Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Sad Day

Long time readers will be saddened to learn that Rob and Justin have closed their blog due to philosophical differences. I consider Justin, Devon and Rob to all be friends who I sometimes agree with.

Some us forget that Rob is young and growing and at times is prone to the black white world of youth. As we age we understand life comes in shades of gray and there are no magic bullets. Rob was always my friend when he was gay, he remained my friend when he was ex gay and he remained my friend when he resumed being gay again. My friendship was for the person who was a good guy like the rest of us who could be prone to over the top rhetoric. There were a few times when we fought, but it never changed my overall view he was a decent guy. My big problems with him involved watching American Idol and rooting for the Detroit Lions.

Justin remains a person I deeply respect as a friend and for his military service. Long before there was don't ask don't tell he served with honor as a Chaplain. He remains a valued friend whose insights are valued. Politically Justin and I are somewhat similar except he is more cynical
and I am to paraphrase Nixon "a company man".

Sometimes we let the political nonesense take away from our friendships. They are welcomed here as valued friends.

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