Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Worth More Than Gold

Being an officer is a daunting task. Sometimes we have to say no to good people and yes to seedy ones. There are always managers who are like Jauvert at times and unpredictable applicants.

There are great moments that will stay with me for ever such as helping a woman who waited 28 years to get her status. When I told her I could fix her problems with a few simple steps she cried. I told her to wait for her attorneys bill and indeed did fix her problems.

A close second was a card I got from a very young woman whose husband was a graduate of a prestigious university. For reasons unknown ( likely a depressing job market) he became couch bound. He would sit on the couch with his cat on line while his poor wife worked 60 hours a week.
I spoke to the young man more as a man, but with empathy, than as an officer. I received the most wonderful thank you note from the woman who thanked me for saving their marriage.

Some people like the criminal work, others like complex legal issues and there are those who like happy endings. I have written quite a few, but my work often is the composition of new beginnings.

One day I will have to do an interview with Jams and discuss the work as only two officers can.
It will likely be a bore, but it will be a glimpse inside similar governmental positions in the UK and the USA.


Ducky's here said...

Is that Jauvert or Javert?

Brooke said...

That's really cool, Beak.. It's good that you can do really well by people sometimes.

CM said...

My sister is an ex-BIA Police Officer and Trainer, she traded that in for Social Services at our Nation....safer! Plus she loves People, and they love her, they will wait in line til she is free to help them even though others can help.

She is good people like Beak, we need more of these!