Friday, May 08, 2015

Brady BS

I am tired of all the Brady bashing. Other than having an annoying girlfriend with a big mouth the guy is all right. People forget he is an overachiever without much hype or fanfare when he entered the NFL. He was not a household name
Until he built himself into a quarterback.

We can all name big time Quarterbacks who draft experts said would be stars but came up short. Most of the time it is overvaluing arm strength. Glad you could throw a football far but can you read defenses or get it to the receiver accurately. Drukenmill, Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf fall into this group. A lack of a huge arm did not stop Joe Montana. Brady has a strong arm but not as strong as Gary Hogeboom who had a cannon but couldn't get the ball where it was supposed to be.

The jealousy is getting to be a tad much.

There are reports one of the two terrorists killed was a Pakistani teen heartthrob. Think about this the next time you complain about the idiotic noise Justin Bieber produces. Of course Justin Bieber and Cat Stevens singing duets would likely win a poor taste award.

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