Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama Sinking

The popularity polls for Obama are sinking fast despite almost messianic slavish type of media coverage. A certain part of this is due to anger over the economy which has not improved much.
The President gets too much credit when things are good and too much blame when things are bad.

It is very early on in the Obama administration and my personal philosophy understands the business cycle. No doubt Obama's ham handed policies will exacerbate and prolong the economic downturn.

The midterm elections will be here before you know it and if conditions do not improve history indicates the GOP will pick up seats. It will be instructive to see if Democrats embrace or distance themselves from Obama if the economic woes continue. In a normal functioning party one could even expect a major primary challenge if these economic woes continue. Then again nobody should ever claim the Democrats are normal and well functioning.

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Always On Watch said...

We have Virginia elections this November.

The outcome is often viewed as a baromoter for 2010.

BHO promised "hope and change." People were expecting immediate results. Those results, positive ones, aren't happening. Since many voters have ADD and are into instant gratification. Fickle, one might say.

The wave that swept BHO in may well sweep him out after one term. I HOPE!

But I do blame the Congress more than I blame BHO.