Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wrong Infereence by the Duck and a community post

The Duck as usual gets the story from Nigeria wrong. He points to the use of government force against a Muslim sect and gets the wrong message. Governments need to ensure the safety of its citizenry especially in a country with tribal and religious strife like Nigeria. One group's behavior threatened the stability of the country and the government took appropriate actions. It did not target every Mosque, just the ones affiliated with a sect responsible for the criminal riots.

The Editrix is largely correct in her comments. CM provides some history on the other aspects not observed by me. A community is a reflection of the people in the community. In our community the Duck states his views but there is a level of behavior that all understand. The Duck disagrees with around 99% of what I write. However, his contributions keep me sharp and this would be a boring place if we all agreed. The Duck and I have an odd friendship that has gone on since 2004.It is funny that when I do a radio interview the subject of the Duck comes up in passing.

This site is in no description anti Yeagley. I do understand he has upset some friends. We also have people who do post here who are not upset, but left for various reasons. I wish his site would return to the era where ideas and history were discussed. A certain person has never contributed to the intelectual debate on that site. Her role seems to be to make the Dr look ridiculous by fostering an attmosphere that at times resembles a hate site.

I also want to contrast the examples of some Conservatives and BE. When we read a Mr Beamish or AOW they are not fans of Obama. However, they discuss eroneous policies sans any talk of race. The issue of Obama is his dreadful plans to send the country in the wrong direction.
As a conservative it is illogical to attack a person's heritage as we discuss ideas and celebrate individualism. Blacks are part of the American family and they serve with distinction in all capacities. We do not attack family members for being different here, we note our differences state our opposition to the ideas and not the persons community. Ultimately the ideas are more important than Obama the person.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Jihadist Next Door

The US needs to enforce existing laws against US citizens engaging in their own foreign policy. It is time to start enforcing this law on jihadis and commies who decide to participate as belligerents
in foreign affairs.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

African Christians and Islam

When one talks of African Christians I am talking about people who arrive from Africa and practice
Christianity. Unlike Jesse Jackson or the insane out to Pasture Wright they have a less charitable view of Islam in general.

A look at the headlines from the violence in Nigeria shows why this is so. This violence also indicates why a Nigerian Anglican like Akinola would never make the remarks about Shariah that Rowan Williams made in the UK. Akinola is sadly familiar with what happens when Christians are placed under Shariah because it happened in his country Nigeria.

In general the world is much more complicated than cartoon communist or white power nuts imagine. The power of African Christians will change the face of many Churches. A racial power kook now is stuck in the paradox that the most conservative members of his Church are African.
Commies who lecture the world about voices from the third world suddenly want these African Christians to do what they are told.

Then again one needs to look at a prominent kook from the Bader Meinhoff gang to see how readily one moves from extreme left to right.

The news from Nigeria is sad and buried. It is important to note that the government appears to
have attempted to react responsibly to protect its citizens. It would be nicer to live in a world where such protection is not needed.

Monday, July 27, 2009

India builds a nuclear submarine

India has taken a huge step forward and built a nuclear submarine. India is a growing power that the US should align itself with for its economic and foreign policy future. It faces two enemies Pakistan and China ultimately an unstable China would be the more dangerous foe.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The World is Stranger than Kook Theorists

I am mildly amused when a fake "American Catholic Patriot" rails about Jewish Bolshevism and fails to see the specter of Liberation theology in his Church. Obviously, the venomously anti Israel far left kook clerics must be in a very convoluted plot. Then again any idiot who fails to comprehend that Christianity and racial supremacy are incongruous is a loon.

What is a racist nut supposed to think when the Conservatives in his Church are Africans. The truth is that the African Churches are typically more Conservative than the European ones. If you are a far left kook you might tell the Africans to shut up. If you are a white power kook you might want to think about packing it in or becoming a commie where you can at least spout Jewish conspiracies in peace.

What will be the response when some of these African Churches export polygamy to the States? It will be harder to dismiss than the standard Muslim and Mormon situation. Oddly, the Africans and the Mormons tend to be conservative.

The world is to complicated for cracker barrel one solution answers to life's mysteries.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Didn't Take So Long

The bloom is off Obama and his popularity is eroding. This is mostly due to the economy and I would sooner see a healthy economy no matter who is in office. He is starting to back track on the comments about profiling.

I have written about the difference between profiling and sound law enforcement.

Person X is from country Y that has a history of smuggling cigarettes to fund terror. With no other indicators if we were to extensively question him on the subject this would be profiling

Person W is also from country Y and has been convicted of cigarette smuggling. This person now fits an existing crime pattern and due diligence is warranted.

As a person who indeed was frequently pulled over it is annoying. I can empathize with both the officer and Gates. I remember being asked by a State Trooper if I had guns in my car or if I returned with large quantities of cigarettes. I was more embarrassed over the large quantities of ethnic food that were in the freezer chests. When one is frequently stopped it is indeed frustrating and annoying. Then again a small town cop looking to break up a drug ring is likely
looking in the wrong direction. The stop is also a vital way of finding out who is whom in a small
town. There were many drug busts where I lived, but in an odd way it was almost like a touch of home in VT. To a NYC type familiar with Washington Square Park in the Dinkins years there was a type of nostalgia.

Police in a small town will do things that are unthinkable in a large city. I remember a policw officer walking into a bar and pouring a pregnant womans drink on the floor. They put the woman in the car and took her home and laced into the bartender and owner later. A coworker who is a former NYC cop says they do that here, but I never saw anything like that. Women should not drink while pregnant but a big city cop would likely not be familiar enough with the community to make that call.

Some day but not very soon

I want to thank author Stephen Schwartz for showing me the other side of the coin. Most of us look at the conflicting images of Islam we see in the media or of the person down the block. We do like
Abdul when he is the smiling gas station owner, valued doctor or coworker. The lives of Americans are connected in a way that makes hatred of anyone for anything other than criminality Unamerican.

Of course in the media we get the loudest shrillest voices. So we are likely to see the terrorist or a waffling sort from a group like CAIR.

At some point in the future there is going to be an internal dialogue within Islam. Terrorism just doesn't accomplish anything and harms the lives of Muslims more than its enemies.

Some Notes

Comanche Moon is a friend from Bad Eagle. Several people here used to post there. I have never been mistreated by her in any way and she is welcome here.

I consider Dr Y to be a friend and I do not support attacks on him. I disagree with him on a few things as friends do.

As a friend to all parties I wish the fighting would stop. Lets say one does not like the Dr than merely support someone else. Nothing is gained by tearing him or anyone else down.

I really do miss the old days at Bad Eagle where one could marvel at the brilliant posts of the Editrix, Kidst, Mac, Amil, Warren and many others. One could just marvel at the brilliance in the posts and it did not matter if one agreed or disagreed the posts were informative. There were many humorists of note Mark Winters and the Gator.

Over time a sick deranged woman who openly calls herself a "racist" made it her personal mission to stir up trouble. Rather than accept that Dr Y could have other friends her mental illness, racism and spiteful nature have caused much damage to his name. Oddly, I see more anti comments about this lunatic than Dr Y.

Dr Y's error is a fundamental mistake in what America and Conservatism is about. One need look at this site to see many fine Conservatives. If one were to ask Mr Beamish, AOW or Warren
if racial supremacy and hatred of Jews is a Conservative value you would get a predictable response. I do not call myself a Conservative although I align myself with them very frequently.
It is okay to oppose Obama, but lets stick with his policies.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Appropriate Use for the Death Penalty

The American Muslim convert who was caught acting for Al Queda should be given the death penalty. The actions of this individual amount to treason against the state. This should have also been done with Bill Ayers and company.

Living in a democracy has certain responsibilities, such as do not blow up things. The system is open to peaceful political activity. Taking the law into your hands for political reasons is wrong, especially when acting in concert with a hostile foreign movement.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unusual take on Profiling

I am not Black, but I can relate somewhat to what happened to Dr Gates and the Police. For a while I lived in Northern Vermont and suffered from DWN and LWN. The acronym is driving while New Yorker and Living while New Yorker.

In my brief stay in Vermont I was stopped or questioned by the police around 30 times. I have never been arrested so this level of scrutiny was uncalled for. The town I lived in had a big drug problem and naturally local law enforcement would tend to view this as exported from the big city as opposed to locals behaving badly.

It is frustrating and humiliating and I understand the feeling of Gates. I remember when I locked myself out of the apartment going to my car for my spare and getting questioned by police for hours. I remember giving a ride home to a friend who dropped a cigarette in the front. The police in the next car thought I was getting a sex act while driving. She had a good laugh, but road safety is no laughing matter. Secondly anyone who has seen the World According to GARP knows why that is a bad idea.

A good officer does not profile. I can not guess what goes through an officers mind. Hopefully, it is just one of those errors made by good officers rather than sloppy work. Of course the fact that one of the officers was Black leads me to think that Gates may have been touchy. It is not a good experience.

My time in Vermont made me sadly familiar with being stopped and questioned for no reason.
I remember one time being stopped in Essex Junction. A cop asked me what I was doing there?
I told them going to the local Chinese place. The cop asked me why. I told them JP's ( a local coffee shop) was closed and if it were open I would be there so I could get a decent meal and tip
a breath taking waitress whose name I forgot. The cop knew I was familiar with the area and asked about my plates and I told him the story. He did later see me at that waitress's station later and we laughed about it. I am amazed that I can not remember the waitress's name because her smile and charm were truly amazing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RIP Gordon The Sound of Angels

I want to note the passing of Gordon Waller of Peter and Gordon fame. A contractor commented that my office sounds like the voices of angels.

I try to play lite music between interviews and prominent in the mix are Peter and Gordon. Their music is soothing and relaxing and created a good atmosphere. I also play Del Shannon and a few compilation tapes from the same era.

I still like the heavier sound when driving. There is nothing more worthy of the road than some AC
DC music and a caffeinated soda on a drive through the mountains.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Worth More Than Gold

Being an officer is a daunting task. Sometimes we have to say no to good people and yes to seedy ones. There are always managers who are like Jauvert at times and unpredictable applicants.

There are great moments that will stay with me for ever such as helping a woman who waited 28 years to get her status. When I told her I could fix her problems with a few simple steps she cried. I told her to wait for her attorneys bill and indeed did fix her problems.

A close second was a card I got from a very young woman whose husband was a graduate of a prestigious university. For reasons unknown ( likely a depressing job market) he became couch bound. He would sit on the couch with his cat on line while his poor wife worked 60 hours a week.
I spoke to the young man more as a man, but with empathy, than as an officer. I received the most wonderful thank you note from the woman who thanked me for saving their marriage.

Some people like the criminal work, others like complex legal issues and there are those who like happy endings. I have written quite a few, but my work often is the composition of new beginnings.

One day I will have to do an interview with Jams and discuss the work as only two officers can.
It will likely be a bore, but it will be a glimpse inside similar governmental positions in the UK and the USA.

The Future Is Not Etched In Stone

Obama was elected with very high hopes and no program other than saying hope and change. He wil not be able to deliver and will be a one term President. He more as a symbol and as a reaction to a series of bank failures than as a candidate. In the end he may very well make Jimmy Carter look good in comparison.

His popularity is sinking and much of that is natural. Lets look again in two months.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obama is great unil you get sticker shock

A coworker came to me and had a short conversation. She was Haitian and took great pride in Obama as a symbol. However, she is now looking at her tax bill and the job market and shaking her head.

Some of the job losses are the business cycle. Obama however will make things much worse. His poll numbers are slipping fast and it is the economy that is driving those numbers down. He hasn't said much and presented an image of optimism.

I am starting to think he may get challenged in the Democratic primary if the economy doesn't get better.

A Blast From the Past

In the old days this site would interview bloggers on subjects we did not know.

I would like ro get the Editrix to see if she can let us know what is going on in Germany. She can let us know about many things from a unique perspective.

1) Is there a regional accents that are noticeable to a native German speaker. Would a person from Berlin sound different from someone in Munich?

2) Americans are familiar with the larger parties in Germany? Are there smaller local parties as well?

3) What American TV shows are available in Germany?

4) Are uncommon books like the Great Divide by Schmidt and the works of Thomas Sowel available in German?

5) Who are the Greens?

6) Is there any talk of Immigration reform in Germany?

7) Is there a home schooling movement in Germany?

8) Are there Real Estate Taxes in Germany?

9) If you went to the local gourmet shop could one find oddities such as Vermont Maple Syrup
and Louisiana Crayfish at the market?

10) What is Ramstein about? Is this a crass fad equivalent to Punk Rock in the states?

11) How is India portrayed in the German press?

12) Has Obama won over some of America's critics in Germany?

13) What are your thoughts about women who wear Burkha's is it a public safety issue. Should the government have the right or duty to identify citizens?

14) Are there speed limits on German roadways other than autobahns?

15) Do immigrants have any obligations to their host country?

16) How is World War One treated in the history books in Germany?

17) Does the failure of responsible mainstream parties to address topics like immigration reform give fringe malicious parties opportunities to stoke populist support.

18) Is crime rising in Germany?

19) If an American were to come to Germany for one week what sites would you recommend?

20) Is there media diversity in Germany? Americans have Fox News as an alternative to the mainstream press? Is there a German equivalent to Fox News?

21) What American films stand out as classics in your tastes. Name your five all time favorites?

22) Other than McDonald's or Fast food are there restaurants in Germany that mimic American cooking styles such as Cajun, New York Deli or California Fusion?

23) Are American Cartoons such as Sponge Bob and Bugs Bunny shown on German TV?

24) What are your thoughts on Children's films over the years does Shrek or Monsters Inc compare with Bambi or Pinnochio from an earlier era?

25) Should love be left for theologians, poets or musicians to describe?

Bonus question

26) Is Vanilla Ice just as dreadful in Germany as it is in the States. I am amazed when I meet Polish immigrants who can't speak a word of English but proclaim "Vanilla Ice stinks". These are people who were maybe five when he performed. Is his legacy as the worst American cultural export safe?

A Sad Day

Long time readers will be saddened to learn that Rob and Justin have closed their blog due to philosophical differences. I consider Justin, Devon and Rob to all be friends who I sometimes agree with.

Some us forget that Rob is young and growing and at times is prone to the black white world of youth. As we age we understand life comes in shades of gray and there are no magic bullets. Rob was always my friend when he was gay, he remained my friend when he was ex gay and he remained my friend when he resumed being gay again. My friendship was for the person who was a good guy like the rest of us who could be prone to over the top rhetoric. There were a few times when we fought, but it never changed my overall view he was a decent guy. My big problems with him involved watching American Idol and rooting for the Detroit Lions.

Justin remains a person I deeply respect as a friend and for his military service. Long before there was don't ask don't tell he served with honor as a Chaplain. He remains a valued friend whose insights are valued. Politically Justin and I are somewhat similar except he is more cynical
and I am to paraphrase Nixon "a company man".

Sometimes we let the political nonesense take away from our friendships. They are welcomed here as valued friends.

An American Officer and a Jew

There are some bigots who think as a Jew I am forever foreign. I serve my country each and every day as a labor of love.

I took my oath of office to uphold the Constitution twice and I did swear. The second time was in a Chapel in GA and I had no reservations. I have been at government meetings in Churches. In my private life I have been to Churches, Mosques and Temples.

I am an officer charged with upholding the laws in the Constitution. My religious beliefs have no
impact in my application of the laws. Indeed there are times the law stinks, but I follow the law to the best of my ability.

My identity as a Jew and as an officer rarely if ever come into conflict. A typical example was when I was in training I had to attend classes on Saturday. Rather than make waves I did what needed to be done and did not ask about Kosher food. I was in a place where the nearest Jewish community was 20 miles a way and for much of that time had no transportation by design of the program.

The time was meant for officers to bond as a unit. We formed small social groups and I was a key member of one group. My ability to deal with different challenges as a NYC type and my life in VT made my abilities valuable to the group. Individually, I could have sought out the Jewish communities in my travels but my presence was needed on a group level. I did briefly talk with some folks from Chabad in LA and went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls privately in SD.

Sometimes we are tasked with making decisions we do not like or conflict with our morals and theological beliefs. A perfect illustration was the inner angst an officer felt when dealing with the toxic brew of young children and convicted pedophiles. The Adam Walsh law remedied that horror and every officer I spoke with had the same issue.

Our American traditions include Civil law and when possible reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs. If the laws were to be changed that Gay marriage were to be recognized my job would be to adapt to the new laws. Making laws is the job of legislatures and interpreting it is the job of judges. My task is to enforce existing laws and sometimes they stink, but it is my job.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

RIP Walter Cronkite

People in their thirties likely have the same memories of the late Walter Cronkite that I do. He was
respected in a time when news anchors were trusted. His abuse of the position and disastrous reporting did more damage to public support for the Vietnam War than the self important peace clown protests. His coverage of Watergate ushered in an era where the Presidency was cheapened.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dicrimination felt by Muslims

Obana has mentioned that Muslims feel discriminated against in the USA. The message is true, but a large portion of the blame falls on Muslim leadership. Rather than stand up and say that terrorism is counterproductive and harms the image of Islam it sends a message that waffles.

Sadly what the Muslim American community needs most is a leader like Stephen Schwartz, but he is seldom seen and quoted as the media looks for the shrillest voice to give good copy.

What the Muslim community in America needs to help its own image is vision. Islam in America may be different from the European variants. The expectation that work is expected and that one is just another flavor of America may blunt the radicalism seen in Europe.

One day I would love to see Stephen Schwartz answer the serious question if far left paternalistic
social safety nets that keep people at subsistence levels creates a fertile environment for radicalism. Gainfully employed people have little time for utopian idiocy of all types. However, the 7/7 bombers did not fit that mold. The European culture of alienation vs the more open form of inclusion in the USA must be examined.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Downside of Baseball

I enjoy watching baseball. However, there is a dark side to our beloved national past time. The prices of tickets and food are so exorbitant regular working people can not enjoy a day at a MLB game without a second mortgage.

Another seldom discussed bit is the signings of young foreign amateurs who get hurt and discarded
without vocations and end up marrying locals without educational or vocational skills. MLB really does need to start some sort of illiteracy program in the minors. Few of these ball players reach the majors and MLB really does need to address this problem.

The tale of US ball players without educational skills is well known. I would love to read the story of baseballs foreign failures. At least the American failures often went to college or graduated high school. The foreign failures seldom speak English and may be illiterate or very poorly educated in their own language.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More of the same from the Guardian

The Guardian reports the allegations by some Israeli soldiers critical of the rules of engagement as a fact. Omitted, from the article is a series of missile attacks from civilian areas provoked the conflict in the first place.

This pattern of holding Arabs accountable for none of their actions while demanding Israel be held to standards of behavior placed on no other country is typical of the bias at that paper.

In comparison to the amount of provocations, Israel is more restrained than the Russians in Chechnya or the Sri Lankans

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama Sinking

The popularity polls for Obama are sinking fast despite almost messianic slavish type of media coverage. A certain part of this is due to anger over the economy which has not improved much.
The President gets too much credit when things are good and too much blame when things are bad.

It is very early on in the Obama administration and my personal philosophy understands the business cycle. No doubt Obama's ham handed policies will exacerbate and prolong the economic downturn.

The midterm elections will be here before you know it and if conditions do not improve history indicates the GOP will pick up seats. It will be instructive to see if Democrats embrace or distance themselves from Obama if the economic woes continue. In a normal functioning party one could even expect a major primary challenge if these economic woes continue. Then again nobody should ever claim the Democrats are normal and well functioning.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

India vs China

There are some recent articles in Indian Newspapers hinting that China is planning some aggressive action against India. The article points to the internal problems at home in China.

However, to put it bluntly India is by no means a soft target. China might not win the exchange as India has plenty of manpower and would also get aid from many allies including most of the West.
A more logical target would be a historical enemy like Vietnam that could not resist the overwhelming numbers.

The United States should be firming up its relationship with India to ensure its future. India is a key ally and a more logical trading partner than China. Improving our relations with India is vital to Americas long term interests.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reading Surrender by Bruce Bawer

I am through with the first third of the book. Regular readers of our blog community will not find
much new at least through the first 80 pages.

The exception is the NYT hypocrisy on Imam Shata as some type of moderate. Of course, there are other groups that reject popular culture and have restrictive views on sex roles. Bawer raises a relevant question if a pastor had such anti gay views would they have been ignored. Then again the NYT did not mention a controversial Columbia MELAC scholar had made a few anti gay remarks of his own. The anti gay remarks of the absurd Leonard Jeffries also got swept under the rug.

Bawer is a gay person who decided to move from NYC to a more enlightened Europe and found Europe has its own issues. Oddly the far left which talks of Eurocentrism is the most Eurocentric
group in America.

Regressive Taxation

One of my pet peeves is regressive taxation. The far left forgets or does not care if their quest for gasoline taxes hurts rural folk. They also do not care that taxes on cigarettes and beer impact working folk.

Does anyone want to live in a nanny state. Maybe I am old fashioned, but I want government out of my refrigerator and out of my lunch box.

Who is an American

There are some really dreadful comments on the web from people who really think they own America. Sorry but stupid comments wanting to send all Blacks to Africa and Jews to Israel make one a baboon.

We have many fine Conservatives on this site and race is almost never discussed here. The reason is our American heritage values individual rights. Blacks have been here ever since the founding of our country. They are my brother and sister Americans and an affront on their rights is an affront to American ideals.

The odd part is a so called Catholic Italian claiming to be the Champion of racial supremacy. Catholics until recently were one of the targets of the KKK which also did not consider Italians white enough for their standards. This bigotry is even more odd considering so called Native Americans are mimicking it. I would point out these Indians are few in number and do not represent mainstream political thought amongst Indians or anywhere else.

Most of us know rabid dogs when we see them. When a person talks of Jewish conspiracies to rule the world they have identified themselves as insane.

The inane senile racial supremacist also proclaims himself a champion of the Catholic Church. He also should comprehend that according to his Church all who believe are equals and the Church has spent plenty of time converting non whites. Also pretending that liberation theology is a Jewish plot is amusing in that the Marxists are almost as antisemitic as the deluded senile fool.

Is there anything Conservative about mindless paranoid bigotry?

The deluded nut job praises Pat Buchanan without understanding the Dances with Lenora Fulani bit. Buchanan is an example of the divisions the GOP needs to avoid in order to return to power,

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Detecting A Chatroom Troll

Once again Rightminded was busted using other pen names to attack an opponent. Apparently, this
time we did not even need the great Mr Beamish to solve the crime.

The bad writing style and poorly defined bios were obvious. The fact that many at Yeagley's site allowed such a ruse to go on for so long was he played to their bigotries. He was more American, more Christian than his opponents. It was all fake.

When we exchange views with the Editrix, Pagan Temple or even the Duck we are dealing with a real person with a bio. If a person posts for a long period of time with no bio this is likely a fake.
We only have one brain and key phrases get repeated.

No doubt he is on the web pretending to be many people. He only fools those who wished to be fooled in the first place.

A quick clue about who is and is not a fake can be determined when seeing their interactions with
others. A quick check would have revealed that I have been interviewed several times on blog talk radio by a fellow New Yorker WC. We have also had a few Jews on this board as well and the interactions were in depth. Were I not from NYC I would not have been able to converse with WC or have been interviewed live without numerous errors. Moreover, I could not have shared common NYC things with Jason, Urban Infidel and WC.

Sadly, had Yeagley discussed this history with Rocco like I kept telling him this would have ended six months ago. The brain dead Batty Ann fell for the act hook line and sinker because the writings of the Nazi GMS confirmed her racist bigoted views. She is now even turning on her former ally.

We know what American Patriots are at this site and we have them in abundance here.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A walk around town

I was in the local Jewish section of Brooklyn wondering about the timelessness of the place. It was
good to come back and see some of the young couples who could have been me at an earlier time.

I went to the local restaurant and was greeted with a smile.

We think of NYC as a huge place but in Sunbeam's locale with mom and pop stores and local communities it is often as small as St Albans VT. I am an outsider here except that when I am with her it is home.

I am picturing my future with her as I see some of the older couples. Some of them are interesting
and are very together after 50 years.

In such a small community one can literally see your past present and future in the faces of those around you.

Personal Post

My father is doing well after surgery
Sunbeam is truly my soul mate
A smile is the best gift one can give

I hold her in my arms as we sleep
It is so natural I do it by reflex
I live for her smile and warm embrace
Her charm and warmth are like a new dawn

Some people never live their hopes and dreams
She is everything I ever wanted and more

It all begins with a smile and a soft touch

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yeagley is not an Antisemite and the GMS fraud

I want to point to the unhinged critics of Dr Yeagley claiming his is an anti semite are way off base. Yeagley is a personal friend and a friend to the Jewish community. There are plenty of Jew haters at the site but Yeagley is not one of them.

Yeagley does not understand that when one has crossed into talk of consipacies and cabals we are dealing with mental health issues. Rational discourse with people of this mindset is impossible. Such people are immune to logic and coherent thought.

Now some of you will point to the articles about Sotomayor and scratch your heads. The doctor has an interest in Conversos or cryptojews that many of us think is odd. Cryto Jews are the descendants of Jews who practiced their religion in secret. This is the context of those articles that many just do not get.

That being said perhaps one day he will get around and discuss what it means to be an American
and Christian. The conversations got side tracked by a hysterical group and Yeagley's positions
may surprise some of his critics.

I want to point out the profound difference between a true American Patriot Mr Beamish and a fake GMS. Mr Beamish understands the basis of our country is a series of shared beliefs in our founding doccuments. He knows and opposess all forms of racial goonery. Thus when white power nuts start talking he takes no prisoners.

I also want to point out the profound difference between women who embody Christ in their lives and GMS the false Christian. Junglemom is in South America spreading the word of Christ and assisting poor communities. TMW is a woman whose dedication to Christ is the center of her life. If you asked either does Christ endorse racial supremacy you would get an earful. Ask either
about theological hatred of Jews and you will get the same story.

Americanism and Christianity are inclusive ideas and folks who preach hatred know little about either.

Settlements Local Mob Lynches Muslims In reactio to Terrorism

Many of you probably thought that this headline was about Israel. The truth is Communists have their own history with Islam that is not spoken of. We have mass deportations in the Soviet Union
and flooding a region with settlers in Western China.

Unlike the Jews and Israel, ethnic Chinese are not indigenous in the areas the Uighurs reside in.
The communist government has encouraged immigration to the region and mixed marriages. Predictably the locals have resorted to terror. Even more predictably, frustrated locals have taken matters into their own hands.

As for commie clowns comments .........................................
Commies only care about Muslims when the subject involves Jews.

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Curtain Comes Down

The Bad Eagle Forum Saga has wound to a close. The site is getting an upgrade to an IKON Board 3. The changes were necessitated by the antics of GMS and the BAG (Thundersky).

I want to point out I will defend Yeagley from all complaints of anti semitism. He has made some unfortunate comments about Blacks that I will not defend. The problem is that he wants to preserve his local community and wants to avoid inter marriage. However, in the larger American community intermarriage is a given.

The decline of the site occurred when a one time foil Mac left. Mac was a pain in the backside at times, but he kept the white power types at bay. These types and the mentally ill BAG have ruined what was once an amazing resource.

I will now list my top 10 Bad Eagle Commenters and 10 Worst.

1) Warren/Longrange sharp and respected by all
2) The Editrix sharp as a foe and a valued friend
3) Amil he has grown as a writer and as a friend
4) Kidst Brilliant and a good friend
5) Mark Winters Funnier than I am and very sharp
6) The Merry Widow valued friend who left long ago.
7) Gator Great friend and hysterical
8) Raven Very under rated
9) Vanfield Excellent writer
10) Pancho He is the funniest white supremacist ever. I never did figure out if he was spoofing white supremacists or was serious. I don't think he knew either.

The ten worst

1) GMS A low class Nazi moron. Sorry, but on this board when we want a patriot we turn to Mr. Beamish. FYI Justin has forgotten more about Catholicism than a baboon like you will ever know. Creepy and stupid.
2) Thundersky souless and mentally disturbed. Her goal in life appears to have a mental disorder named for her.
3) Tsigane- Stupid even by low white power standards.
4) Motoy- Incoherent stupid Elmer Fudd antisemite who has paranoid conspiracies about Jews in every comment. Whiny, paranoid and dumb is not a way to go through life unless you are Motoy.
5) Lance Thruster- Generic untalented far left academic anti semite.
6) KPS- Even dumber than Thruster and that is an acheivement.
7) Orange Titan- Unexceptional
8) Guerra- Better mannered anti semite
9) Ecology- I like the guy and he is a friend, but at times he is incoherent.
10) Amerind Whiny and Dumb

In fairness I did not venture into the Indian sections except when history was being discussed.

She moves me

Sunbeam met my older 1/2 sister. It was a wonderful time. My father is doing better even if he sleeps and watches TV at odd hours Billy Mays commercials. He walked around the block and looks better.

Things are well with Sunbeam. Holding her is like heaven to me.

We have a mature relationship in that she can tell me I am wrong an I listen. We discuss issues and
disagree. She is a bit more conservative than I am which is a first. Then again, the folks at work see
me as a liberal as well. I am still me but maybe the landscape around me has changed.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Despair in the Age of Obama

Many of us are disillusioned by the direction the country is going. We see ideas we disagree with being implemented and our liberties being eroded. Even as we search for glimmers of hope more of us are hurting in this down turn. It is too early to blame Obama and Presidents really get too much blame and credit for the economy as it is part of the business cycle.

In this despair some of us have become unglued. We seek a bogeyman for the malaise and despair.Some of us have over the top hatred for Obama, some blame the Jews and others turn to internal strife.

I am concerned some of us are rooting for the economy to fail so Obama will get the boot. I want to stress that I want to see the economy improve so that families can function. I might not like Obama, but for now I want to see America get back to work.

I also want to discuss feminism and the family based upon a uprising post by the editrix. I was always surprised when a strong articulate woman declared she was against feminism.

My dissent was that we have intimacy needs. Men and women need to bond and grow together
so that each might find emotional bliss. Feminism is a divisive unnatural ideology that denies the need for emotional intimacy. One can have all their individual needs met and still be empty.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Consumed by Hated

I find myself accused of being a Black Indian Mexican gay communist by some people who are obviously illiterate.

A bunch of white supremacists have set up shop at a site I comment on. The next thing I know is that these Nazi kook racial supremacists start calling me Unamerican and a traitor based upon my ethnicity. Next thing I know a Nazi starts to question my morality based upon my being a Edomite who supports gay marriage and abortion.

As stated since this blog opened I am a Rudy Republican. I was always and remain stridently anti communist. Any basic reading of my blog makes this obvious. I was a Cold Warrior who fought commies on their home turf my beloved NYC. My positions are fairly mainstream for a NYC Republican, but I am not nor have I ever labeled myself a Conservative.

I do not condone racial supremacy of any type and I am a relentless foe of white supremacists or their Black counter parts. This type of hatred is unamerican and is a violation the principles that founded this nation. When I point out the idiot that made these idiotic accusations got chopped to pieces by Mr Beamish who does not like Nazis it should give you a clue that this is no super patriot. People as diverse as The Merry Widow, Nanc and Rocco had this person tossed from the Autonomist for Nazi style rants.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

The System is broken

I want to point out that our system of immigration is broken. It is broken by the endless cycles of appeals. Having cases go on for decades of appeals makes no sense. These appeals can literally go
on for decades and the only people who benefit from that are lawyers.

I respect due process. There are plenty of people with shady intentions and crooked people taking advantage of desperate people.

You want to be transparent and fair. Person X comes from country Y where documentation is lax.Is it fair to subject everyone from country Y to DNA testing? Or should it just be done for everyone in an age where fraudulent documents are high quality. Would requiring US Citizens
provide fingerprints and DNA samples that would be in law enforcement data bases deter some from fake marriages. It it an unlawful invasion of privacy.

These are questions to ponder as the debate on immigration moves forward.