligator said...

In the compound you're easy to acquire, a sitting duck. In the jungle, Beak can just sort of "blend in" and become invisible. Of course, he's probably going in with full camo and face paint. I imagine he'll repel out of the MH-X advanced stealth chopper. Whisper mode at night. The drug lords will never hear him coming.

beakerkin said...


In the compound I am indeed a sitting duck. The local police are super aggressive.

Guyana is a messed up place that the entire population with two fanily exceptions wants to depart.
I am percieved to hold the knowledge to depart or am a ticket out. Women throw themselves at you in front of family members. I was bothered non stop by visitors whom the family barely knew.

The criminal element in Guyana is no laughing matter. I also left specific instructions that no ransom is to be paid under any circumstances.

In the jungle, I have the element of surprise. Nobody would ever dream of looking for me down river.
I would be mistaken for mostly EU type of bird watchers rather than an American. The jungle is so thick getting to me would require an enormous expense and timne. Defense in the jungle is easy as the place is so immense.

Sadly, even the family was less than honest about bringing me there. My girlfriend had a niece with a legal problem that I took care of. They were too poor to get a competent local lawyer. I straigtened the mess up and she was reunited with her husband two months after I left. She has allready had a child oddly given my middle name spelled incorrectly.

The locals do tend to listen to the holy man. The local pundit supposedly told her to seek aid from family not professionals.

Alligator said...

Beak, while I am being a little humorous with posting. It is all tongue in check. Geography is a bit of a hobby so I know Guyana as well as most of Latin America is no place for to travel lightly. But then neither is Detroit, South Central LA and for a country bumpkin like me, most of NYC. Stay safe, Need you to come back so I can watch more gunfights between you and Ducky.