Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RIP Gordon The Sound of Angels

I want to note the passing of Gordon Waller of Peter and Gordon fame. A contractor commented that my office sounds like the voices of angels.

I try to play lite music between interviews and prominent in the mix are Peter and Gordon. Their music is soothing and relaxing and created a good atmosphere. I also play Del Shannon and a few compilation tapes from the same era.

I still like the heavier sound when driving. There is nothing more worthy of the road than some AC
DC music and a caffeinated soda on a drive through the mountains.


Z said...

nice that you'd mention this, Beak....they were good, weren't they.

Always On Watch said...

I liked quite a lot of Peter and Gordon's music.

For a drive, though, I love CCR!

Z said...

Me, too, Always........BAD MOON RISING!!!

CM said...

For sittin at home: Feeling sorry for myself!

Brooks and Dunn "A Man this lonely"

Neil Young "Out on the Week-end"

Eagles "Hotel California"

Snow Patrol "chasing cars"

For that that drive thru the Mts, its 50's Rock and Rollin ......I'm showing my age, but your as young as you want to be when the music plays!

Country anytime of the day or nite!