Tuesday, May 26, 2015

They didn't forget

my family fooled me into thinking they forgot we had a Guyana themed party with Ducky Curry and bora. My granddaughters came over as did the neighbors while I was tinkering with a swifter. It was nice to see Rio Lobo as I saw it as a todket at the Liberty Drive in Upstate, John Wayne Jack Elam Bob Exidor Donner and Sheri Lansing.

John Wayne's last ten films tend to get played a lot

As much fun as I had I miss the Cheekie kid.she will be back Sunday.

I do give the mrs Credit. Normally she tosses whatever I buy into a pile for later use. Dawn gets used right away as does Tide. As I am getting 20 percent off at Rite Aide it is usually reasonable. I gave the daughter in law my extras
As sometimes buy too much and I give my daughter in law extra Mr Clean.

I will do some unusual posts tommorow while the Editrix is here on Westerns. Once again the Duck will need to explain
Why I don't get Van Heflin. I understand most of Hollywood. Yet I am at a loss to understand the appeal. The Duck and I will discuss Woody Strode. I like strode and think he plays characters with a natural edge. In essence had he come later he would have been huge.


Ducky's here said...

What's a "todket" ?

Wayne's last 10 ? Other than The Shootist there ain't much there.

beakerkin said...

a typo who cares

I have to check but I think Rooster Cogburn with Hepburn was a last ten and Cahill US Marshall was one. Rooster Cogburn is an underrated sequel that works and the Hepburn Wayne interactions are fun too watch. Cahill US marshall is a very underrated film with George Kennedy and the last with Maureen Ohara.

The Shootist is arguably his best film. I wish they would have worked Maureen Ohara in the Bacall role. Jimmy Stewart as the Doctor was perfect and it was good to see Caradine in a cameo. He was in Stagecoach. I would have liked a cameo from the woman in Stagecoach.
Wayne thought a film called Beau Jest would be his last. The film as it is was a wonderful sendoff.

I liked Grand Torino as Eastwoods final film. I am only saddened that there weren't cameos from Eli Walkach, Geoffrey Lewis and Sandra Locke. The latter was out of the question and the Unforgiven would have been a great sendoff.

beakerkin said...

What is going on with Van Hefflin? I don't get him as s leading man,

I thought you would have some comments on Woody Strode. I like his pride and I am not taking any crap persona. His roles are memorable.

Ducky's here said...

I really can't point to a great performance by Hefflin.

He was only adequate in Shane and a great film could
have been even better with someone else in the role.

Strode was a fascinating individual. Not a great actor but he didn't
mail it in either. He was a very close personal friend of John Ford and did a good turn in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence.
Probably best known for his role in Spartacus.

Did you see him in Che! ?