Thursday, May 21, 2015

No thanks

There has been talk of the Yankees signing Cuban players who are loyal to Castro and faithful communists. There are things more important than winning. Should the Yankees do that I would no longer watch the games or buy merchandise. There is no place for communists in NY sports.

Major League Baseball should not allow players who are loyal to Castro or the current Venezuelan government to be employed in the USA. Let them play in Japan or wherever.

It has become apparent that lefties are imbeciles. There are no jobs for many and the left keeps killing those few jobs by raising the minimum wage. If the left wants to help low income Americans killing jobs is not a way to do it.
It is time to grasp that mindless class warfare rhetoric is s dead end. Lab rats unlike communists are capable of learning.

One more thing about my love for Proctor and Gamble products. There probably isn't an idiot out there who hasn't endured an Amway presentation. I bought a kit to help out a friend. The friend has gone into realizing it is a dead end. I never touched the products and gave the stuff away. The notion of my home without my beloved brands was offensive. Now when I hear the familiar pitch, no thank you it isn't home without my beloved brands. I like my Gillete products, followed by Crest, my plates cleaned with Dawn and my clothes with Tide. I do occasionally buy some
Colgate Palmolive and Clorox products, but my home is a P&G home. It wasn't shocking that I reached whatever contest points long ago. Perhaps the best thing P&G does is thank you on the Reciept when you buy their products. It is a small acknowledgement of a devoted customer. Making superior products is always good, but keeping me out of creepy Amway meetings is priceless. No doubt the Amway drones have called me many names over the years, but there is one that I wear proudly Proctoid.

My grandmother used P&G products. My grandaughter uses P&G products. It is part of my home and oddly my brands get used by others. I was surprised to find the younger kids using the Gillete Bodywash. Their response was a simple. The
Stuff works. The odor control body wash does work wonders. It was a running gag about the crisis in man soap. I couldn't find my beloved P&G body wash at Rite Aid. I couldn't even find the backup Colgate Palmolive brand. My boss
was so annoyed because I couldn't stop touching my hair and the skin. I did not feel properly clean and my hair felt
Like like animal fur. My boss said quit touching your hair. I reminded her someone switched my man soap with hipster garbage. That joke made it to several offices.

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