Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Cancer Among Us

There is an interesting point in the Daniel Pipes blog. He raises the long observed fact that American and European anti Zionists are more obsessed than their so called sainted Psuedostinian. The truth is Muslims who live in the West are angrier and more prone to terrorism than those that live in the Middle East. The reason is the left has turned Muslims into victims for political gain. Communist paranoia about Zionism predates the state of Israel.

When you are dealing with a person obsesssed with Israel you are almost always dealing with a Cmmounist or an anarchist freak. In general Communists spread misery to seize control. Any look at the actual history of Islam shows
Abuse of minorities and colonialism.

Now some of you will point to Pat Buchanan, the fact that you could name him so easily indicates how rare this disorder is outside of the left. He has a pathological obsession with Jews. You can see him rambling on about neocons
On TV. Where the classic KKK clowns belong on this issue is unknown as their rhetoric is indistinguishable from material found on far left.

Lastly there are the Muslims themselves. Part of their problem is inept leadership. They have allowed the left to say
Bad Joo here are a few bread crumbs. Muslims suffer from higher unemployment and live in high crime areas. The response from the left is more Bad Joooooo and failed ideas.


Ducky's here said...

Actually the history of Christendom shows more abuse of minorities than does the history of Islam.

Since you know as much about either as you do the history of communism you should probably fold.

beakerkin said...

Actually that is factually incorrect. No doubt the usual agitprop by Commies who think their own shit is fact.

Your leap is to make the colonial evils Christian ones. Much easier to do with a Caliphate than monarchies. As for the Crusades, they were a defensive response to Muslim aggression.

Ducky's here said...

By the caliphate I ssume you mean the Ottoman empire.
Maybe you can explain to the class why the actions of the Ottomans were any more severe than other empires.

I frankly don't know a great deal about the Ottomans but I'm equally sure you don't know squat either and it will be entertaining to hear you rant.

Is anyone who disagrees with your diorganized political thought a commie?

beakerkin said...

Other than the UK the crown had no role in the Church. A caliphate is different by nature.

Given the history of Communism why should anyone talk about facts logic and morality. The record of deception is clear

This is amusing comming from a left wing apologist for every non right enemy of the USA. When and where do Commies ever state who they are. Did Arthur Miller knowingly lie. What about Zinn. Chomsky calls himself an anarchist

Michael said...

If somebody's not saying that he or she is a Communist is, in fact, proof that he or she is a Communist, then doesn't that make you a Communist?

beakerkin said...

Let's do this slowly as this is above your IQ. A communist who is rabidly anticommunist would
be impossible.

Are you making the claim that communist types state who they are honestly?

Michael said...

"Are you making the claim that communist types state who they are honestly?"

Michael said...

"Other than the UK the crown had no role in the Church."

That's simply incorrect. One example: the fact that both the king and the Pope felt that they had the right to appoint bishops in the Holy Roman Empire led to a clash of wills between Henry IV and Gregory VII.

In the Byzantine Empire, the emperor was the head of the church.

You've also said more than once that the Crusades were simply a response to Muslim aggression in the Middle East. That ridiculously oversimplifies things. As big a role in the start of the Crusades was played by Pope Urban II's desire to reassert Rome's authority shortly after the split that brought the Eastern Orthodox Church into being.

You should probably stay away from history and stick to whatever it is you do during the day.

Ducky's here said...

Yes and also that you think anyone who disagrees with your sick politics is a "commie".

beakerkin said...


I am just as apt to disagree with AOW. The difference is AOW respects private property and
Does not reflexively side with every enemy of the United States.

If you have an obsession with Jews and Israel and are not psleocons or Stormfront types chances are you are a communist. You might call yourself a progressive, a green or create a deception with verbiage and socialism, but the record of deception speaks for itself.

Communists are quite litigious in playing this game and set the bar narrowly. So if you have a history of statements supporting Marx and a history of working with every known front group
On the planet they can use plausible deniability.
Communists favorite Jew Normsn Finklestein leaves his Maoism out of his ordinary Jew offended by zionism. An ordinary person does not get mixed up with the greatest mass murderer on the planet. Joel Kovel who does the same act is a green obsessed with Anticommunism. He also converted to Christianity the second his book selling career ended. Noam Chomsky talks of US Nazi alliances while ignoring Actual Soviet Nazi alliances and spinning pro Pol Pot agitprop, but he call himself an Anarchist. Zinn and Arthur Miller knowingly lied for decades. Even after the truth is out the lies remain.

On PBS an anecdote about Paul Robeson and Pete Seeger. They were performing in a political concert and had rocks thrown at them, obviously the work of the KKK. This misleading anecdote about Stalinists might be amusing if one thinks objecting to communism is only something the KKK does. The continuing lies and games with the Rosenberg traitors still continues today. Their treason is called a different kind of Patriotism. The fact that they caused their own deaths and decided to orphan their kids for Stalin gets over looked.

beakerkin said...

Let's look at some of your own labels for Jews.

Kahanist is quite amusing given that actual adviocates of a Torah state are open about their beliefs. A person hostile to Frummies with Hindu family does not make a good candidate.

Let's do neocon which is the Communist term for Jewish Republican. It was invented by stooge Michael Harrington to disparage those who left communism. Today it has an Antisemititic connotation and also is used by Stormfronters and Pat Buchanan who has a soft spot in his head for this stuff.

As I was never on the left the term does not apply to me. A lifetime Cold warrior is not a candidate for that term.

Likudnik. This is a Ducky classic for anyone who rejects the labor party. I am not an Israeli Citizen and do not align with any faction. I support the right of the Israeli people to determine their own leaders and the labor party
Gets trounced regularly.

In reality the Duck is an exponent of ethnically cleansed real estate, terrorism and genocide.
Let's not pretend that Palestine is anything other than Judenfrei real estate with politically correct buzzwords.