Sunday, May 31, 2015

Creation of a Myth

There are those of us who read the familiar portrayal of Ty Cobb as a racist. It turns out none of this was true, but don't look for Ken Burns to apologize anytime soon. Burns added political spin to his documentary and did no independent research on Conb.

The era of Jackie Robinson is more complex than generally presented. Blacks were banned from baseball. Yet the stories of Jews being banned from hotels, country clubs and passed over at elite universities for fear of over representation was very real. Other groups faced similar obstacles including job description stimulation. In essence part of the problem is it is not presented as part of a larger story. Robinson was one of many people who broke glass ceilings.

The story of the Jewish resorts is part of the story. Jews were excluded from resorts and country clubs. They built a parallel series of resorts and bungalow colonies in the Carskills. Similarly Blacks were excluded and they built a negro league. Of course excluding anyone on the basis of race or religion is wrong, but it was s reality in that time period. In the world of Ty Cobb. Ex slaves and confederates were neighbors. Veterans of Indian wars were telling tales to children.

Cobb was no Red neck. He appears to have treated many with decency.

Times were different then and so was baseball. It was more of a carnival wrestling type of experience. In the earliest days players fixed games. They went on barnstorming tours and played all types of people in the off season including negro leaguers.

Babe Ruth changed the game with his moon shot home runs and Paul Bunyan like persona. The challenge of baseball in the modern era is to reinvent itself as family fun with players that are loveable. In an era of free agency it is rare that a team has an icon who stays in uniform for ten years or more. The big money and the steroids ruined the
Game. I couldn't pick Mike Trout out of s police line up.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

A cold day in hell

Due to a massive sick out I am back at my old job for a limited run. Of course one of the cases is really bad. Then again it seems poetic that on my first moment back it wouldn't be easy. It isn't like I haven't done this before and worse. The new officers I have been training are excited to see me in action. I pointed out I was an officer in good standing before the politics moved me into other areas. I find it odd that the first officer to be cross tasked is the one that's been away for more than a year. Don't understand why every time they announce a change the first person sent over the hill is me.

I didn't like being sent over the hill first, but it seems to be in the cards. I just need some theme music like the opening to Rio Lobo or the Shootist.

Then again when I returned to action I expected it wouldn't be easy. I agreed to go back to work with my old boss. I did not expect to be trail blazing. What makes this more bizzare is I am starting in a script I wrote for management.

It will be ten years this week. A small raise of 4k is my anniversary present.

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Seventies Film and Society

The follow up to the previous post mostly about the seventies.

We discussed the work of Woody Strode.

The seventies represented a time of change in the way Blacks were portrayed in film and Television. There had been racist shows that laughed at Blacks. Sanford and Son was entirely something different. Sanford was the loveable quick
Buck dreamer in a pattern like SGT Bilko. The cast was almost entirely Black with the exception of a Puerto Rican neighbor and an inept White Cop. Sanford had a revolving cast of friends mostly Grady and Bubba. The sister in law Aunt Esther stole every scene she was in as the religious woman with an alcoholic, but loving husband.

In many ways Sanford and Son and Good Times were more realistic than the Brady Bunch. Times were tough in the seventies and the poor imperfect families struggling to get by were more believable than the manicured Brady family.
One of the charming features of All in the Family is that often you would see financial issues impact the Bunker Family.

Up until then the focus of TV was either more rural people and or cookie cutter families. In many ways, we could relate more to the Sanford home than the Bewitched home.

In the seventies Black men could be anything. They could be proud and cerebral like Rosce Lee Browne. They could be heroic like Jim Brown. They could be erudite, charming and hysterical like Bill Cosby. They could be Americas younger
Brother Gary Coleman. They could be the successful mirror image of Archie Bunker.

In essence the seventies changed the perception of race in America. This change happens without in your face preaching. It happens when superior talents in acting and writing are given the opportunity to portray a changing country.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beak and Poultry in a discussion of film and time

The Duck and I are going to discuss film and time. Woody Strode probably is not well known by the General public under 55. He comes to the screen in a transitional time period before and during the Civil Rights era. As someone whose earliest memories were right after the Civil Rights era Strode was in many ways ahead of his time.

Woody Strode comes along at a time where America itself was in transition. The question of the role of Black people in film and society was changing. This was way before Wesley Snipes could save the day and lead a film. It is at a time when having Sidney Potier chained to Tony Curtis in a film as equals on screen was novel.

Now the Duck can point to the abomination Paul Robeson. Yes Robeson did lead films meant for the general public. There is plenty of doubt that his vile political views got him opportunities that were not available to Blacks at the time. He also had a cult like following of losers and Jerks.

Strode was as tall as John Wayne. His magic was whether he was acting with Gregory Peck, Jeffey Hunter, Kirk Douglas or whomever he looked like he belonged on the screen . His I am here because I belong here and dignity is evident in his roles. In essence Jim Brown has this quality in the Dirty Dozen and subsequent films. He isn't just part of the. Scenery or taking up space like Van Heflin.

He was someone you could respect and sympathize with even when he comes into conflict with larger stars like Peck and Kirk Douglas.

This conversation will continue with more on seventies culture. Obama has made politics a painful bore.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

They didn't forget

my family fooled me into thinking they forgot we had a Guyana themed party with Ducky Curry and bora. My granddaughters came over as did the neighbors while I was tinkering with a swifter. It was nice to see Rio Lobo as I saw it as a todket at the Liberty Drive in Upstate, John Wayne Jack Elam Bob Exidor Donner and Sheri Lansing.

John Wayne's last ten films tend to get played a lot

As much fun as I had I miss the Cheekie kid.she will be back Sunday.

I do give the mrs Credit. Normally she tosses whatever I buy into a pile for later use. Dawn gets used right away as does Tide. As I am getting 20 percent off at Rite Aide it is usually reasonable. I gave the daughter in law my extras
As sometimes buy too much and I give my daughter in law extra Mr Clean.

I will do some unusual posts tommorow while the Editrix is here on Westerns. Once again the Duck will need to explain
Why I don't get Van Heflin. I understand most of Hollywood. Yet I am at a loss to understand the appeal. The Duck and I will discuss Woody Strode. I like strode and think he plays characters with a natural edge. In essence had he come later he would have been huge.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Beakerkin favorite war films

In time for Memorial Day

1) Midway Charlton Heston in perhaps his least appreciated film role.

2) The longest Day John Wayne, Red Buttons, Robert Mitchum, Eddy Alberto, Sean
Connery, Richard Burton

3) Bridge at Remagen George Seagal, Ben Gazara, EG Marshall
4) Where Eagles Dare Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton
5) The Great Escape Steve McQueen, David McCallum, James Coburn, Charles Bronson, James Garmer and more
6) The Dirty Dozen Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Jim Brown, Donald Sutherland and more
7) The Battle of The Bulge historically inaccurate but fun to watch
8) The Sands of Iwo Jima The Duke and Forrest Tucker.
9$ Pork Chip Hill
10) Kelly's Heroes Eastwood, Savalas, Rickles, Carol OConnor and Uncle Leo from Seinfeld. Lots of fun

Now some of you might ponder why Saving Private Ryan and the Vietnam Films did not make the cut.
I prefer the old school actors and ensemble casts. Bridge over the River Kwai is a great film, but I won't watch it multiple times. Heartbreak Ridge is underrated and fun. The Buccaneer with Heston and Yul Brynner could have easily made the list.

May 26 Guyana Independence Day

On May 26, 1966 the nation of Guyana declared its independence from the UK. Up to north the favorite son of Guyana was born on the second day of the Jewish holiday of Shavout. In a pattern that was to last a lifetime he was typically early. By the time his father had parked the car the whole drama was over. May 26 is also the birthday of John Wayne and James Arness.

The connection with Guyana is a profound matter. It is a wonderful land, spoiled by corrupt Marxist incompetents. The jungles are a fascinating place beautiful and deadly at the same time. The most deadly animal in Guyana is the local populace, but that can be said about most places.

I am spending time with my parents. I am blessed to have them into their eighties. As much as I love my parents being a father and grandfather are even better. I miss the Cherkie kid who will be back soon. I was with the daughter and we watched Kelly's Heroes. She found the box of Almond Joy in one of the scenes. I am wondering when is the last time I even saw one in a store.

My ten year anniversary as an officer is June 4. The blog preceded my appointment. I would like to say I have grown or perhaps the political just seems a bore after a while.

Happy Birthday Duke and Sherrif Dillon
Happy Birthday to Guyana

Russia is Right

Russia is right to restrict certain NGOs. The NGOs are quite predictable and can be counted beat up Israel and ignore massive abuses in far left and Muslim states. In truth the NGOs don't add much. The same stories are in the far left press. The NGOs are pretty much jobs programs for lefties.

The agencies have zero integrity.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memories and a feeling of home

The Duck points to the wisdom of buying store brands.A home is a collection of the people, stories and items I'm the house. The memories that familiar brands bring up is part of the story of our lives. The brands are like familiar friends along with us on the journey of life.

The memory of my mom bringing me Hawaian Punch when I had a fever are rich. My grandmothers love of Breakstone sour cream, Goodmand Egg noodles, flieshmans. My father liked fine deli Mustard and despised Frenchs and would only eat a Deli type mustard often Guldens. He still loves his Hebrew National products. My mom likes her Tide and Dawn.

Through the years many products have been linked to me. The first and foremost is Diet Mountain Dew. In fact it is a running gag at work and several others have started drinking the stuff. I love my P&G products. P&G products have been in the backdrop of many stories. In GA I walked miles to find 3X Body wash. Others in my class started using the stuff. There was the story when my local Duane Reade ran out of man soap and I was miserable all day.

There is the story how I switched to Hunts from Heinz when the stock was taken over. My first batch of Ketchup and Ote Ida tater tots was like being reunited with an old friend. Over the years some beloved brands got sold off. I got Breyers and Hellmans back when I bought Unilever. Unfortunately Hawaiin Punch remains with a company I don't own.

Yes the Duck is largely correct in that you save money with store brand. However, it isn't my home without P&G. The products have been with me my entire life. I like the smell of Tide and the way Dawn makes my plates shine. The familiar brands are almost supporting characters in my life story. The boss knows I am in when he sees the diet Dew in the Fridge. The girlfriend prefers the P&G products she asks for Bounty by name.

I prefer the name brand quality and memories over a few dollars here and there.

Time for genuine discussion of the history of Islam

The time has long since passed to have a conversation about the history of Islam. The conversation needs to start and it needs to be done by responsible people. Americans and other people learn about unflattering chapters that are all part of a larger story.

The notion that Muslims are victims is a fiction. We have dispensed with images of slavery as anything other than a human rights mess. Similarly claiming slavery in Africa or Islamic cultures was less odious is a common fiction of lefties for expediency. Jim Crow is evil unless practiced by Muslims. Colonialism is evil when practiced by Europeans but peachy when practiced by Muslims.

The above fictions are reaons why Marxists really have no place in genuine education or political discussion. They bring a Psuedo religious agenda and should not be permitted into serious discussion. Of course our bird brained critic poultry will cry about censorship. The facts are he would not be as charitable with whole University departments staffed by KKK types. The truth is Marxists are responsible for exponentially more deaths than racial power kooks.

A Black coworker was floored when a Muslim coworker made references to odd behaviors of mine and said but you are Jewish. The coworker looked at me and said if I made anything close to those remarks about Blacks or anyone else there would be a suspension. The person making these off the wall remarks was educated at elite universities and the notion of intellectual freedom and individuality never was imparted.

The notion that I should talk about the Middle East every two minutes is offensive. Oddly as a person with Hindu family and a love for a certain South American country this is odd. In my house the Jewish guy buys a Christmas tree for his Hindu relatives who occasionally pray at Churches. Why should I be bothered with constant conversation about
What my ethnicity is every time I depart from a stereotype.

The self flagellation at every aspect of American history is useful only when a similar discussion of the history of other cultures is similarly scrutinized. The absurd notion that the sum of Thomas Jefferson was that he owned slaves and had a relationship with one is typical of the ignorance imparted by the left. If we can discuss the merrits of Jesus, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln and Andrew Jackson then the same types of scrutiny should be placed on Islam and

Americans do not become victims when a discussion about our icons Lincoln or Jefferson turns unfavorable. Muslims and Marxists frequently draw images of Jews right out of Der Shturmer. I never heard of a Jew going batty because some kid named his Teddy Bear Moses.

On Tuesday it is the Birthday of Guyana, John Wayne and James Arness. If you run into a Guyanese wish the a happy Independence Day. Lift whatever alcoholic beverage is handy and say next year in Richmond Hill. The joke when I was in Guyana was the national anthem should be We Gotta get out of this place because everyone wants to emigrate. I love the place and when my journey is complete my weary bones will rest deep in the jungle besides the Berbice river.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

No thanks

There has been talk of the Yankees signing Cuban players who are loyal to Castro and faithful communists. There are things more important than winning. Should the Yankees do that I would no longer watch the games or buy merchandise. There is no place for communists in NY sports.

Major League Baseball should not allow players who are loyal to Castro or the current Venezuelan government to be employed in the USA. Let them play in Japan or wherever.

It has become apparent that lefties are imbeciles. There are no jobs for many and the left keeps killing those few jobs by raising the minimum wage. If the left wants to help low income Americans killing jobs is not a way to do it.
It is time to grasp that mindless class warfare rhetoric is s dead end. Lab rats unlike communists are capable of learning.

One more thing about my love for Proctor and Gamble products. There probably isn't an idiot out there who hasn't endured an Amway presentation. I bought a kit to help out a friend. The friend has gone into realizing it is a dead end. I never touched the products and gave the stuff away. The notion of my home without my beloved brands was offensive. Now when I hear the familiar pitch, no thank you it isn't home without my beloved brands. I like my Gillete products, followed by Crest, my plates cleaned with Dawn and my clothes with Tide. I do occasionally buy some
Colgate Palmolive and Clorox products, but my home is a P&G home. It wasn't shocking that I reached whatever contest points long ago. Perhaps the best thing P&G does is thank you on the Reciept when you buy their products. It is a small acknowledgement of a devoted customer. Making superior products is always good, but keeping me out of creepy Amway meetings is priceless. No doubt the Amway drones have called me many names over the years, but there is one that I wear proudly Proctoid.

My grandmother used P&G products. My grandaughter uses P&G products. It is part of my home and oddly my brands get used by others. I was surprised to find the younger kids using the Gillete Bodywash. Their response was a simple. The
Stuff works. The odor control body wash does work wonders. It was a running gag about the crisis in man soap. I couldn't find my beloved P&G body wash at Rite Aid. I couldn't even find the backup Colgate Palmolive brand. My boss
was so annoyed because I couldn't stop touching my hair and the skin. I did not feel properly clean and my hair felt
Like like animal fur. My boss said quit touching your hair. I reminded her someone switched my man soap with hipster garbage. That joke made it to several offices.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spending quirks pay off

Those who read this blog know I am a huge fan of Proctor and Gamble. We aren't having a good year but I try to buy items from PG. I also have stock in Clorox, Colgate Palmolive and Unilever. That being said I love my Tide, Dawn, Gillette products and Creat. I will buy one of the others at times my quirks triggered a bonus at Rute Aid. For now even in a down year the dividends funds some new companies.

However, I appreciate that P&G and Hershey's appreciates my quirks and send me money back.

Monday, May 18, 2015


No doubt the minions of The left will see no conflict of interest between Stephanopoulos being involved with the Clinton foundation and his role as a reporter. Then the media elites wonder why regular people turn to FOX. The notion that there is no bias in regular network news is not accepted and the rating speak for themselves.

I have zero doubt one Fauxahontas Warren runs, she gets Obama kid gloves.

Bernie Sanders wants to be the first zombie elected President.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Role

I am reluctantly performing a new role. It is a role that upper management envisioned for me. I did return to my home unit to spend the last moments with two mentors before they sail off into the sunset. It is tough to see officers who
were legends depart. I anticipated working shoulder to shoulder with my mentors, but this wasn't to be. I am part of a new experiment.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Death Penalty

I support the Death Penalty. The Boston Bomber deserves to die. His mother needs to have her status revoked. There is something perverse about welfare recipients complaining and commiting acts of terror. Moreover this family was asylees. We don't tend to execute terrorists and we should have starting with the Weathermen types in the Seventies.
We as a society need to stop excusing violent behavior as a rationale for political expression. There are plenty of legitimate avenues of political organizing and there is no excuse for these antics. Had Bill Ayers tried these stunts
In the counties he advocated for he would have been dead long ago. His continued wasting of oxygen proves the superiority of the system he despises.

I am somewhat leery over the death sentence of Morsi. It is a sentence based upon his involvement in A prison break with Psuedostinian help. The Duck wants to know why Egypt sealed its borders, now it is abundantly clear. Of course returning Gaza to Egytians sovereignty would end much of the mess. The Egyptian army could use a heavy hand and deal with the Hammas clods with little fanfare.

Executing a head of state is a cultural barrier. I would have zero problem seeing Nazis, Commies and a rare strongman like Saddsm getting killed for their crimes. Arab Justice is severe and the courts are known for the death penalty for lesser crimes. Look for Obama to try and pressure Egypt to commute this sentence to life or a term followed by exile.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Can't beat me join em

One of my hobbies is collecting food, drug and soap company stocks. I try to keep my money within the stocks I own. The daughter and grandaughter drive me up the wall with buying General Mills stuff. I realized the products are all over my home anyway so I bought the stock. I am working on the last six I don't own. I probably will buy a position in one or two.

Rip BB King

Thank you for the music and enriching myse USA. I don't know if there was a better ambassador to an era of music. He performed nearly to the end.

Feel for my buddy

My best friend is the little Maltese. Whatever I eat I share with him. He has grown difficult and only wants lamb off the bone or shredded chicken. He sleeps next to me and spends the evening not far from me.

Yesterday I arrived to another surprise some idiot relative dropped off a female cocker spaniel. She hates the Maltese and gets all the attention from the kids. She also intruded on my dinner with the Maltese by chasing him away
Twice. To say the little guy struck out is putting it mildly.

In the end I put my foot down along with the adult daughter and we are back to one dog. The cocker spaniel stayed by the daughter in law

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Obama temper tantrum

Obama is crying about FOX news. He gets 24/7 spin from every other network. Republicans are expected to put up with baboon leftards like Helen Thomas but Obama is crying because he doesn't get Hugo Chavez style worship on Fox. Obama was not fit for office. We have had no meaningful scrutiny of his life prior to his election. The media has given him free pass after free pass.

He injects race into everything. Open a museum and Obama will inject a racial discussion there. Pick up a waffle for breakfast and Obama or the First Lady will inject race in that too.

The conversation Obama will never have is about the mess his policies have created. The answer to helping inner city residents is to flood the labor markets with employment authors toon cards, job killing health care and job killing minimum wage hikes. Sorry about those job killing policies designed to help people who knowingly break the law, have an Obama phone.

Our historic allies don't trust us and our enemies laugh at us. Obamas best friend is the toxic ruler of Turkey. Have we seen Turkey do anything other than wave a welcome mat to ISIS. He ponders the Jews killed in a kosher store in Paris were killed by random violence. He reaches back hundreds of years to rationalize Islamic crimes that are current. It is amazing that if we want to have an honest discussion of terrorism the rulers of Egypt, Jordan and yes Saudi Arabia are more forthcoming than the craven Obama.

I am waiting for the stories that the media withheld to protect the savior.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Cancer Among Us

There is an interesting point in the Daniel Pipes blog. He raises the long observed fact that American and European anti Zionists are more obsessed than their so called sainted Psuedostinian. The truth is Muslims who live in the West are angrier and more prone to terrorism than those that live in the Middle East. The reason is the left has turned Muslims into victims for political gain. Communist paranoia about Zionism predates the state of Israel.

When you are dealing with a person obsesssed with Israel you are almost always dealing with a Cmmounist or an anarchist freak. In general Communists spread misery to seize control. Any look at the actual history of Islam shows
Abuse of minorities and colonialism.

Now some of you will point to Pat Buchanan, the fact that you could name him so easily indicates how rare this disorder is outside of the left. He has a pathological obsession with Jews. You can see him rambling on about neocons
On TV. Where the classic KKK clowns belong on this issue is unknown as their rhetoric is indistinguishable from material found on far left.

Lastly there are the Muslims themselves. Part of their problem is inept leadership. They have allowed the left to say
Bad Joo here are a few bread crumbs. Muslims suffer from higher unemployment and live in high crime areas. The response from the left is more Bad Joooooo and failed ideas.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Ememy Is us

The situation at the border is chaotic, but we really need to take a broken windows approach. No more releasing smugglers and narcotics shippers.We have an abundance of lawyers and law school graduates. Let's use some of the money and appoint extra judges.

Let's also change the laws to make losing a green card and citizenship faster. The process of endless appeals needs to end. The notion of sneaking in dozens of time and smuggling people and drugs with impunity needs to stop. Municipalities should be reimbursed for deportation related expenses.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Brady BS

I am tired of all the Brady bashing. Other than having an annoying girlfriend with a big mouth the guy is all right. People forget he is an overachiever without much hype or fanfare when he entered the NFL. He was not a household name
Until he built himself into a quarterback.

We can all name big time Quarterbacks who draft experts said would be stars but came up short. Most of the time it is overvaluing arm strength. Glad you could throw a football far but can you read defenses or get it to the receiver accurately. Drukenmill, Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf fall into this group. A lack of a huge arm did not stop Joe Montana. Brady has a strong arm but not as strong as Gary Hogeboom who had a cannon but couldn't get the ball where it was supposed to be.

The jealousy is getting to be a tad much.

There are reports one of the two terrorists killed was a Pakistani teen heartthrob. Think about this the next time you complain about the idiotic noise Justin Bieber produces. Of course Justin Bieber and Cat Stevens singing duets would likely win a poor taste award.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Just One Death Threat

I am not a fan of draw Mohammed day. Provocation for the sake of provocation is sophomoric. Did we learn anything new
In this whole experience. The art and response were predictable. Of course the fakes at Harry's Place who ignore Obama selling Israel Down the River and left wingers harrasing Jews in colleges did two posts on the subject.

The problem is an intolerant culture aided and abetted by left wing David Irving types. There has been zero discussion about how Islam has abused religious minorities. There has been no discussion of colonial Islamic expansion or Islam and slavery. The notion that Muslims are victims is preposterous given their history. This does not infer anything drastic as my acknowledgment of slavey and abuse of Indians does not dim my patriotism.

There is no need to bash the peaceful practice of faith. By all means worship what you want. That right ends when you advocate violence. If someone wants to join ISIS go ahead, but surrender your citizenship before leaving. If you want to preach whole swaths are hell bound, go ahead. Advocate violence and the choice should be jail or denaturalization. This should have been done in the 60s. Rather than allowing Bill Ayers to waste our resources. He should have been dumped in Cuba.

This can't be the first death threat Geller has gotten. No doubt some goons from the Lois Lerner squad of the IRS will be visiting.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Shocking Twist

i returned to my old boss and was greeted warmly. I belonged with that crew and many of my friends are due to retire soon. I want to share what time I have left with my mentors before they go. Some of my students don't understand this but it is important for me to be there with them as their career winds down.

These older officers took me under their wing. They saved my career when I was being bullied. These officers embody the best values of my profession. When my students talk to me with marvel I point to true Giants who made me a better
Officer and person. Another officer will take the seat and wield the stamp but none will fill the shoes.

I find this ironic as I am having issues with a former student who has overstepped his boundaries, I return to honor my teachers. The student is good, but not quite as good as they think they are. I have endured months of malicious gossip. His boss let him know in no uncertain terms that the rumors were false.

I was rotated out because I am one of two Officers that have spent time in the factory. My skills, reputation and ability to work with others are not in dispute. I don't blame him for tooting his own horn. I do blame him for denigrating many more experienced officers including some who are widely praised.

Life would be easier if I were a hack. Unfortunately, my peers and the folks on the top know floor leadership. In a tight spot they want me on hand. It goes with being a leader and charisma. My life will not be easy as these mentors leave my shoes loom larger.

I will miss my mentors.

The best we can Do as people is to leave the place better than we found it. My mentors have achieved this and I follow their path. Someday a young officer will take the torch from me. I am an unlikely leader, but my bio is larger
Than I am. In many ways I am like Hawkeye from MASH talented and off the wall. It is a brutal place at times and I guess at times I liven it up.

It isn't like I am unused to being a mentor. I have been doing it for years. The place just seems emptier without the
Excellent examples of grace and tact. If it were said seven years ago that I would be a respected mentor I would laugh at you.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Dumb publicity stunt

I do like Pam Geller. However, the point of drawing Mohammed just to inflame crazies is absurd. We know that some Muslims are over the top nasty folk. The point of risking a real massacre for a pedantic point is absurd. I don't bash religious icons other than Communist Icons or Obama. I don't do the Dear Leader bit. Communists deserve all types of ridicule.

I am visiting my parents. The last episode of MASH was on Tv. I haven't seen it in 20 years. Funny but the only thing I remembered was Col Potter leaving on a horse and it was well written. My folks swear that was the first time they saw it. The after MASH shows did not do well except for Trapper John.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

I miss Cheekie

I miss the rambunctious little girl who fills my home with energy. She is a difficult kid but I love her as she is. No matter how bad she is crying, she cheers up as soon as I go to a freezer for a Popsicle. She doesn't even eat most
Of it. Her laughter and gies fill the home and my heart. She hides behind me when her mother tries to spank her for whatever mischief she is up to. I miss her waking me up at all hours of the night to get things for her or just to play. Oddly she is the only small child loved by the Maltese.

Never Brag

I am quite fond of teaching new officers. Many have gone on to bigger things. One even helped me greatly when she became my boss and highlighted my numbers and leadership. One of my students has gotten too big for his ego and I decided to demonstrate my point.

The first lesson I teach is people who brag are usually useless. Great officers never sing their own praises others do. When the top boss asked me to rank myself against my peers I declined. When pressed I said around number thirty. There are many elements to the job and all have strengths and weaknesses.

This former student has become the office gossip. Moreover, he claims he is a skilled interviewer. I am more modest and rely on facts and logic. I concede plenty of people beat me. Sometimes, there just isn't enough there to rationalize additional action. I might have a gut instinct but until logic and facts back my hunch it is meaningless.

I sat in the presence of a young woman who was one of the officers I trained. She saw me lie through my teeth and concoct a tale that conforms to all of this persons gossip. She asked me why I did it. I pointed out that I am tired of his bragging about what a skilled interviewer he is and tired of his gossiping. No doubt the lesson will be lost on the clueless. Another boss saw me do the same trick on another office gossip monger who at least has the presence to cross examine me. Afterwards he told the boss I was too calm for the tale to be true.

The truth was not lost on my current and recent students. You are good officers, someday you will be better than me.
However, someday is not today and never ever oversell your skills.

My new office is being set up close to the space I was in almost six years ago. All of the officers are gone with perhaps five still serving. I go from the junior officer on my old team to the top of the seniority. I still miss the
Huge Cathedral spot that was home for years. Oddly I never sat in my office and I was there five months. I know all the members of my new team but served with none of them. The floor I left is upset because my arrival was big news.

In the end I am comfortable working with my favorite Cheif and old buddies from when I started. Some of them are near
Retirement. I want to spend that time with my friends and mentoring new officers. I probably won't escape having to do new tasks but..... Life goes on.

Baltimore Mess

It is somewhat unfair to link the riots to larger trends. Smaller communities don't have enough people to riot. Riots are largely an urban problem and big cities rarely ever get Republican Mayors. New York City is an exception to that rule. In general it was lucky to have the professionally run NYPD.

The real cause of riots is long protracted unemployment. The Obama years have been tough on the poor as Obama opened the floodgates to illegal aliens and made Employment Authorization cards a joke. The tax policies in Baltimore made matters worse.

However, one would be hard pressed to think similar riots could not happen in any large city. Sadly, I wish the notion of let the rioters tire themselves out needs to stop.