Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Posting will be sporadic while I deal with some employment issues. I am on a regular detail until the end of March that is about as popular as when the doctor takes out his white glove and says this will hurt you only for seconds. What is particularly irritating is that management says this program is very popular with the employees. It annoys us when we do it so badly people have retired to avoid it and it causes every person remaining to have increased work loads.

I can't say I am happy with the rise of Newt. This will be a disaster in November as the Bolshevik MSM will pull up old ethics charges and talk of the shut down. The fact that Marie Antionette Obama has fiddled while the economy burned and stoked class warfare with his proxies in the Occupy Movement will be lost in the coverage.

The Occupy Movement is gone. I did enjoy my chorus of Nerds Go Home and Parasite Trustfundistas of the world Unite you have nothing to lose but you Apple Products.


Ducky's here said...

They're trying to get you to quit again.

Always On Watch said...

Whew! I was wondering why you weren't posting regularly.

Newt may or may not be a disaster. He won't be if the electorate reaches the 1980 tipping point: "anybody but the guy we have now." I doubt that Reagan could have won against any other incumbent.