Sunday, July 19, 2009

Obama is great unil you get sticker shock

A coworker came to me and had a short conversation. She was Haitian and took great pride in Obama as a symbol. However, she is now looking at her tax bill and the job market and shaking her head.

Some of the job losses are the business cycle. Obama however will make things much worse. His poll numbers are slipping fast and it is the economy that is driving those numbers down. He hasn't said much and presented an image of optimism.

I am starting to think he may get challenged in the Democratic primary if the economy doesn't get better.


Ducky's here said...

Hey Beak, I'll let you be the judge. I got censored by z for this one. My contention is that she can't refute it. She's in one of her "leftists scare the crap out of me" moods.

Modern economics rests on the incorrect assumption that land, labor, and money are commodities like any other good produced for sale on the market.
From a moral and biblical perspective, it is wrong to treat human beings and nature as commodities. Unfettered capitalism provokes resistance from people when it pushes society too close to a breakdown of the natural environment and the destruction of normal human relations.

*** Ok so far? What we can see here is that she is probably reacting to having to deal with the fact that her economic system of choice is in serious contradiction to the Gospels ***

The state is an entity of greater forces than the market, is necessary to facilitate any success in a capitalist system. Now the reason we aren't having much success is because folks like z don't like to hear that their self-regulating market is a fiction and has consistently failed when ever established.
That's essentially what Alan Greenspan himself said after the George Bush fiasco trying to re-establish an unregulated capital market.

It is a problem that there is so little intellectual honesty on the far right these days. Their lack of courage is legendary, of course.

Meanwhile, Obama might not be all that and a bag of chips but you will fail miserably if you try to frame the current economic problems (and make no mistake, they are severe. The dollar is dead.) in terms of his administration alone.

The Pagan Temple said...

Elliot Richardson is coming out against Obama's health care proposal. A bunch of states governors are, because they're afraid its going to be another unfunded mandate at a time when many of them are already struggling with huge deficits. That could be an indication that Richardson might be open to the possibility of a run against him if things continue to deteriorate. It will obviously be a governor, if not him.

Always On Watch said...

More people need to take a look at this video. BHO is backtracking on his promise, and the video record proves it.

You've been sitting on Z's site and shown a lack of manners. No wonder she's not in the mood.

If she installs Haloscan, you won't be able to comment there at all, so, were I you, I'd not whine too much.

The Pagan Temple said...

I strongly advise against installing Haloscan. Every site I know of that has it has problems with it on a consistently regular basis. If you want a different commenting system besides Bloggers, I recommend Intense Debate.

beamish said...


The commandments against theft and covetousness, not to mention Jesus' parable of the talents (a model of investment capitalism), and countless other property rights affirming verses in the Bible refute your illiterate "The Bible is socialist" nonsense.