Monday, July 06, 2009

The Curtain Comes Down

The Bad Eagle Forum Saga has wound to a close. The site is getting an upgrade to an IKON Board 3. The changes were necessitated by the antics of GMS and the BAG (Thundersky).

I want to point out I will defend Yeagley from all complaints of anti semitism. He has made some unfortunate comments about Blacks that I will not defend. The problem is that he wants to preserve his local community and wants to avoid inter marriage. However, in the larger American community intermarriage is a given.

The decline of the site occurred when a one time foil Mac left. Mac was a pain in the backside at times, but he kept the white power types at bay. These types and the mentally ill BAG have ruined what was once an amazing resource.

I will now list my top 10 Bad Eagle Commenters and 10 Worst.

1) Warren/Longrange sharp and respected by all
2) The Editrix sharp as a foe and a valued friend
3) Amil he has grown as a writer and as a friend
4) Kidst Brilliant and a good friend
5) Mark Winters Funnier than I am and very sharp
6) The Merry Widow valued friend who left long ago.
7) Gator Great friend and hysterical
8) Raven Very under rated
9) Vanfield Excellent writer
10) Pancho He is the funniest white supremacist ever. I never did figure out if he was spoofing white supremacists or was serious. I don't think he knew either.

The ten worst

1) GMS A low class Nazi moron. Sorry, but on this board when we want a patriot we turn to Mr. Beamish. FYI Justin has forgotten more about Catholicism than a baboon like you will ever know. Creepy and stupid.
2) Thundersky souless and mentally disturbed. Her goal in life appears to have a mental disorder named for her.
3) Tsigane- Stupid even by low white power standards.
4) Motoy- Incoherent stupid Elmer Fudd antisemite who has paranoid conspiracies about Jews in every comment. Whiny, paranoid and dumb is not a way to go through life unless you are Motoy.
5) Lance Thruster- Generic untalented far left academic anti semite.
6) KPS- Even dumber than Thruster and that is an acheivement.
7) Orange Titan- Unexceptional
8) Guerra- Better mannered anti semite
9) Ecology- I like the guy and he is a friend, but at times he is incoherent.
10) Amerind Whiny and Dumb

In fairness I did not venture into the Indian sections except when history was being discussed.


Ducky's here said...

Are you willing to defend him from charges of being a complete look?

Ducky's here said...

Whatever happened to Lance Thruster?

Anonymous said...

Hellow Mr. Beakerkin,

Let me introduce myself...I am Beverly Isaac aka Comanchemoon.

I am a proud member of the Comanche Nation 4/4 in fact and who knows what my ancestors did or who they fell in love with at their time, but I am enrolled as 4/4ths, Mother and Father were considered Full Bloods.

I don't remember yeagley ever asking me for my background or even introducing myself. I joined his site because I truly thought it was for Native American, at least it had Comanche sections. That was my only reason for joining and wanting to learn ans share, but when a certain person(bag) started challenging make a long story short, well lets say "I" I got banned.

I respect what you and Ray tried to do for may not seem like it because of the way I speak up and Naiche chooses to place it on Indianz. You know what....I didn't have much of a chance to defend myself when my hands were tied behind my back with wire and my name kept coming on his site....I found a way to respond and I do.

I simply love American Indian History and wanted it told....(thats the reason I always hands tied behind my back with wire". There has a struggle to keep the grounds in front of the Alamo free from vehiclular traffic because it is a burial site....many Native Americans believed to be Comanche, were dug up during contruction with their hands tied behind their backs with wire....breaks my heart to know we are still being stiffled by our own!

This will be my one and only post, I just wanted to give you a heartfelt "THANKS" for your invite of being a Moderator/Arbitator, but I would not think of it considering what happened on badeagle....I've read your site many times before all this....and I think your relationship with your Sunbeam is wonderful....we should all be that lucky!!


beakerkin said...


Thruster is at USC where he is never held a job in his life. He embodies mediocrity.

Commanche Moon

Where I dwell you are always a welcomed friend. Your issues with Yeagley have nothing to do with me. I would be happier if the two of you got along. However, if not I will be friends with both separately.

The BAG reads this site, but I run it. She doesn't have the courage to
comment. If she did I am under no obligation to post her remarks. Here as in life she is less than nothing.

Sunbeam is my pride and joy. How a person could read those posts and construe me as gay speaks volumes
about her ignorance.

Much of Yeagley's problems stem from his albatross. The BAG is a grown woman and should stand on her own words.

Come often and bring Naiche and anyone else you wish.

You may remember Warren/Longrange and The Merry Widow.

Bad Eagle was a great place and its decline is a loss to us all.