Thursday, July 09, 2009

Detecting A Chatroom Troll

Once again Rightminded was busted using other pen names to attack an opponent. Apparently, this
time we did not even need the great Mr Beamish to solve the crime.

The bad writing style and poorly defined bios were obvious. The fact that many at Yeagley's site allowed such a ruse to go on for so long was he played to their bigotries. He was more American, more Christian than his opponents. It was all fake.

When we exchange views with the Editrix, Pagan Temple or even the Duck we are dealing with a real person with a bio. If a person posts for a long period of time with no bio this is likely a fake.
We only have one brain and key phrases get repeated.

No doubt he is on the web pretending to be many people. He only fools those who wished to be fooled in the first place.

A quick clue about who is and is not a fake can be determined when seeing their interactions with
others. A quick check would have revealed that I have been interviewed several times on blog talk radio by a fellow New Yorker WC. We have also had a few Jews on this board as well and the interactions were in depth. Were I not from NYC I would not have been able to converse with WC or have been interviewed live without numerous errors. Moreover, I could not have shared common NYC things with Jason, Urban Infidel and WC.

Sadly, had Yeagley discussed this history with Rocco like I kept telling him this would have ended six months ago. The brain dead Batty Ann fell for the act hook line and sinker because the writings of the Nazi GMS confirmed her racist bigoted views. She is now even turning on her former ally.

We know what American Patriots are at this site and we have them in abundance here.


Ducky's here said...

Beak, does Sunbeam know about Betty Ann?

beakerkin said...

Yes she does but she like TMW or AOW

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The_Editrix said...

"We know what American Patriots are at this site and we have them in abundance here."

Honestly, Beak, I said I don't want to discuss the piano doctor and his forum any more here and I won't. But I fail to see why you are neglecting your own infinitely more interesting site for the sake of playing court-Jew there. It's about as interesting as a washed corpse. (Yes I DID go and looked.) Judging from the number of comments, even your regulars here seem to be bored with it.

(Posted with the wrong ID, sorry for that!)

beakerkin said...


I am a student of writing styles and yours is unique.

Is Bruce Bawers work available by you.

The_Editrix said...

Thank you Beak! Although I enjoy sincere compliments as any normal person does, I am afraid my unique writing style is not due to any unique talent, but to the fact that I am not truly biligual, i.e. that English isn't my native language.

Yes, I have come across Bruce Bawer. In fact, I have written about him. Frankly, with (or rather: BECAUSE OF) all the potential and talent he possesses, he was a disappointment. I have yet to find a homosexual who does NOT make his, to all sane standards irrelevant, sexual preference the center of the universe.