Tuesday, May 05, 2015

A Shocking Twist

i returned to my old boss and was greeted warmly. I belonged with that crew and many of my friends are due to retire soon. I want to share what time I have left with my mentors before they go. Some of my students don't understand this but it is important for me to be there with them as their career winds down.

These older officers took me under their wing. They saved my career when I was being bullied. These officers embody the best values of my profession. When my students talk to me with marvel I point to true Giants who made me a better
Officer and person. Another officer will take the seat and wield the stamp but none will fill the shoes.

I find this ironic as I am having issues with a former student who has overstepped his boundaries, I return to honor my teachers. The student is good, but not quite as good as they think they are. I have endured months of malicious gossip. His boss let him know in no uncertain terms that the rumors were false.

I was rotated out because I am one of two Officers that have spent time in the factory. My skills, reputation and ability to work with others are not in dispute. I don't blame him for tooting his own horn. I do blame him for denigrating many more experienced officers including some who are widely praised.

Life would be easier if I were a hack. Unfortunately, my peers and the folks on the top know floor leadership. In a tight spot they want me on hand. It goes with being a leader and charisma. My life will not be easy as these mentors leave my shoes loom larger.

I will miss my mentors.

The best we can Do as people is to leave the place better than we found it. My mentors have achieved this and I follow their path. Someday a young officer will take the torch from me. I am an unlikely leader, but my bio is larger
Than I am. In many ways I am like Hawkeye from MASH talented and off the wall. It is a brutal place at times and I guess at times I liven it up.

It isn't like I am unused to being a mentor. I have been doing it for years. The place just seems emptier without the
Excellent examples of grace and tact. If it were said seven years ago that I would be a respected mentor I would laugh at you.

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