Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some Notes

Comanche Moon is a friend from Bad Eagle. Several people here used to post there. I have never been mistreated by her in any way and she is welcome here.

I consider Dr Y to be a friend and I do not support attacks on him. I disagree with him on a few things as friends do.

As a friend to all parties I wish the fighting would stop. Lets say one does not like the Dr than merely support someone else. Nothing is gained by tearing him or anyone else down.

I really do miss the old days at Bad Eagle where one could marvel at the brilliant posts of the Editrix, Kidst, Mac, Amil, Warren and many others. One could just marvel at the brilliance in the posts and it did not matter if one agreed or disagreed the posts were informative. There were many humorists of note Mark Winters and the Gator.

Over time a sick deranged woman who openly calls herself a "racist" made it her personal mission to stir up trouble. Rather than accept that Dr Y could have other friends her mental illness, racism and spiteful nature have caused much damage to his name. Oddly, I see more anti comments about this lunatic than Dr Y.

Dr Y's error is a fundamental mistake in what America and Conservatism is about. One need look at this site to see many fine Conservatives. If one were to ask Mr Beamish, AOW or Warren
if racial supremacy and hatred of Jews is a Conservative value you would get a predictable response. I do not call myself a Conservative although I align myself with them very frequently.
It is okay to oppose Obama, but lets stick with his policies.


Anonymous said...


I do not hate on Yeagley, I just have brought up what I know and believe is truth, this hurt him to the core and he cannot forgive me. He hurt me to the core also by allowing you know who do the dirt.

It is strange how he manages to keep male friends and all the females(except for two or three)end up fighting and leaving. I think I am the only one who got thrown out for good! I guess I am special,LOL.

I so wanted his site to include Indians, Comanche especially. It won't happen, because he won't many years has been up?

He is Comanche and a very, very intelligent one, that is what I admired about him. Granted he is different! We have lots of very, very intelligent Comanche, they just don't have their own Blog.

Thank you for considering me a friend, I will Honor that with the respect you've earned and deserve as well as your Blog and posters!


beakerkin said...


Yeagley is a friend and his site at one time was an amazing place. Much of the strife can be blamed on two errors.

1) Betty Ann is very sick and does nothing other than cause strife. She is a racist bigot who really adds nothing to the site.

2) Tolerance for hate

When someone talks about killing gays we are talking about a crime.
When someone is obsessed with Jewish conspiracies it really is a mental health issue.

America celebrates individualism and people need to be themselves.

Anonymous said...


You say these things best!

America is what it is. Almost always, yeagley ended up calling the Indians crybabies for speaking of the past. That was not nice. We need to speak of the past in order to correct some wrongs!

Just as in the way people view the Gays. I have several Gay Friends and I respect them for holding their heads up in the face of World contraversy. None of them White nor Indian show nor speak with perverted actions in public. One trait among all of them is, they are overly meticulous, everything in order, in place! Puts me to shame!

Actually no ones even mentions the fact they are Gay, they just know we all know and accept them as they are! One, Retired Army female, served over 20 years in the Army, she was always respected by all. My whole family loves this woman, she has an adopted daughter and she is our Granddaughter and now we have two Greatgrandchildren from her as well! Her partner is still in the Service in the Medical field.

This craziness of treating the Gays with HATE has got to end. I don't believe they are out to get in your FACE, for the most part, they are just living their lives as you and I. When they DO Parade, its just like we as Indians do in our Parades or the Italians, or any group. We do it because we are Proud to be who we are!


beakerkin said...


I do not know if you read the Jewish forum. Many people are upset with the way the country is going. They feel like their voices are not heard.
However, violence against anyone would only strengthen Obama at a time when he is sinking.

I would sooner the economy correct itself so families were not hurting. However, it is going to be a long road ahead. I hope our future is not like France with double digit unemployment long term.

The_Editrix said...

"Over time a sick deranged woman who openly calls herself a "racist" made it her personal mission to stir up trouble."

Hey! Never forget: She called ME a racist as well. And you won't take that away from me! It was very complimentary, kind of Osama Bin Laden calling one "seriously evil".

CM said...

One thing for sure, she hasn't honored her statement that she will respect his Tipi! Only thing changed is she is using blue ink!

All he says is "Ho-ka-hey" He seems proud of her deranged outburst, she gives him a big smiley face!

Course Ho ka hey could mean "go to hell"! I seriously doubt she would let him get away with that though, its their cutsy inside sioux joke, they can keep.

Two little "old" people nearing 60 years old who just haven't grown up yet....sad really.

CM said...

"betty ann gross" she says this is the name she uses on the net! I found this name on the lawsuits she made against her former teacher who raped her for 3-4 yrs(she filed against him....30 years later, and lost!) and against the education system against the mascots(which she now supports, after falling in love with yeagley)Betty Owens Gross is her name, she lied to the courts if this is not her real name.

She still reads here though she says she will stop, and takes (whatever) over to badeagle.

With her its 'your damned if you do and damned if you don't. She posts her private e-mail for all to see, then complains that she is getting hateful mail.LOL I for one would NEVER fall for that elementary trap, I don't think anyone here would either, though she claims different. Many people who read badeagle must not like her either, if she get many hatefilled e-mails!

I respect you men that stay by him and post, for you know he is a brilliant man and you remain his friend thru thick and thin, yet I do not know what makes him tick. Ray was right in that no one can figure him out.

Who care what baggy ann says and does, at least no one but Doc. Poor baby he has been punked and can't get out of it.

Udah, means "thank you" in Comanche, nothing else, just "thank you".


The_Editrix said...

Beak, I indulged myself today and went there again. You say you are Yeagley's friend. How can you be that, yet you provoke his mouthpiece Betty Ann and bring out the worst in her. Don't you realize how bad that makes Yeagley look? She is an acute embarrassment to him, yet for reasons one can only assume he suffers, even supports, her. She won't go away. He has warned you already to tread easy around her and one day he'll magically find the banning-button and that will be the end of the Beak at Naughty Chicken. I repeat: She is there with a 100% support by Yeagley. You say he is your friend, then stop provoking her into making an ass off herself -- and Yeagley in the process.

If it was your intent to harm Yeagley's reputation and to show what little authority he really has: Good job! Well done!

By the way, why don't you ask G├╝era from where her knowledge of and exaggerated interest in me and my doings comes, although she joined Naughty Chicken well after the brouhaha about me had finally dwindeled to almost zero? Why don't you ask her what the ID is under which we used to know her when I was still active there? THAT would be far more interesting that Betty Ann's entirely predictable antics.

A forum can be a lot of things, but it NEVER ought to be boring. And boy, DOES it get boring there now.

The_Editrix said...

Ooooops......... that was meant to read "dwindled"!

CM said...

There used to something for everyone. Naturally the American Indian forums drew my attention. I realize that is not everyones' cup of tea.

Baggy an threw a wrench in ALL the Native American input from anyone. I remember Amerind(I think she was Cherokee), Respects Nothing(Apache), Numunu(Comanche, but doc doubted it, I know her family, she is Comanche!) Muscogeegirl(I know her, she is Muscogee/Creek and a great activist for Oklahoma Indians) Doc doubt her because of her name!, Kiowascout,(Cindy Hughs) she has good reason for her beliefs, and of course who could forget Naiche(Apache) I don't know what happened between him and Doc but most likely baggy ann. Bear(Mohican) is good People, Tallsoldier was an a**hole like baggy ann, same tribe too!

It really is sad that ALL these Indians have been jumped by baggy ann, and I guess it stand to reason that he never intended Indians to post or have input on Indians of all things. Then he has the nerve to put Obama down. Obama is a very busy President, I feel no slight nor anger in his doing his job by the First American Indians in his own time, hell we waited since yeagleys' ancester landed on the east coast in the 1500s what is a few months going to hurt?

I read in the Archives of two or three Comanche men who tried to correct yeagley(one name was very familiar) he banned them! That was before my seems that he doesn't want the Native Americans to project in anyway shape or form...he questions their name, their reason for the name, and then doubts them even still.

Now All the Indians are gone she is attacking others, shame, sad, sickening.


The_Editrix said...

CM, do you know what happened to Buzzy (Nadine)? She always struck me as a deep-down decent and kind girl and I haven't followed the going-ons at Naughty Chicken closely enough to know what happened to her. I hope she is well.

CM said...

I heard from her by e-mail a couple of years ago, just once, and she apologized and said she doesn't usually do that, but she wanted to know what Tallsoldier said about her, but it was delete. That was the first and last time I heard from her personally! It was derogatory but I can't remember exactly what he said. I think she was upset that doc never called him down or stood up for her.

From what baggy ann said to me over the phone, buzzy was head over heels in love with Doc but could not figure a way to meet each other. baggy ann was supposed to be getting them together in s.d. during one summer. You know dang well baggy ann would NEVER let that happen, next thing I know they were feuding too! I remember one statement buzzy made about doc, "he's mine all mine".

I thought she was a cutie pie but seemed very imature when it came to old doc yeagley. She stood up to baggy ann, finially just gave up I guess.


The_Editrix said...

How very sad! Yes, I agree with your assessment of the situation. Nadine even took the trouble to come to my blog to speak up for Yeagley once, when I was still doing those "Waffling Warrior" travesties. She asked me why I hate him so much. I told her that I do not hate him, but that I only expose HIS hatred. Broke my heart, it did. She wasted several years on an object totally unfit for her purposes in more than one respect. I hope she is well.

The_Editrix said...

"It is okay to oppose Obama, but lets stick with his policies."

Of course, it isn't possible, as much as one would like to, separate Obama and his politics from his race (or rather: the race he chose, opportunistically, as his because he doesn't exactly look like Kunta Kinte) because without the race issue he would still be a "community organizer" in the deepest American backwaters. In a sane world, one would take the guy as white (as he would do himself) because he looks more white than black, and was socialized "white"). He chose a black identity because it is politically marketable and he has little to offer otherwise. (That painfully reminds me of a mutually acquaintance of ours, by the way.)

But I see where you are coming from and I basically agree. Granted, for argument's sake, you wouldn't know who said it, what would you think about the following statements:

"Negro President Fires XXXXXXX Woman"

"Barry proves his is a Negro agenda, exclusively."

"XXXXXX, deeply envied and feared by the Negro president, Barry Soetoro."

"As XXXXXXXX has declared from the beginning, when Negroes are in charge, XXXXXXXX lose."

What? Please be honest.

beakerkin said...

I am going to do a post on the 1% rule. It is not unique to America.

CM said...

Like watching Fox news. I refrain from reading those two or perhaps three posters that do nothing but kiss up. That is old and so boring.

1. "Negro President Fires American Indian woman!"

They have their reasons, I'm sure. I told our newly Elected Comanche Tribal Chairman, "you need to have your own secretary, one that you have trust in totally." Former Chairman Coffey had his choice, one whom he trusted. Its a Political move. Being Indian had nothing to do with this! Yeagley could care less about this so called "INDIAN WOMAN!" Notice how he keeps saying "INDIAN WOMAN", like he gives a damn....he could care less....he hates strong Indian Women.

2. "Barry proves his is a Negro agenda, exclusively"

Yeagley hates the Negro, thats all there is to it, anyone of Color is a beastly bore! He will never give credit to any one of Color that deserves it, no matter how Educated or proven. We are low-life to him.
Purely because of the Color of our skin.

3. Diane Humetewa is deeply envied and feard by the Negro President, Barry Soetoro.

What would yeagley even know about how the President feels! Diane Humetewa is an American Indian Woman. I would think that the Educated level headed, President and his cabinet never thought of her being "INDIAN" altered or made his descision. Fear? Why would he Fear an American Indian Woman? Most likely he respects her accomplishments and has told her. I'm sure she will find a good position.

If this American Indian Woman said anything against the Presidents' descision, it hasn't become big news. Surely yeagley would have "gotten on top of it by now", with his complete hatred of the First Black President!


4. As B.E. gas declared from the beginning, when Negros are in charge Indians lose'.

We lose big time only when people like yeagley denegrade and try to speak and represent us. The loss is big when it comes to an Indian degrading an Indian, such as yeagley does, constantly. I think the Black People are just as facinated about our Traditions and lives just as any other person might be interested. The Color does not matter. Many Black people are learning about themselves also, I think they understand our situation.

I like what Phi said, "don't mess with Tradition." he was commenting on the Crow Nation adoption of Obama in May, 08.

I thought that story was so sweet, I have it someplace. I can't remember exactly what was said by the lady when they drove by the White House, but it was cute! something to the effect "thats where our son lives". I don't remember yeagley even acknowledging the fact that this "INDIAN" couple Proudly adopted Obama. Imagine, on an Indian Site, he ignored this union of the Crow Nation and Obama! I'm Comanche, but I was so proud of the Crow Nation.

Now he is acting all bent out of shape about and American Indian Woman, Diane Humetewa from the Hopi Nation being fired! He will NEVER convince me that he is sincere in his ridicules insincere fake concerns. He plainly hates any Strong Native American Indian Women who has any position of Honor and accomplishment. This is all an act on his part, he is salivating and hyper in this glorious outrage of an American Indian Woman being replaced, but more than that, it was a Black President whom he Hates who did the deed. He is in Glory Land with his Hate of both People of Color.