Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Yeagley is not an Antisemite and the GMS fraud

I want to point to the unhinged critics of Dr Yeagley claiming his is an anti semite are way off base. Yeagley is a personal friend and a friend to the Jewish community. There are plenty of Jew haters at the site but Yeagley is not one of them.

Yeagley does not understand that when one has crossed into talk of consipacies and cabals we are dealing with mental health issues. Rational discourse with people of this mindset is impossible. Such people are immune to logic and coherent thought.

Now some of you will point to the articles about Sotomayor and scratch your heads. The doctor has an interest in Conversos or cryptojews that many of us think is odd. Cryto Jews are the descendants of Jews who practiced their religion in secret. This is the context of those articles that many just do not get.

That being said perhaps one day he will get around and discuss what it means to be an American
and Christian. The conversations got side tracked by a hysterical group and Yeagley's positions
may surprise some of his critics.

I want to point out the profound difference between a true American Patriot Mr Beamish and a fake GMS. Mr Beamish understands the basis of our country is a series of shared beliefs in our founding doccuments. He knows and opposess all forms of racial goonery. Thus when white power nuts start talking he takes no prisoners.

I also want to point out the profound difference between women who embody Christ in their lives and GMS the false Christian. Junglemom is in South America spreading the word of Christ and assisting poor communities. TMW is a woman whose dedication to Christ is the center of her life. If you asked either does Christ endorse racial supremacy you would get an earful. Ask either
about theological hatred of Jews and you will get the same story.

Americanism and Christianity are inclusive ideas and folks who preach hatred know little about either.


beamish said...

I am opposed to all strains of leftism. Nazism is but one form of leftism I oppose.

I don't have the time nor desire to yank GMS / Blightminded's chain. He certainly didn't need me to show people he's a nutcase. It was fun until it got boring all those years ago.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious to me that this "beamish' dude or lady whichever happens to be the case does not know the difference between a left shoe and a right one,lol. Nazism has never been aligned with the leftist at any time in history but are aligned with the far far right extremist. Case of history in point is this and historical fact- the nazi party began as a rightist group of working middle class and small buisness owners in Germany as opposition to the push after world war 1 by the leftist to make Germany into a communist form of Government, and which at that time saw the hardcore right extremist nazis fight it out in the streets of Berlin with members of the communist KPD party of which there were some 120,000 Jewish members. This is fact and not antisemite propaganda, PROVEN Historical Fact. The fact that nazis are aligned with the right and not the left was the case as well here in the US as seen and proclaimed by the Southern Poverty law center head Morris Dees who sued the Nazi National Alliance leader Dr. William Pierce years back successfully, as the National Alliance recruiters were frequently seen at Conservative gathering signing up new members back then from West Virginia to Florida. Nazis are far far right extremist and communist are far far leftist. Neither "beamish" or the master at be are real conservatives but NEON CONS- Crossovers from the George MCGOVERN far leftist liberal who crossed over to the Republican party to play conservative and try to gain some christian church members votes.