Thursday, December 29, 2011

Death of a Party.

Many of us lived an illusion. We lived in an insular community where all the bad guys wore a D on their sleves and we could count on the folks with the R to be adults. This is no longer the case and I am considering dropping my party affiliation over the antics of Ron Paul.

My party used to stand for something. We could count on our party to respect our traditions and keep the loons in the other party. Ron Paul and his band of Truthers, Jew haters and racial power kooks are in our tent. I want no part of a party that tolerates anyone from Stormfront or Code Pink.

The racist Newsletters are an old story that is seeing newsprint now. The goofy comments about the Holocaust and idiot version of history is old news. Will the media now discuss the evil Abe Lincoln garbage, truthers in the midst of the Paulbots and Neoconfederacy fantasies of the Paul Crowd.

Ron Paul has done something I never thought possible. Paul makes Barak Obama seem like a better alternative.

Ron Paul and his freakshow followers need to leave the party. Let them run as a third party . I would rather lose with an honorable candidate like Newt or a functional one like Romney so long as we keep the freakshow followers out of the party.

Sorry Paulbots, but Mark Levin is 100% right about you side show rejects. A vote for Paul is an insult for our parties traditions and values.


diamond dave said...

All Ron Paul is capable of is siphoning away enough votes from legitimate Republican candidates so that Obama is guaranteed a second term.

Ducky's here said...

Yeah, it's gotten so bad that the Iowa dupes are touting L'il Ricky Retardo as the new "not Romney".

They've emptied the clown car.

I stopped paying attention when Herman took a dixie. The fun is out of that sideshow. The party of Saint Ronnie Raygun has finished its logical evolution.

Giuliani/Snooki 2012

beakerkin said...


If Paul is continued to make a mockery of the GOP then we stand for nothing. I remember being 18 and proudly joining the party of Reagan. Has anyone reminded Paul that he left the GOP protesting Reagan's policies.

If Paul and his band of bigots and freaks are allowed to remain than my party stands for nothing. It is better we should lose and stand for something like Goldwater than permit this evil in our midsts.

Do not be so certain that Paul doesn't drain votes for Obama. I saw zero Newt fans at Occupy events but plenty of Paultards.


Are you still crying because you didn't get the job as North Korean clown prince. Orwell had it right when he described the pigs walking on two legs. You are merely an advocate of a death cult monarchism with a 24/7 pr campaign.

beamish said...

The inevitable Obama vs. Gingrich matchup is going to fall into a certain predictable category:

A black man calling a white man's wife a whore


"Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?"

The Gingrich landslide victory will be epic.

Alligator said...

Beak - isn't it intriguing that Paul counts among his supporters David Duke, Code Pink, the KKK, the American Nazi Party and of course Stormfront? When I run into a Paul supporter I have them pegged in the first minute of conversation. "How did you you know I support Dr. Paul?"

So will you be hacking your way through the jungles of Guyana soon?

Duck - I actually like your analogy of emptying the clown car.