Saturday, May 23, 2015

Time for genuine discussion of the history of Islam

The time has long since passed to have a conversation about the history of Islam. The conversation needs to start and it needs to be done by responsible people. Americans and other people learn about unflattering chapters that are all part of a larger story.

The notion that Muslims are victims is a fiction. We have dispensed with images of slavery as anything other than a human rights mess. Similarly claiming slavery in Africa or Islamic cultures was less odious is a common fiction of lefties for expediency. Jim Crow is evil unless practiced by Muslims. Colonialism is evil when practiced by Europeans but peachy when practiced by Muslims.

The above fictions are reaons why Marxists really have no place in genuine education or political discussion. They bring a Psuedo religious agenda and should not be permitted into serious discussion. Of course our bird brained critic poultry will cry about censorship. The facts are he would not be as charitable with whole University departments staffed by KKK types. The truth is Marxists are responsible for exponentially more deaths than racial power kooks.

A Black coworker was floored when a Muslim coworker made references to odd behaviors of mine and said but you are Jewish. The coworker looked at me and said if I made anything close to those remarks about Blacks or anyone else there would be a suspension. The person making these off the wall remarks was educated at elite universities and the notion of intellectual freedom and individuality never was imparted.

The notion that I should talk about the Middle East every two minutes is offensive. Oddly as a person with Hindu family and a love for a certain South American country this is odd. In my house the Jewish guy buys a Christmas tree for his Hindu relatives who occasionally pray at Churches. Why should I be bothered with constant conversation about
What my ethnicity is every time I depart from a stereotype.

The self flagellation at every aspect of American history is useful only when a similar discussion of the history of other cultures is similarly scrutinized. The absurd notion that the sum of Thomas Jefferson was that he owned slaves and had a relationship with one is typical of the ignorance imparted by the left. If we can discuss the merrits of Jesus, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln and Andrew Jackson then the same types of scrutiny should be placed on Islam and

Americans do not become victims when a discussion about our icons Lincoln or Jefferson turns unfavorable. Muslims and Marxists frequently draw images of Jews right out of Der Shturmer. I never heard of a Jew going batty because some kid named his Teddy Bear Moses.

On Tuesday it is the Birthday of Guyana, John Wayne and James Arness. If you run into a Guyanese wish the a happy Independence Day. Lift whatever alcoholic beverage is handy and say next year in Richmond Hill. The joke when I was in Guyana was the national anthem should be We Gotta get out of this place because everyone wants to emigrate. I love the place and when my journey is complete my weary bones will rest deep in the jungle besides the Berbice river.

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