Saturday, July 11, 2009

Reading Surrender by Bruce Bawer

I am through with the first third of the book. Regular readers of our blog community will not find
much new at least through the first 80 pages.

The exception is the NYT hypocrisy on Imam Shata as some type of moderate. Of course, there are other groups that reject popular culture and have restrictive views on sex roles. Bawer raises a relevant question if a pastor had such anti gay views would they have been ignored. Then again the NYT did not mention a controversial Columbia MELAC scholar had made a few anti gay remarks of his own. The anti gay remarks of the absurd Leonard Jeffries also got swept under the rug.

Bawer is a gay person who decided to move from NYC to a more enlightened Europe and found Europe has its own issues. Oddly the far left which talks of Eurocentrism is the most Eurocentric
group in America.


The_Editrix said...

Beak, I haven't read the book, to the following is just my general view.

I have said before what I think of the gay agenda. The world revolves around their (to all sane intents and purposes) irrelevant sexual preference, and I doubt that Bawer would have that much of a beef with Islam weren't he homosexual. (I may be wrong!) The same applies to some Jews. They don't have any principled stance against Islam, they just see that they will be the first to be submitted to a very ...special treatment under Sharia.

A specifically despicable specimen of that sort is Phyllis Chesler.

So Muslim society are not nice to homosexuals and women? Big deal! They are not nice to humanity in general. It's not exactly as if straight men had such a fabulous life there, or is it? It is just that nobody is interested in how straight men are treated, straight men included. At least they don't whine.

beakerkin said...

Chesler was married to a Muslim and
recounted the tale. The Jim Crow aspects of Islamic law are a serious problem.

Bawer is smarter than the folks on the far left who do not understand the danger they are in.

The_Editrix said...

"Bawer is smarter than the folks on the far left who do not understand the danger they are in."

Without any doubt!

Yes, Chesler was married to a man from Afghanistan, followed him to his home country and was then less than amused that the opinions of women whose ego matches their mouth and is reversely proportional to their brains are rather undervalued there. Sometimes I think even Islam has its good points. So she had to return to the reviled West to continue her phoney academic work and her fight against the evil evil oppression of women there. I bet her father-in-law paid for her ticket back to the States. But seriously, ANY woman who marries a Muslim and then whines about the consequences has lost any credibility. Chesler is a disgrace to her sex, a disgrace to her race and specifically a discgrace to American academia.