Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Way to go Oakland

The mayor of Oakland has shown the proper way to deal with the Occupy Crowd. Use tear gas and arrest them and dismantle camps. Occupations are not free speech they are thefts of public spaces by communists, anarchists and Jooooo haters.

Free speech is not to be confused with stealing public spaces and assaulting the populace with poor hygiene. Given the provocation of the public by the protesters it is amazing that the public that is getting fed up is so restrained. At this point most of us are hoping for a nice cold snap and nasty weather. The odds of serious health outbreaks given the poor sanitation are quite real.

It is time for this farce to end.


Ducky's here said...

Officer Beak,

Once again I am writing to ask your assistance because I have seen posts of yours which claim you make decisions that are critical to the nations future.

I was watching a video of the pigs busting up the Oakland protest and I was initially in full support of the protesters until I saw it.

There in the crowd were a large number, maybe two dozen, scary Muslim women. Yes, do you believe it?

Now we understand the source of the antisemitism which controls the movement. The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD is infiltrating. What should we do, Officer? I don't believe tear gas is enough and those protestors, controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, are going to be back.

Please give patriotic Americans your guidance.

Thank you,

beakerkin said...

Actually the antisemitism is part and parcel of standard Marxism that flows from the mendicant dullard failed philosopher to his death cult followers.