Monday, October 31, 2011

Now I have seen everything

I went to Steve's Pizzeria near the Occupy Wall Street crowd. They were in the paper saying business was down and I was there getting a decent slice if you like a fluffy crust. The place up on Chambers and Church was much better.

On my way back to catch the bus home I had to do a double take. One of the protesters seemed to be dressed as the classic Mr. Beamish avatar. He was wearing an army helmet, gas mask and some type of army issue coat.

Thus far nobody seems to know where the loony anthropology professor is or is admitting it. I want to see he tax returns and time cards. Six figure salaries, plus book royalties and trust funds make this anarchist lunatic a world class fraud.

Those of you who want to laugh at the obtuseness and bigotry of commies need to see the hysterical responses of Communists at Occupy Wall Street to A Former Soviet Emigre. Claims that workers are paid well in NORTH KOREA are hysterical. Also Commies claiming Soviet Emigres are RICH EXILES and defending Che Guevara are priceless.

Unfortunately I see Obama winning

I do not see people voting for Romney. We like Herman Cain but under the bright lights in a matchup with Obama the media will dig up dirt. If the matchup is Romney vs Obama it will be a case of people voting against Obama rather than for Romney.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow and time at home with the daughter

I spent yesterday with my daughter. Of course the weather was lousy and someone had to go out and get breakfast. The dog wanted to go, but it was to wet and cold for him. I ventured out the block and got breakfast and returned home. Spent the day helping my daughter with homework and playing with the dog.

Normal fare will resume soon.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Its Official Occupy Wall Street Protesters are Nerds

I visited the Occupy site yesterday and the number of freaks and loons is getting smaller. It seems commies like to exploit power in the name of homeless people but will not share their resources. It came as little surprise that the actual homeless people were being denied food by communist and anarchist agitators. Apparently each according to need is just a slogan and unlike your church that feeds and often clothes the poor as Christs calling the power mad occupy crowd doesn't want to rub elbows with the actual poor.

I saw a freak dressed in his underoos as Captain America at the Occupy Event. He called himself Captain American revolution. Some of the signs were so bad they looked like satire. One complaining about NASCAR and another Incoherent Solidarity.

These people are nerds and are best laughed at. I do not engage these dimwits any longer. I merely laugh at the nerds and freaks.

The homeless live in the park and have more right to be there than the Occupy Crowd. If Commies and Anarchists want to play homeless to exploit their plight then the least they can do is to toss them some food.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupys exploitaion by Big Education

One of the high prophets of the Occupy Madness is David Graeber. He is an anarchist fighting the Bolshevik star chambers of anthropology department in Yale.

When your well paid professor gets paid a six figure salary for a 16 hour work week and you get saddled with debt don't blame the banker. This is akin to blaming the loan shark while praising the drug dealer.

Sorry, but ever increasing salaries for star chamber political hack professors and worthless degrees are problems that have nothing to do with banks. It is time to look at the ever escalating costs and worthless degrees.

You can listen to the airhead on Charlie Rose. He does get off a single good line for the Duck. Marxists are good at building large killing machines but nothing else.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Richard Cohen is an imbecile

Richard Cohen has been under fire before for writing the creation of the State of Israel was a mistake. Thus he himself has been accused of anti semitism albeit not in the category of Noam Chomsky or Finklestein. This dimwit and dullard went to visit the loons in the Occupy Movement and proclaimed them silly but not anti semitic. Obviously Cohen did not interact with people or report signs and rhetoric that endorsed violence. How he whitewashes Communists and anarchists and turns them into some variant of socialist like the IQ impaired Bernie Sanders is beyond comprehension except calling Cohen a hack is an insult to talentless hacks everywhere.

Even if one missed the signs and the rhetoric urging violence a quick look at well reported polls shows 30% of the loons say that violence to achieve their goals is acceptable. How one misses the signs urging violence and misses these major themes is unknown. Unlike Tea Party attendees Occupy participants do not respect nor obey law enforcement officers. They have also stolen public space and went out of their way to provoke people who live and work in the area. Free speech is not to be confused with theft of a public space for weeks, assaulting people with bad odors, creation of serious potential health concerns, provoking the police and disturbing people who wish to go about their lives.

As far as Cohen's white wash his entire article shows he did not speak to the actual participants at length. Had he done so he would have easily found Jewish media cabals, Jews were behind 9-11, Ruppert Murdoch is Jewish, the Fed is controlled, Israel controls congress, Talk radio is Zionist controlled, Ashkenazi Jews are not real Jews they are Khazars and the more common Jews control Wall Street, the fed universities called Jewniversities and the Banks.

Cohen's writtings show he is an imbecile and a rather untalented hack who is more concerned with his neighbors in what Ron Kuby calls White Landia than facts and logic.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Way to go Oakland

The mayor of Oakland has shown the proper way to deal with the Occupy Crowd. Use tear gas and arrest them and dismantle camps. Occupations are not free speech they are thefts of public spaces by communists, anarchists and Jooooo haters.

Free speech is not to be confused with stealing public spaces and assaulting the populace with poor hygiene. Given the provocation of the public by the protesters it is amazing that the public that is getting fed up is so restrained. At this point most of us are hoping for a nice cold snap and nasty weather. The odds of serious health outbreaks given the poor sanitation are quite real.

It is time for this farce to end.

Monday, October 24, 2011

2800 Posts

Most blogs do not survive long enough to get to those numbers.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

No direct intervention in Syria

The brutal leftist thug regime in Syria is an abomination only saved by its proximity to Israel. The corrupt Assad regime is as evil as the Nutty Col.

A protracted an bloody Civil War is on the horizon. It remains to be seen if the Hamas and Hezbollah mercenaries will go against their fellow Muslim radicals and save their paymasters.
Now is the time for the West to prepare a nice exile in whatever destination the Assad thugs wish.
Assad is not a military man and is not apt to spend time fighting the end if an attractive exile is offered.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hypocrisy from left

There is a amazing hypocrisy from the left about imagined bigotry at Tea Party events vs genuine seething hatred of Jews and threats of violence from the Occupy Crowd. We heard all types of lectures from the media about hateful Tea Party activists. These media clowns obviously never got further than their couch and bothered to attend both events. Any description or comparison of the Tea Party with the Occupy crowd is an insult to the Tea Party.

There are no mass arrests at Tea Party events. Police might fall asleep from boredom or get bored giving directions to polite participants, but that is it.

I wrote a post that was linked by Free Republic I went looking for loons at the Tea Party but couldn't find any. I specifically went looking for hateful violent people and could not find any racists or anti semites. The Ron Paul brigade must be aware that Tea Party events are not the forum for their idiotic obsessions. They are quite vocal at Occupy Wall Street where the audience is more receptive to this.

What I see when I attend Tea Party events are decent people from many walks of life. I am recognized as Jewish and have never heard a single nasty comment. Most of the comments are people perplexed with reflexive support for far left groups that are at their core anti semitic.

It takes all of two seconds to meet people who hate Jooooos and trade in classical forms of Jooo hatred at Occupy events. In NYC I do have the advantage of knowing many of the key loons by name. The union Square Freakstock of commies and far left radicals has a consistent cast. I am still looking for the one I call Elmer Fudd. He was born in Nazi Germany when not going off on Jews likes to rant about the bombing of Dresden as equivalent to the Holocaust. Actual commies know little about the London Blitz and remain silent at these inane rants. He could have passed away as his buddies claim not to have seen him in years.

More mindless Jooo hatred from the Duck

The Duck expresses rather blase Marxist Joooo hatred by asking when a Jewish American who supports Israel is going to emigrate. The answer is unlike the Duck I am an American National who loves my country and respects our traditions this is my home.

On the other hand the Duck seems to feel that Communism is a great idea. As he desires to live under this foul system he should emigrate and renounce his citizenship. Hugo is a shaken man and needs people like the Duck to hold his hand. Hugo's time is drawing near as cancer will get him before his people can rise up and treat him like his comwad Khadafi. I do not approve of executions without trials, but the irony of a Marxist ranting about social justice getting killed by a mob is poetic justice. Right now Hugo is wondering if it was such a great idea of placing weapons in the hands of civilians. The image of Hugo hiding in a hole similar to his budies Saddam and Khadafi must haunt his sleep. Sooner or later Assad joins the Marxist in a hole club.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Duck to emigrate. For all his talk of Marx, he is happy training aspiring pornographers in MA. Maybe if the Duck had actual work ethic, he could set up his own little film district like Van Nuys CA for his students. He could then create internships and all types of opportunities for his graduates other than working weddings.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

This has to be satire Occupy Occupy Wall Street

Seeing young people claiming to be from the 1% Occupy Occupy Wall Street is hysterical. Now this is amost certainly some sort of farce but it is hysterical. The video with these comedians looking for the 1% and stating the protests will force them to kick their cocaine habit is hysterical.
These Occupy idiots are rife for satire of all types.

Even if the proceeds go to supporting these commie morons this laughter is clearly worth a T Shirt.

Free Speech and Civil Service

There are some troubled by the firing of a bigoted substitue teacher in LA. Public service does entail certain responsabilities. This is why I never speak on camera or at public functions and when doing so the material is always mild.
The views of this woman are truly odious. Not surprisingly you can find some support for her on Occupy messageboards if you look. Lefties like the Duck will claim these are people trying to make the Occupy crowd look absurd. This is also false as these odious statements match the sentiments of a hatefilled crowd that I have visited frequently. I have little difficulty finding dimwits talking about Zionist Bankers.
The Paulites at Tea Party events are subdued as these events are focused on domestic policy and specifically taxation. The Paulites are present in smaller numbers and are unhinged in their obsessions at these events where they are just another unhinged group.
The Duck has posted a video of an unhinged veteran screaming at NYPD. The rioters did not obey lawful orders. NYPD was within their rights to proceed and I suspect we may find some
issues with this individual who I has been abusing his service for the limelight. This person is supporting a communist organized anti American movement and is either being a useful idiot or
doing so for nefarious reasons. While I appreciate his former service, his current activities are vile and the person is dead wrong and if I find this person I will state so. Do notice unlike his rant there is no footage of what the rioters did to provoke the police and they have been doing so with regularity. Provoking police officers is bone stupid and common. NYPD has a flake officer as a liason trying to explain how to avoid arrests to this crowd of morons, communists and Jooooo haters.
The term hippie is incorrectly used to describe this group of losers. These are stoners whose wasted lives are best viewed as a comedic punchline.
Cain in 12

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Anyone who compares the Tea Party to the Occupy Crowd is ignorant. Tea Party events are orderly and respectful of law enforcement officers. There are no chants urging violence and Acorn Sucks is about as bad as it gets. Many people noticed I am Jewish and stated their desire to see more Jews at events and clear support for Israel.

One can see signs urging violence at any occupy event. Drug abuse is quite open at Occupy Wall Street. The protesters do not respect law enforcement officers. Hatred of Jews and 9-11 Truther material is found with ease. The Occupy Crowd purposely and maliciously makes every effort to annoy people who work and live in the area.

The Tea Party respects the Constitution and property rights and the Occupy Crowd is a communist led mob. Bloomberg is correct when he points out free speech does not include tents.
I would add it does not include incitement, drug abuse and assaulting people with criminal odors and loud noises late into the evening for weeks.

It is time for law enforcement to step up and mass arrests to begin. Those who are violent should get free housing in Rikers Island where they can live communally and bore the inmates at their own risk.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Inevitable

There is a sense that the Occupy foolishness will end violently. The Cold Weather and brutal winds will be on hand next month. There is a serious threat of disease from the toxic combination of poor
sanitation, cold, drug use and people packed closely together. Hopefully the city will not allow open fires but I am disappointed in Mayor Bloomberg.

The time to act has long since passed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Invasion of reality

Your friendly neighborhood Beakerkin had some fun at the local nerd festival. The protesters got an earful and one Beakerkin is worth an army of nerds.

I simply reminded the freaks and losers that it is not the one percent's fault that they are freaks, losers, imbeciles, mendicants and nerds. They have piss poor ideas and are mental health rejects.
Hey dumbass, if Marx is so good join Hugo and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Plenty of Venezuelans are running to get here and you lack the courage to live under the ideas you advocate for others.

Maybe the folks at the tea party should organize a nice counter protest and encourage protesters to bring bars of soap and deodorant. Maybe we should take up donations for adult sized diapers and underoos for the loser nerds.

Up North there is Comic Con which is basically a nerdfest for harmless types who have too much free time. Playing D&D is a harmless past time for kids and adults. However, the folks at Comic Con are usually gainfully employed types that never grew up.

In short running around dressed like Gandalf at 40 is merely eccentric. Advocating a mendicant failed philosopher idiotic ideas that have produced 100,000,000 dead makes one a pariah.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still the Same

I went to the Wall Street Protests and saw a familiar face. Before I left I used to annoy the commies at Wall Street. I knew the suspect right away and I went to Burger King and he was still there. I walked over and he knew who I was right away. I offered to help him revoke his citizenship
so he could join Hugo. He said he did not want to do this and I asked him if he was a coward for refusing to live in a system he advocates for others.

I would have followed this up, but tonight I am spending time with my daughter. My daughter is growing into a woman and something tells me I call have the same conversation with this commie 20 years from now.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The real poor vs the fakers at Occupy Wall Street

Like their predecessors in the 1960's many of these flake loons think that poverty is a virtue. They are trustfundistas or rebels without a clue. They sit repeating cliches from demented professors
with mounds of debt and useless degrees and wonder why the jobs aren't there.

If you want to talk about greed perhaps you should look at why your college debts are so high in the first place. Professors in higher ed are underworked and grossly over paid. 99% of the research outside of the hard sciences is worthless. The system of tenure, star chamber appointments and featherbedding has sent tuition skyrocketing.

If a student is in debt do not blame the hard working banker. Blame the lazy political activist professor for getting a ridiculous salary for next to no actual work. The hard left politico professors think of themselves as rock stars and spend next to no hours working. A simple look at the actual hours spent by your average banker and Gnome Chimpanzee shows the point. Your average banker is hard at work while the lazy Gnome Chimpanzee is jet setting, promoting incoherent books with sales boosted by academic coercion and traveling from protest to protest.

If you are a sociology or art history major and can't find a job, blame the professors who sold you magic beans so they can bandy Marx in a hot tub on your dime. The only difference between
the mythical Youngblood Priest and the average tenured social science professor is that drug dealers have a better work ethics than Marxist academics.

It is hard to feel sorry for some of the protesters at Occupy Wall Street. Their phones cost more than the genuine poor earn in a month. Repeating cliches droned in by idiotic professors does not make one a rebel, it makes them toadies without a clue.

If the economy is weak it is not due to bankers. The economy is weak due to endless entitlements and taxation strangling the life blood out of the American people. The problem is not Capitalism, it is the solution.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The real important stuff

In a prior life I would waste time with the Occupy Wall Street BS. However, I am taking the time out from observing the dregs of humanity to spend time with my daughter on her ninth birthday.In the long term my observations about historical events will have to take a back seat to being a family man. My duty is at home with the kid I adore. She grasps that often I work behind the scenes allowing others to do the work while I am gone. It is my hard work and efforts that make the celebrations bigger. They coincided with Yom Kippur and while I wasn't present my efforts made the day something special.

I do enjoy the little Maltese who is forever scamming trips to the Halal truck two blocks away. He does enjoy the trips outside and defending him from larger dogs is not always easy. I usually am looking far in the distance for the unstable pit bulls.

I will drop in on the misfits of science next week once again for boots on the ground insight. Beakerkin does this so you don't have to endure the stench and stupidity of the Communist clowns. My life has not exactly been mild, but dealing with commies is especially annoying. They are more bigoted than actual rednecks with a fraction of their IQ. If you are still pushing Communism or anarchism as the answer to anything you are an imbecile.

Media BS

Beware of self proclaimed media experts who never do boots on the ground work. We have heard
many of these air head experts claim that the Tea Party movement is hateful and bigoted. However, the Obamunist MSM has turned a blind eye towards the bigoted, lawless and moronic antics of the Communist led Occupy Wall Street BS.

There are plenty of good people who are hurting in the Obama economy. The nation was screaming at the top of its lungs we need jobs. The clueless Obama added a bit of social engineering that exacerbated the unemployment mess and feigned ignorance of the screams of JOBS until his crew got pasted in November.

If you are unemployed it is your job to fill out forms network and take what you can until times improve. When I was out of work I worked in several jobs that were beneath dignity. Those jobs were in comparatively good times. If you are in college and are thinking about a major you better
think it over before you decide to be yet another useless Polisci major repeating Marxist cliches
to future employers.

The media has done a very poor job showing the communist organizers. Moreover, the Van Jones link to these unwashed incoherent Marxists shows the value of Glenn Beck. The protesters are the Obama wing of the Democratic party.

I have been taking a second look at the GOP primary and the more I listen to and hear Herman Cain the more comfortable I am with supporting him. Cain is 100% correct about the protesters and Gingrich's comments about bad ideas from academia are on target.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Happy Birthday Sprite

The beloved Sprite will have a birthday over the weekend. As this is also Yom Kippur I will be pressed for time.

To the Duck.

I spent some time with the freaks and losers at the downtown sit in. I can state with certainty these are first class imbeciles and dimwits. AOW and I went to a Tea Party event and one found well mannered friendly folk who were civil despite my being somewhat to their left.

I wrote a small piece about looking for loonies at a Tea Party event and not being able to find one. That post was picked up by Free Republic. I found Commies and a disturbing amount of Paulistinians at the event. Those who think the Paulbots belong in the GOP should interact with them when they are not trying to hide their animus. The classic canard of the Paulbots are Neocons are linear descendents from Trotsky. Thus the evil Jewish Conservatives are diabolically linked to the Satanic Evil Joooish Communist. When you start hearing about Neocon Cabals and Zionist media you are on a par with the folks at Stormfront minus the usual ZOG rants.

I found the freaks in seconds and it did not take too long for the usual mania of the far left about Jews and Israel to manifest itself, carrying a Mark Steyn book does help.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Sorry to clue you in

There are those on the left who are excited about greasy mendicant airheads protesting in Wall Street. There are large protests all the time and this batch is unhinged and incoherent even by developmentally disabled leftist low standards.

Funny, but if a Tea Party attendee allegedly says the N word it is a hateful gathering. However scores of lefties abusing police is just another day at the office.

Sorry, but this group is too stupid to be anything more than a punch line to a joke or two.

Those of you who live elsewhere and who wish to view this idiocy up close should visit the site of the Urban Infidel. She has many excellent pictures and describes the nasty smell vividly. Now I lived in VT and can describe many bad odors mostly from dairy farms, but this crew is really vile. The Duck can view these pictures and note the presence of the Ron Paul brigade. To those that keep swearing that Paul and his followers are conservative view it and weep. Jeffrey Lord is one of the many who point out the anti semitic mania of the Paulistinians.

I may actually run a blog contest open to readers to pick out what annoying objects I can take with me to my planned Friday excursion. I am going to see if I can go with a large print copy of a Mark Levin book. I can not do this with officially licensed items that show the agency logo. I may take a rubber duck and leave it there. I could read the classics of John Brown and have the attendees claim that John Brown is with COINTELPRO designed to make them look unbalanced.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Is Herman Cain electable

The more I have listened to Herman Cain the more convinced I am that he is superior in ability to Perry and Romney. Either of the latter is clearly more preferable to Obama. I am still in the Santorum camp for now, but Cain is intriguing.

The nation is in a dire mess and we need a leader with vision to get us out of this. Cain unlike Obama is running on a specific platform and knows about jobs and performance. If he is elected there is a genuine possibility that 15 to 20 % of the black vote goes to Cain.

I am not convinced he is unelectable and if he survives the first few primaries his electability is as good or better than that of Romney and to a lesser extent Perry.


I understand the out of control educational and medical costs have left some communities looking for answers but denying kids an education is really not in our countries best interest.

1) If a family has multiple children it may be cheaper for the community to offer a plane ticket back home than pay for health and educational costs. In reality the illegal aliens will just pack up and go to a more user friendly location.

To those that really wish to talk about immigration reform the following is the Beakerkin plan

Practitioner reform

1) Applicants who file without a registered immigration attorney will be charged 50% more in filling fees. While this does seem inhumane it will cut costs in processing fees.

2) All new practitioners of immigration law must take a national certification test. Person A graduates from law school passes the bar and sits for a certification test. The test covers law and ethics. Each attorney is charged $500 a year to maintain this license. The attorney will be subject to continuing education requirements similar to CPA's for re certification. More experienced attorneys can opt to be certified if they were grandfathered prior to certification.

3) Certain Community groups can certify some personel without the fee so long as they accept the continuing educational requirements.

Process Reform

1) The system of endless motions and appeals is ended. Cases going on for twenty years or more is not uncommon. All motions and appeals must be submitted by an attorney. Applicants are limited to two appeals. The applicant may have additional appeals only if they are abroad, unless extreme hardship can be established.

2) Countries with high fraud rates must submit DNA evidence of all biological relationships.

3) Expedited denaturalization for criminals and polygamists. If person X is naturalized and commits a series of crimes he may be denaturalized and deported back to his home country.
The process takes years and should be resolved to a simple system that takes a month or two.

Legal Reform

1) Ending anchor babies and brides.

The conveyance of parental benefits should only be granted if the parent who gave birth to the child in question were here legally. Applicants who derived their benefits via marriage would need to show a marriage that has existed for ten years before conveying benefits. If the couple has children five years from the birth of the first child.

2) Elimination of sibling, married child and adult unmarried child of legal permanent resident classes.

3) Temporary Protective Status may only be granted to any country for three years.

4) Serious penalties for immigration fraud including jail time and elimination of all future benefits including unemployment welfare and social security. If we catch citizen A in a fake marriage the cost will be dire.

This is a start