Thursday, May 07, 2015

Just One Death Threat

I am not a fan of draw Mohammed day. Provocation for the sake of provocation is sophomoric. Did we learn anything new
In this whole experience. The art and response were predictable. Of course the fakes at Harry's Place who ignore Obama selling Israel Down the River and left wingers harrasing Jews in colleges did two posts on the subject.

The problem is an intolerant culture aided and abetted by left wing David Irving types. There has been zero discussion about how Islam has abused religious minorities. There has been no discussion of colonial Islamic expansion or Islam and slavery. The notion that Muslims are victims is preposterous given their history. This does not infer anything drastic as my acknowledgment of slavey and abuse of Indians does not dim my patriotism.

There is no need to bash the peaceful practice of faith. By all means worship what you want. That right ends when you advocate violence. If someone wants to join ISIS go ahead, but surrender your citizenship before leaving. If you want to preach whole swaths are hell bound, go ahead. Advocate violence and the choice should be jail or denaturalization. This should have been done in the 60s. Rather than allowing Bill Ayers to waste our resources. He should have been dumped in Cuba.

This can't be the first death threat Geller has gotten. No doubt some goons from the Lois Lerner squad of the IRS will be visiting.


Ducky's here said...

Let's see, a post about Pamela "The Hater" Geller quickly degrades to include Israel, Bill Ayers and Lois Lerner.

You need an editor, Beak.

beakerkin said...

Actually that flows logically

Always On Watch said...

Amil Imani's take on Garland, Texas