Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who is an American

There are some really dreadful comments on the web from people who really think they own America. Sorry but stupid comments wanting to send all Blacks to Africa and Jews to Israel make one a baboon.

We have many fine Conservatives on this site and race is almost never discussed here. The reason is our American heritage values individual rights. Blacks have been here ever since the founding of our country. They are my brother and sister Americans and an affront on their rights is an affront to American ideals.

The odd part is a so called Catholic Italian claiming to be the Champion of racial supremacy. Catholics until recently were one of the targets of the KKK which also did not consider Italians white enough for their standards. This bigotry is even more odd considering so called Native Americans are mimicking it. I would point out these Indians are few in number and do not represent mainstream political thought amongst Indians or anywhere else.

Most of us know rabid dogs when we see them. When a person talks of Jewish conspiracies to rule the world they have identified themselves as insane.

The inane senile racial supremacist also proclaims himself a champion of the Catholic Church. He also should comprehend that according to his Church all who believe are equals and the Church has spent plenty of time converting non whites. Also pretending that liberation theology is a Jewish plot is amusing in that the Marxists are almost as antisemitic as the deluded senile fool.

Is there anything Conservative about mindless paranoid bigotry?

The deluded nut job praises Pat Buchanan without understanding the Dances with Lenora Fulani bit. Buchanan is an example of the divisions the GOP needs to avoid in order to return to power,


beamish said...

Is Pat Buchanan still debating that guy that can levitate for control of his "conservative" party?

Always On Watch said...

I can't stand Pat Buchanan.

Even as a young person, his beady eyes gave me the creeps.