Monday, May 25, 2015

May 26 Guyana Independence Day

On May 26, 1966 the nation of Guyana declared its independence from the UK. Up to north the favorite son of Guyana was born on the second day of the Jewish holiday of Shavout. In a pattern that was to last a lifetime he was typically early. By the time his father had parked the car the whole drama was over. May 26 is also the birthday of John Wayne and James Arness.

The connection with Guyana is a profound matter. It is a wonderful land, spoiled by corrupt Marxist incompetents. The jungles are a fascinating place beautiful and deadly at the same time. The most deadly animal in Guyana is the local populace, but that can be said about most places.

I am spending time with my parents. I am blessed to have them into their eighties. As much as I love my parents being a father and grandfather are even better. I miss the Cherkie kid who will be back soon. I was with the daughter and we watched Kelly's Heroes. She found the box of Almond Joy in one of the scenes. I am wondering when is the last time I even saw one in a store.

My ten year anniversary as an officer is June 4. The blog preceded my appointment. I would like to say I have grown or perhaps the political just seems a bore after a while.

Happy Birthday Duke and Sherrif Dillon
Happy Birthday to Guyana


Ducky's here said...

What's the attachment?

Most of the population is trying to get out.
There is no culture to speak of and the primary leisure activity in the
modest size couple cities that make up most of the poppulation is armed

Sounds like a hell hole.

The_Editrix said...

Happy Birthday from Germany, Beak!

beakerkin said...

These are my people. If the country is messed up blame socialism not the beloved Guyanese. I love the Jungle and the people of the Wild West.

Ducky's here said...

Well you also have an eccentric love affair with P&G.

This thig for a pisant nation like Guyana seems neurotic.

beakerkin said...

It is my home in the jungle. There is nothing like boating an unspoiled river in the Amazon. I like the small town folk trading amongst themselves living a simple life.

There is much to learn from simplicity. I am happiest among my family living life father, grandfather, respected community elder and beloved neighbor. Never been happier than with the grandchildren. It is peace and simplicity and I love the lifestyle and the people.

I like my action movies, surf rock and the light history. The work taxes my soul and I am more into being entertained thsn the cerebral. I have to save it for work.

beakerkin said...

Thanks Nora